Meet Olivia Munn, World’s Sexiest Hot Dog Eater

With another 4th of July in the books, it’s important that we as Americans take a look back and appreciate the things that best embody this great nation of ours. I’m talking, of course, about the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. As you no doubt already know (in part because we mentioned it earlier today), Joey Chestnut reclaimed our country’s honor with a record 68 hot dogs consumed. Hooray for America.

Olivia Munn eating a hot dog

But what you may not have known is that this record was far from the most impressive hot dog eating accomplishment of all time, and far from the sexiest. Oh, yes, hot dog eating can be disturbingly sexy. Check it out.

(Video & photos after the jump.)

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New Nike Spot Turns Lebron Into Total Cokehead

When it comes to highly stylized, dramatic, pitch-perfect sports commercials, nobody does it quite like Nike. We can give them their props for that. Their first LeBron James/chalk commercial, for example, was a brilliant encapsulation of the exuberance and spectacle of his ritual chalk toss or whatever he wants to call it. It was cool.

Lebron Chalk Piles
(Nothing but the finest Colombian… um, talcum powder.)

Their latest endeavor, via FIRST CUTS, is substantially more mystifying. Why doesn’t LeBron’s puppet’s voice sound anything like him? Why is his frenetic behavior so completely unlike LeBron’s demeanor both on and off the court? What are they trying to drive home with all this white powder? Oh god, they’re not seriously suggesting … well, see for yourself, after the jump. Read more…