Taylor Ready To Get Sweaty With Hottie Dancer

Ethan Skolnick of the SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL has an update on what has become somewhat of a political football in Miami: Dolphin Jason Taylor taking part in “Dancing With The Stars.”

Edyta Sliwinska Dancing With The Stars

Amusingly, many Fins fans have made it known on Miami sports radio stations that they aren’t happy that Taylor will miss some of the club’s offseason conditioning sessions to dance with eastern european hottie Edyta Sliwinska (photo above).

Ms. Sliwinska is a regular on the show and we’re guessing a preferred offseason workout partner for the Dolphins defensive end.

We think it’s absurd to think that the veteran pro bowler will hurt his 2008 on-field performance by participating in the TV venture.

This is not because I don’t want to play in Miami, or don’t want to play football,” Taylor said.

For all we know, the dance instruction may help Taylor with footwork for his day job.

Skolnick: “Even though he’s not a dancer. Wednesday he realized how much he must learn and how hard he must work, as he emphasized different muscles — while trying to keep his chest out, swivel his hips and stay graceful and light.

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