Report: Weis “Expected” To Take Florida OC Job

While speculating on where former Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels may land on the most recent edition of ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, Chris Mortensen reported, “Don’t be surprised if Charlie Weis doesn’t return to Kansas City.

Charlie Weis Todd Haley Will Muschamp

Despite Kansas City’s stunning turnaround this season and the success of quarterback Matt Cassel under Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Weis, Mortensen speculated that McDaniels could soon replace Weis as KC’s offensive coordinator:

“Josh McDaniels got the most out of Matt Cassel. There are some issues to work out, but watch that.”

Given KC’s remarkable season, many would find that move surprising.

But not as surprising as where a well-respected newspaper columnist and radio host reported Weis could land if he departed the NFL team after just one season.

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Video: Will Muschamp Talks About Will Muschamp

Tuesday the University of Florida held its introductory press conference for new football coach Will Muschamp.

Will Muschamp goes third person at press conference

(Who knew?)

In following Ron Zook and Urban Meyer, Muschamp is now the third person UF Athletic Director Jeremy Foley has hired for the job during the AD’s tenure in Gainesville.

Apropos since Muschamp clearly is an esteemed graduate of the prestigious Rickey Henderson school of public speaking. (During his first remarks to the media, Muschamp referred to himself in the third person four different times.)
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Miami Was ‘Turned Off By Dan Mullen’s Big Ego’

Barry Jackson of the MIAMI HERALD has what seems like a frantic and misguided attempt at damage control by Univ. of Miami officials after the school went from the prospect of hiring Jon Gruden to settling for the former coach of Temple, Al Golden.

Dan Mullen Billboard

(New MSU billboard at Louisiana/Mississippi border via I-55)


A high-level trustee fully aware of how the search was done said, “We were not going to get a star, and it wasn’t a money thing. Why would [marquee coaches] leave any of their great programs” to take another college job? “Florida didn’t get one either. We hired the best person that wasn’t in the top 20.”

UM thought Nebraska’s Bo Pelini had some interest, but he changed his mind. And UM was turned off by Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen’s big ego, with one trustee saying he acts like he invented the game.

Exhale Alabama fans, UM won’t be coming after your coach anytime soon.

While I think Golden was a reasonable hire by Miami, to think that UM would be “turned off” by a coach’s ego when its trying to resurrect a program from the dead tells you all you need to know about the people in charge in Coral Gables.

In other words, if I’m Golden, I’m renting.

And to justify the UM hire by claiming that Florida also didn’t land a”marquee” name is, well, embarrassing.

The reason UF AD Jeremy Foley hired Will Muschamp isn’t because Florida had no shot at bigger names. Muschamp got the gig because Foley clearly didn’t want a marquee coach.

Foley’s method in his last three hires has been to tab relative unknowns so he has more control over the coach and if things pan out, more personal credit for elevating the program.

That worked with Urban Meyer and failed with Ron Zook.

The only thing we know about Muschamp at this moment is that if he does well, Foley will once again be lauded as a master administrator. (That isn’t to say I agree with Foley’s approach.)

The Florida job is light years better than the Miami job, which you could make a case isn’t much different than where Al Golden just came from - save the rich recruiting territory and now-faded program prestige.

Meanwhile, wondering how Mississippi State feels about Dan Mullen right about now?

Dan Mullen Billboard

I’ve been told the school has plans for seven more billboards like the one above across the state. This one just went up two days ago.

So what about Ole Miss?

Pete Boone Ole Miss Athletic Director Tweets About Yoko Ono

Best I can tell, the extent of its marketing efforts involves athletic director Pete Boone Tweeting about Yoko Ono.

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Source: “UT may encourage Mack Brown to retire”

Longtime DAILY OKLAHOMAN columnist Berry Tramel sources a speculative piece on Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp soon replacing Mack Brown as the team’s head coach - but later dismisses his own source.

Mark Richt Will Muschamp Mack Brown

A Texas source said over the weekend that UT might encourage Mack Brown to retire, that the ‘Horns might be ready to commence with the Muschamp era. Not because of any dissatisfaction of Brown, but because of a belief in Muschamp. That’s the extent of Texas’ devotion to Muschamp, who is in his third year as the UT defensive coordinator and has been designated Brown’s successor.

The apparent impetus behind such talk is the shaky status of Georgia coach Mark Richt. The thinking is, if the Dogs come calling for Muschamp, Texas might try to throw in with its defensive coordinator instead of its current head coach.

Tramel makes the case that Muschamp-to-Georgia is a logical summation:

But it would make perfect sense for Muschamp to go to Georgia job, which is a great job and a great fit for Muschamp. Muschamp, 39, grew up in Rome, Ga., and was a walkon safety at Georgia before entering coaching. Muschamp was a successful defensive coordinator at LSU and Auburn, so his SEC roots run deep.

So Georgia seems the likely school to come calling for Muschamp in 2010. Georgia fell to 1-4 with a loss at Colorado, and suddenly Richt’s hold on the job seems perilous.

But after raising the possibility of Brown’s ouster via a “source“, Tramel takes a reverse personal course in his blog post. Read more…

South Bend Report: ND AD Indeed Wants Stoops

ND beat reporter for the SOUTH BEND TRIBUNE Eric Hansen reports that Bob Stoops is indeed the top choice of Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick for the Irish football coach job.

Bob Stoops Doesn't Deny Interest In Notre Dame

A university source (I know I hate that, but I have to) has Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops at the very top of ND athletic director Jack Swarbrick’s wish list.

Hansen notes the possibilities “He’s Irish. He’s Catholic. He’s Midwestern. … There are rumors that Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione, with whom Stoops has a strong relationship, may be in the mix at Michigan. Breaking in a new AD may not be all that appealing to Stoops. Stoops’ twin boys and daughters love Norman, Okla., and have passed the age when moving is no big deal.

Hansen’s only negative: “Wife Carol is a powerhouse in the cosmetics business for Mary Kay.

Apparently Hansen hasn’t seen the women of South Bend (My father, brother and cousin all went there, I know.)

Recently, the CHICAGO TRIBUNE floated the possibility that Notre Dame is interested in Stoops, and here was the coach’s response:

“There’s nothing to talk about. Notre Dame has a coach and I’ve got a great job and you know, people just make stuff up. I don’t need to comment on that. If there’s some basis to anything I’d gladly comment on it, but just some guy makes something up, I don’t need to comment on that stuff.”

That rhetoric should alarm OU fans. Far from a denial.

Hansen has four other candidates, and Brian Kelly isn’t as prominent on Swarbrick’s list as you might think. Read more…

Brown Out: Texas Has Its Next Football Coach

The wait is over. The University of Texas brain trust has spent the last few months in a secret underground bunker, furiously debating who will be the next head coach of their esteemed college program. And now, as you can see by the white smoke hovering above the campus, the Longhorn Conclave has finally given us their answer: defensive coordinator Will Muschamp will succeed Mack Brown. That is, whenever Brown decides to retire. Wait, what?

Will Muschamp, Mack Brown

(Aww … they’re already starting to act alike.)

According to CHRON.COM, Muschamp has been named “head football coach-in-waiting”, which is not a title you see every day. Essentially, Muschamp is taking some extra dough - reportedly $900,000 worth - to kind of just hang around and at least pretend to be happy with his coordinator position until Brown finally decides to hang up his spurs.

It’s kind of a stroke of brilliance by Texas.

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Blog Jam: UT Coordinator Muschamp Draws Blood

• His bloodlust not satisfied with a blowout win over Florida Atlantic, EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY spots Texas Longhorns defensive coordinator Will Muschamp drawing some blood on his own.

Will Muschamp blood on face

We swear we’ve seen (and heard) this kind of sideline excitement before.

• WITH LEATHER catches Cincinnati’s mascot Bear-ly avoiding a parachuting Cat-astrophe.

• THE SPORTING BLOG shares news that the parents of Tony Stewart are worried that the womanizing NASCAR star’s special little friend might someday “rot off“.

• THE BIG LEAD elects to examine the unfolding political war of words between Gilbert Arenas & Baron Davis.

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Auburn Tigers Assistant Coach Heard by ESPN Cameras Calling Arkansas Motherf*ckers

ESPN KNOWS AUBURN ASSISTANT SWEARS BY HIS DEFENSE: Funny how during low-scoring snooze-fests, the lack of passion on the field can be made up for by the staff off it. First, the Zooker shoves a cameraman after the Illini’s 10-6 loss to Iowa. Now, we find an Auburn coach selecting some choice in-game words when talking about the opposition:

Auburn coach Will Muschamp ESPN swear

(Above video features NSFW language)

While televising Auburn’s 9-7 triumph over Arkansas, ESPN microphones caught Tigers defensive coordinator Will Muschamp giving his tough troops some uncensored encouragement.Auburn had just made another stand against QB Casey Dick and the lackluster Razorback offense. (The play included Mike Patrick calling the action as, “Dick pressured in the end zone.“)As the D came off the field, Muschamp could be heard over the air greeting his kids with these ribald remarks:

Will Muschamp Auburn hug

Boom! Motherf—er, yeah! That’s what I’m talking about! Knock these motherf—ers out!

Oblivious to Muschamp’s audible outburst, ESPN analyst Todd Blackledge quickly commented, “Well, Will Muschamp just has to be thrilled with the way his defense has been playing.”

F— yeah, he’s thrilled!