Take A Wild Guess Where SbB Is At The Moment

Some scenes from where I am at the moment:

Scenes From The Virgin Islands

I’ve enjoyed the gas prices, the “sour sap” and the pickup cricket games (without the Pakistani nuclear bomb scares!). And yes, I’m still very much in the United States. My location is revealed after the jump.

Virgin Islands License Plate

I’m updating SbB today from St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. Spent the weekend here tooling around the island, which reminds of Maui, albeit a smaller version. The main town, Charlotte Amalie (pronounced Amalia), is nothing to get too excited about. Unless you enjoy cruise ship crowds, fast food, and Hooters.

But once you’re outside of town, the views and beaches are pretty damn spectacular.

That aside though, undoubtedly the best part of my trip has been catching up on Atlanta Braves baseball! There’s one AM radio station on the island, and I’m happy to report that it carries all 162 games of Atlanta Braves baseball (isn’t that what led to the military coup in nearby Haiti?).

So I spent much of my Sunday afternoon listening to Skip Caray struggle through the broadcast as I drove around the island. I grew up watching Skip on TBS and listening to him on WSB-AM in Atlanta when I went to the University of Georgia. Hearing him now, after a stroke, maybe me feel a little melancholy.

After suffering too many health problems to mention here, Skip sounds a little Dick Clark-ish (not as bad, but you get my drift). Sunday, he did occasionally show flashes of his old self, with his sardonic wit still intact, but I’m a little dubious of him being on the air. Caray can still communicate balls and strikes, the score, everything you need to know, but his voice isn’t all there.

I broadcasted major league baseball briefly back in the ’90s after many years in the minors, and I got to know a lot of Skip’s peers along the way. I’ve heard some whispers from those folks that he should hang it up. But I can’t imagine he will without being forced out. If he’s on the air now, the way he sounds, I doubt he’s going to exit gracefully.