Hooker Claims Affair With Married Wayne Rooney

A Manchester-based prostitute alleged to London’s NEWS OF THE WORLD last Thursday that she had sex with married Manchester United star Wayne Rooney from June, 2009, to last November - when Rooney’s first child was born to wife Coleen.

Wayne Rooney

21-year-old Jenny Thompson claimed to the British tabloid that she first met the 24-year-old Rooney at a Manchester casino before eventually having sex with the Premier League player at a local hotel.

When Rooney asked Thompson to meet up with him after their initial contact, Thompson claimed to NOTW, “I said yes but told him it wouldn’t be for free. He texted back saying, ‘Fine, that’s not a problem.’ Then he asked if my friend would like to join us and she agreed.” Read more…

Indonesia Asked ManU To Ignore Hotel Bombing?

Pity upon the world outside America and Western Europe that we think they’re lawless, brutish savages. After all, as a general rule, the only time they make the news is if A) the Olympics are going on or, more likely, B) something has exploded or broken and a whole lot of people just died.

Hotel bombing
(”This is not fit for a celebrity! Gentlemen, let’s be on our way! Harrumph!”)

So when Indonesia, only the fourth most populous country on the planet, finally made some headlines last week, it’s frankly no surprise that it’s because a hotel was bombed. With that, Manchester United cancelled a date to play an exhibition match in Jakarta, seeing as how it was their hotel that got bombed just a week before they arrived and all. But Indonesian government officials were undeterred, to their credit, and continued to extend an invitation to ManU to play down there. So did the famed squad thumb its nose in front of terrorism and strike a blow for sanity over fear?

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ManU’s Wayne Rooney Throws The Ball At Referee

Manchester United is England’s most famous soccer club, and for good reason: they have high salaries, high profiles, and high standards of success. The Yankees are about as perfect an analogy as you can ask for, though ManU wins a bit more than the Yankees these days.

Rooney Melts Down
(We’re pretty sure punching a defenseless flag didn’t change the ref’s mind. Nice try, Shrek)

So when United dropped their second straight match (to Fulham, even), much-ballyhooed striker Wayne Rooney brought his team back together with reasoned leadership. By that, of course, we mean he melted the f*** down and probably ruined any chance at the Red Devils breaking that losing streak when they face Aston Villa in a couple weeks. And look, it’s fine to get frustrated during a loss. Firing the ball at a referee when you’ve already got a yellow card on the day, well, that’s just retarded. Read more…

Soccer Star Wayne Rooney Blows $450K On Xmas

The global economic downturn is supposed to curtail spending across the globe, but someone must have forgotten to send that memo to Manchester United and England striker Wayne Rooney.

coleen rooney

(Coleen Rooney: One Bentley and gold necklace are never enough.)

According to the British tabloid NEWS OF THE WORLD, Rooney and his wife, Coleen, dropped 300,000 GBP (pounds) on Christmas gifts for each other. Making the purchases even more stratifying are that Rooney and his wife bought luxury watches for each other from the same high-end jeweler, the Chesire-based store Cottrills.

“They wanted to surprise each other but ended up secretly going to the same shop,” a Rooney friend said. “It wasn’t until Christmas morning they realised what had happened. They loved their presents. … They wanted to buy each other a special gift and thought it was symbolic they had the same idea for their first Christmas as a married couple.”

If that doesn’t make you nauseous for both for its sugary rhetoric and its price tag — Wayne Rooney’s Panerai watch sold for 80,000 GBP while Coleen’s diamond-encrusted Rolex went for 70,000 GBP — this will get you for sure: Coleen’s other present was a second Bentley … identical to her first, just in the newest year’s model and a different color.

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Speed Read: Kings Turn Back Clock, Beat Lakers

Suddenly it was 2002 all over again for the Lakers vs. Kings rivalry last night in Sacramento. The Arco Arena crowd was hooting and hollering and the Maloofs were acting like giant cheeseballs, high-fiving, bear-hugging and giving lap dances to anyone within reach. Sacramento temporarily forgot how lousy they are in delivering a 113-101 beatdown of Los Angeles that really wasn’t that close. Wake up the echoes of Vlade and C-Webb, indeed.

John Salmons and Kobe Bryant

What the game came down to was defense, specifically the Lakers’ total lack of it. They were unable to stop the high pick and roll, leaving the Kings with huge lanes to the basket to score or dish for threes. This is not a good sign for the Lakers going into tonight’s game against Steve Nash and the Suns, even if Shaq isn’t playing.

That’s three bad performances in their last four road games against average to awful teams (Indiana, Washington, Sacramento), which should be enough to silence any talk about 70 wins. But before Lakers fans go calling their therapist for a new prescription of Zoloft, they should remember that the team is still 17-3.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Mo Williams

Meanwhile in Cleveland, a legendary Cavaliers superstar reached a huge career milestone. Congratulations to Zydrunas Ilgauskas, who had set the franchise record for career rebounds in the team’s 114-94 rout of the Toronto Raptors. And oh yeah, some guy named LeBron James tried to horn in on the Big Z’s big night by setting the team’s career mark for steals and chipping in with 31 points.

Other sports news to read while you consider calling in gay to work today:

    Wayne Rooney and accused killer Anthony Corsi

  • Apparently, about the worst thing you can do in England is tell someone they look like Manchester United star Wayne Rooney. THE SUN reports that drunken slur in a taxi line led to one man’s death while the Rooney lookalike is currently facing manslaughter charges.
  • The DETROIT NEWS has word that big-mouth former Michigan QB and mediocre MLB player Rick Leach thinks that former Wolverines coach Lloyd Carr should “support” the guy who replaced him, Rich Rodriguez.
  • An Australian politician rues to the HERALD SUN that having soccer players overstay their visas and apply for asylum is one of the risks of hosting the Homeless World Cup.
  • The WINSTON-SALEM JOURNAL notes that Ted Turner and TBS have been found guilty of a breach of contract in the sale of the Atlanta Hawks and Thrashers and ordered to pay $316 million in damages. Turner immediately protests that this “was nothing like an episode of Law & Order.”
  • Buffalo Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller is cross that a ref swore at him during Monday’s game against Pittsburgh, says the BUFFALO NEWS. Reg Dunlop does not approve.
  • A good hint for coaches: don’t tell the press that it’s impossible for your team to win a game against your No. 1 rival, and Real Madrid’s Bernd Schuster said ahead of his team’s game against Barcelona. Not surprisingly, the NEW YORK TIMES reports Schuster’s been sacked. Also, don’t believe any rumors that Stephon Marbury is heading there to be the next coach.
  • 20 years later, Billy Ripken talks to CNBC’s Darren Rovell about his infamous baseball card. He still gets recognized “a couple of times a week” because of it - three guesses what people call him. Hint: it rhymes with “duck race.”
  • Stephen Curry: he’s streaky, but he’s also really good, as anyone who saw his second-half performance against West Virginia can attest to. The NEW YORK TIMES has all the details.
  • The latest name to enter the CC Sabathia Sweepstakes? The San Francisco Giants, who apparently weren’t burnt badly enough by Barry Zito to swear off big money pitchers. But Giants’ GM Brian Sabean tells the SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS his team is just a “fallback” option if Sabathia doesn’t sign with the Yankees.
  • Remember when Texas Tech QB Graham Harrell said there was a “great chance” that Mike Leach wouldn’t be back coaching the Red Raiders next season. Turns out he’s changed his mind, says the AP (via the SEATTLE TIMES).

Which high-priced free-agent is some team going to most regret signing this off-season?

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I Have New Appreciation For Maxim’s Photography

MAXIM, as noted by GIRLS THAT CHEER, recently did a photo shoot of some select NFL cheerleaders. Lilly Robbins, who was a tender 18 when Miami Dolphins management first saw her big, natural boobs hired her for their cheer squad, was one of the girls included in the mag’s production. And, at least from this photo, you can see why:

Lilly Robbins Dolphins Cheerleader

For a second there, I thought I’d found the hottest NFL cheerleader EVAR. That is, until I saw the unretouched version of Ms. Robbins (after the jump). Read more…

Blog-Some: What 115,000 Dodgers Fans Look Like

• For those still stuck in traffic, THE GRIDDLE cooks up this nifty photo from Saturday’s Dodgers-Red Sox game at the L.A. Coliseum:

Dodgers at Los Angeles Coliseum

• THE LEGEND OF CECILIO GUANTE wants it both ways, as they wonder if they’ll ever see a two-sport pro again.

• LIGHTNING STRIKES slashes up news that Tampa Bay skater Dan Boyle almost had his own Richard Zednik/Clint Malarchuk moment.

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Wayne Rooney Birthday Guitar Sabotaged By Noel Gallagher

OASIS A**HOLE NOEL HAS MANU’S ROONEY FEELING BLUE: In case you don’t know, there is actually another Premier League team in Manchester, England, besides Manchester United. Crosstown Manchester City has long been a downtrodden little brother to the Red Devils, so when Man City fans can let Man U have it, they take full advantage.

Wayne Rooney Noel Gallagher

That was the case earlier this week, when Oasis star, Man City fan (and notorious arsehole) Noel Gallagher was asked by the fiancee of Man U star Wayne Rooney to sign a guitar for his birthday. Gallagher obliged, but in the process spray-painted the instrument light blue (Man City colors) and wrote “Happy Birthday, Fatboy.”

Wayne Rooney Guitar Sabotaged By Noel Gallagher

LONDON SUN source: “Noel couldn’t believe it. Mancs and Scousers haven’t been the closest of friends – and asking a City fanatic to sign a guitar for a United player is a red rag to a bull. It was a gift for Noel – he loves a wind-up.

Dolphins Giants London England

At least Rooney will have company this weekend in England when it comes to feeling (the Big) Blue.