Zambrotta Loving Life Thanks To Wife Valentina Liguouris Inflatables

Good: You play for Barca, which off to a fast 6-1 start in Spain’s top soccer division:

Zambrotta FC Barcelona

Better: You’re a national hero in Italy, having played a key role in its World Cup triumph last summer:

Zambrotta World Cup

Best: You’ll never need a life vest, thanks to your wife’s (Valentina Liguori) *inflatables*:

Zambrotta Valentina Liguori 3

Zambrotta Valentina Liguori 2

Zambrotta Valentina Liguori 1

Zambrotta Wife Valentina Liguori Beach Pictures

SbBer Ken tips us off to another photo gallery of goodies, (ads NSFW) featuring the wife of Italian soccer player Zambrotta, Valentina Liguori:

Valentina Liguori Zambrotta Beach


TOOL’S BOX: This week’s soccer wives gallery is brought to you by SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.

Nomar Garciaparra Mia Hamm

It’s an extremely anemic effort, featuring a measly ten photos and somehow including this.

The SI traffic-grab-attempt also failed to feature the hottest soccer spouse on the planet:

Valentina Liguori Zambrotta

Valentina Ligouri (wife of Italia’s Zambrotta).

A selection of snaps of Valentina Ligouri, th…

A selection of snaps of Valentina Ligouri, the stunning new wife of Italian soccer player Zambrotta:

Ligouri claims to be something called a professional inline downhill speedskater.