Gigantic Ski Jump Ramp At Soldier Field. You First

At first glance you might think that the image below is a Photoshop, but you’d be wrong, my friend. That’s an actual ski ramp built in — actually over — Soldier Field, with a tiny ski jumper in mid-flight, circa 1954. My thoughts: Chicago, wind, man in mid-air about 150 feet off the ground … what could possibly go wrong?

Soldier Field ski jump ramp

Here’s the thing under construction (it’s 165 feet at the taking-off point). Sheesh. DEPUTY DOG has a pretty amazing collection of photos of insane temporary ski jump ramps where ski jump ramps shouldn’t be; including one at the Los Angeles Coliseum, and one at Dodger Stadium. The 2022 Winter Olympics in Los Angeles … let’s get it done, people.

(Empire Stadium, Vancouver, 1958)

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New, Bendy Winter Olympic Medals Look A Bit Sad

The Vancouver Winter Olympics are still a year away, but they’ve already given us so much. We love you, Vancouver Games, for your Olympics torch that looks like a doobie; your bitchin’, surfboard-riding logo; your nightmare fuel mascots (including lil’ Hitler!), your low-key protesters, and now this. Introducing the 2010 Winter Olympics medals, by Salvador Dali.

Winter Olympics medals

I may not know art, but I know what I like. And I don’t like this. But hey, I’m not likely to win one, so who cares? What’s important is if the athletes like them. Designs for the Olympic and Paralympic Games’ medals were unveiled on Thursday in a ceremony at Vancouver’s athletes village, and contrary to what you might think, they were not created by placing them on railroad tracks and then beating them with a hammer. Read more…

Katarina Witt Rekindling Her Winter Olympic Spirit

Katarina Witt wants to get back into the Olympics. But she’s not exactly lacing up her skates & hitting the ice again. The former world figure skating champion & Playboy poser is trying to bring the Winter Games back to her native Germany.

Katarina Witt

SPORTS BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL reports that Witt was named head of the Munich 2018 Bid Committee, a 23-member organization hoping to have the Olympics back in Bavaria. Munich previously hosted the Summer Olympics in 1972, while Garmisch-Partenkirchen - the town that Katarina’s committee plans to co-host some of the events - was the site of the 1936 Winter Olympics.

So, why should the IOC listen to her? Some photographic reasons why after the jump.

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Ice Queen: Former Skate Champ Now Meth Dealer?

You know, there’s only so much I can take this week. Now sweet innocent figure skaters, who look like they should be revolving slowly atop ornate music boxes, are being accused of cutting and selling crystal meth. Nicole Bobek, who was U.S. Figure Skating champion in 1995, has been charged with conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, say New Jersey police authorities. What’s next — Winnie the Pooh revealed to be a former Nazi?

Nicole Bobek

Bobek, who lives in both New York City and Jupiter, Fla., was arrested in Florida last week and extradited to New Jersey. She is being called “a significant player” in a suspected drug ring, and police have arrested 20 people in the ongoing investigation. Read more…

Apollo Ohno’s Rival Wants To Burn Him In U.S.

Remember Kim Dong-Sung? Don’t worry, we didn’t either until reading this story from THE WASHINGTON POST, in which Dong-Sung — who was robbed of a gold medal at the Salt Lake City Olympics by a judge who claimed he interfered with American favorite Apollo Anton-Ohno — says he abandoned his drive to beat Ohno on the ice with a bigger calling: Beating him in the U.S., by producing a top American speedskater.

kim dong-sung apollo anton-ohno

How big a shift in life plans is it? Well, considering the fact that Dong-Sung claimed he would never set foot in America again after the Salt Lake City games, it’s a pretty drastic shift. Now, he’s living in suburban Washington, D.C. and teaching budding speedskaters, 10 of whom are competing in age-group national championships next weekend after only two years of coaching from Dong-Sung. Oh, and a full 75 percent of them are Korean-American.

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Jamaican Ski Team Exists, Actually Pretty Decent

America likes to invent sports and force them into the Olympics. It makes us happy to see our country win more medals, and see the French fall down a lot. The 2010 Winter Olympics will feature skier cross, which is a hybrid of cross-country skiing, and obstacle course, and awesomeness. You guessed it: it got its start at the X Games. But what nobody could have guessed, unless they went to the movies in the early 90s, is that Jamaica is planning on fielding a team.

Cool Runnings Cast

(Oh, like you could’ve resisted running this picture.)

Errol Kerr and Gregg Samuels, the entire Jamaican ski team, have a couple of disadvantages. Their names are not nearly as memorable as Sanka Coffie or Yul Brenner, and they come from a country without snow. They’re getting around this handicap by training in the US, as well as with “dry land exercises.” And if I were any good at photoshop, you’re damn right I’d post a picture of two men with 2×4s strapped to their feet getting pulled by a team of dogs down a city sidewalk. (Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it’s push-cart time - after the jump.)

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Curl Up With A Nude ‘Women of Curling’ Calendar

Curling is one of those sports that grabs America’s attention only about once every four years. People watching the Winter Olympics usually come across it at 3 a.m. while flipping through CNBC or MSNBC. They tune in for a few minutes, laugh at the guys maniacally sweeping their brooms on the ice, and continue changing channels until they come across an infomercial for “Dean Martin’s Celebrity Roasts”.

Women of Curling nude

However, a group of women curlers want to guarantee that their sport is on the minds of male fans throughout the whole year - by offering a nude calendar featuring the finest of the female curling community.

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