Ted Nolan Buffalo Firing Came After Allegations He Slept With Dominik Haseks Wife

WILL HBO ASK ISLANDERS’ NOLAN ABOUT HASEK CUCKOLD? Tonight HBO updates an old piece on current New York Islanders Coach Ted Nolan.

The original piece focused on Nolan getting fired by the Buffalo Sabres after the 1997 season, despite leading “a young team of overachievers to the top of their division after only two years at the helm.

Ted Nolan New York Islanders Coach

Nolan has long maintained that he was blackballed from the NHL after his Sabres stint because of racism.But a CBC report has a differing account of why Nolan was canned: “Rumours surfaced that Nolan was drunk at practices and that he was having affairs with players’ wives. Nolan denied all of this and dismissed it as racist taunts.”

Dominik Hasek

The final straw in Buffalo was when, “Buffalo Sabres star goalie, Dominik Hasek … told a local radio show he did not respect his coach.“Translation: Nolan was sleeping with Hasek’s wife.

That also probably explains one of the (unmentioned) reasons why Don Cherry also refutes Nolan’s racism claims.

It will be interesting to see if HBO and/or Deford broaches the subject, since Nolan’s alleged ultimate betrayal of Hasek has long been one of the biggest open secrets in the NHL.