Talkshow Caller Asks OJ Simpson If He Killed Bill Walsh

TALKSHOW CALLER TO OJ: “DID YOU KILL BILL WALSH?” Matt Leinart’s personal PR machine (TMZ) has some wonderful footage of an internet video interview with O.J. Simpson last night. Thankfully, the calls that came into the show were completely unscreened, so the Suitcase-headed one bore the brunt of his adoring fans.

O.J. Simpson

Some of the questions he received:

• “Do you think it was a bigger feat to break 2,000 yards in one season or slice two necks in one night?”

• “Remember when you played for the 49ers … (Simpson: “Yes”) … Did you kill Bill Walsh?”

At the end of the hour-long humiliation, the greenskeeping super-sleuth said, “it doesn’t bother me“.

O.J. Simpson

And also this from “When OJ got to talking about his kids, he got emotional, saying, ‘I raised those kids by myself!’ That’ll happen when you kill their mother!”