T.O. Loves The Ladies - Of U.S. Olympic Softball

Terrell Owens loves the sporting ladies - whether they’re hot Mexican TV reporters, or good ol’ American softball Olympians.

Terrell Owens olympic softball

Ryan Wilson of AOL FANHOUSE found the Cowboys receiver down in Florida taking in a gals’ game, as the U.S. team was on a pre-Beijing tour of the Sunshine State. Pitcher Cat Osterman noted that the team was so in awe, they weren’t even sure if it was him:

Our Hollywood (Fla.) stop ended on a fun note. Toward the end of the game someone noticed Terrell Owens outside our dugout. We spent five minutes debating if it was really him or a look-a-like, but then we saw him sign an autograph and we all got excited. He came onto the field after the game and a few of us bugged him for autographs and pictures. He was really nice and honored all our request.

How sweet. We bet T.O. was also trying to get some second opinions on modeling advice.

While meeting Terrell was terrific, the real treat was awaiting the softballers when they traveled to Tampa:

Jennie Finch Don Zimmer Cat Osterman olympic softball

(Cat Osterman, the Zim-meister, Jennie Finch)

Yep, that’s the one & only Don Zimmer gracing the gals with his presence.

Jennie Finch, you are one lucky woman.