Ground Beef: Close-Up Of Howard’s Non-Catch

I watched this over and over last night, convinced Ryan Howard caught it. Then I saw the below screen shot this morning:

Ryan Howard Non-Catch World Series

He didn’t. Video after the jump.

Do you blame umpires for missing Ryan Howard’s non-catch?

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Finkelstein Lawyer: ‘They Chained Her Like A Dog’

Susan Finkelstein: Victim of circumstance, or the devil? Bensalem, Pa., cops said she flaunted her feminine wares to procure World Series tickets. Finkelstein says she was “just flirting,” with an undercover policeman, and had no plan to offer sex for tickets. Baseball fans are lining up for and against her (a SPORTSBYBROOKS poll ran overwhelmingly on the side of letting her go without charges).

Susan Finkelstein

Finkelstein is now speaking out, telling CBS NEWS that she was upset with what she felt was the arresting officers’ cavalier attitude. “They arrested me; put me in the back of the squad car. In my opinion they seemed amused by the whole thing,” she said today. Her lawyer, William Brennan, says that arresting officers “chained her to a table like a dog.”

More stuff, and photos following the jump.

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WS-For-Sex Woman Gets Her Free Tickets After All

She’s still being charged with soliciting for prostitution, but Susan Finkelstein will go to Game 3 of the World Series before she heads to court, courtesy of a Philadelphia radio station. Finkelstein, you may recall, was arrested for allegedly offering sex acts in exchange for Series tickets in an ad she placed on Craigslist.

Susan Finkelstein

But radio DJ Tim Acosta from Wired 96.5 took pity on the horny, 47-year-old Phillies fan and presented her with two tickets to Game 3 in Philadelphia, for her and her husband. Wait, what? Her husband?

Should offering sex for World Series tickets be a crime?

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Brad Lidge Will Get The Save, Find The Lost Ark

Brad Lidge has a bone to pick with the Catholics, but first he has a coveted piece of jewelery to obtain. That would be another World Series ring, the first step toward that beginning tonight (7:57 PM ET, Fox. I’ll bring the guacamole). Lidge, however, will not stop there. When the Series is over, he’ll be digging up other valuable artifacts.

Brad Lidge

(Pawning that big hat, for instance, could bring in about 75 bucks)

Lidge, during a bout of soul searching during a pitching slump, decided to pursue a degree in religious archaeology, with plans to eventually work in that field. He also says that the religious treasure on display at the Vatican in Rome could be put to much better use helping the poor.

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Female Phillies Fan Advertises Sex For WS Tickets

So I suppose it wasn’t a question of if this was happening, only when. A woman was arrested today for offering sex for World Series tickets on Craigslist. Susan Finkelstein, 43, of the 900 block of St. Bernards Street, had made the offer by phone to an undercover police officer who responded to the ad.

Let’s see, without seeing her body, that’s an upper deck, row 27, seats 14 and 15 date. And she pays for her own food. But what kind of person would take her up on an offer like that, anyway?

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Kids’ All-Star Quest Powered By Pirates Ancestors

The Little League World Series is coming up pretty soon, that time when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of Williamsport, Pa. Billy Funkhouser and Brenden Barrows (center and right, below) are no different — they’re teammates on the Hillsborough (Calif.) 11-12 year-old All-Stars, and had been co-MVPs of their league during the regular season. But they had more in common than they knew.

Gordon Barrows, Billy Funkhouser, Brenden Barrows

While researching an old baseball last month that Funkhouser’s dad had in his collection, the boys discovered that they each had rather famous ancestors who were also teammates — on the 1909 World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates. Sam Leever, a star pitcher on that Pittsburgh team who won nearly 200 games in his big league career, is Brenden’s great-great uncle. And Fred Clarke, the Pirates’ player-manager that season and a member of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, is Billy’s great-great grandfather. Read more…

Charlie Manuel Wants Phillies Fans To Boo. Really.

Yes, the headline seems confusing, but that’s essentially what Phillies manager Charlie Manuel is begging for: Philly fans to boo. Yes, it’s like asking fish to swim, but evidently Philly fans have actually done the impossible in the aftermath of their team’s World Series title: They’ve become too polite.

charlie manuel yelling

(They’re not saying “Boo,” they’re saying “Lewww.” I want them to say “Boo”!)

According to THE REPORTER, Manuel has just about had it with fans thanking his players for what they did last year, insisting that it’s about time they start jumping on them for lack of current achievements. Hey, evidently he’s still a cantankerous skulk after all.

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St. Louis Police Treat Scalpers Like Drug Dealers

When it comes to scalping tickets, the roles of cops and robbers always get twisted and turned around. Still, there’s little question that this is a new low for police officers everywhere: Not only did St. Louis police take 2006 World Series tickets out of the hands of a Dallas scalper, they took all the money he’d made, too.

huge 2006 world series ticket
(Maybe Johnson should have sold smaller tickets.)

According to this story in the ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, suburban Dallas native Eric Johnson had all of his tickets and money seized when he was accosted by police while trying to re-sell tickets to Game 5 of the 2006 World Series, where the Cardinals beat the Tigers to win their most recent world championship. The report on the incident was released thanks to plenty of gumshoe work from Anthony Rothert, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Eastern Missouri who agitated for the findings of an inter-departmental investigation.

In fact, it’s those findings that shed the most stunning light on this incident: The tactics that were used on Johnson are, in fact, the exact strategy that St. Louis cops have been using to filch money out of drug dealers for years.

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Mets ‘69 WS Star Sued Over Bi-Sexual Escapades

If the name Art Shamsky rings a bell, you’re probably a huge Mets fan. The man hit .300 in the team’s magical 1969 World Series season, and he was briefly a public persona of note when he hosted a talk show on WFAN 660-AM after serving as the Mets’ play-by-play and color commentator for the station in the past.

art shamsky harpers cover

(Maybe Lauren Hutton gave Shamsky the HPV?)

Well, now Shamsky’s known for something else: A bawdy sex suit being brought by his former wife, who alleges he “engaged in acts of adultery with both men and women,” without her knowledge, including “acts of ‘unprotected’ sexual and deviate sexual intercourse.” Oh, and it doesn’t matter if you were a man or woman, Shamsky was sleeping with both. Guess he became more of a switch hitter after he finished with the Mets.

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Chase Utley Drops An Effenheimer On Live TV

Let’s face it, there’s nothing like winning the World Series. For all the hand-wringing and micromanaging and doubting that goes on during the 162-game regular season, it’s all entirely irrelevant as soon as that trophy gets raised. If it’s good enough for a title, it’s good enough for everybody else.

Phillies LOL he said F word

Or, as Chase Utley chose to put it during their celebration at a packed Citizens Bank Park, “World F***ing Champions!” (NSFW audio, obviously). Okay then.

Understandably, the crowd strongly disapproved of the harsh language and booed lustily—oh wait, that didn’t happen at all.

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