Audio: Emmitt Position On Vick Gets Blowed Out

Las Vegas sports radio titan Steve Cofield today sends along some audio of Emmitt Smith analyzing the future comeback of Michael Vick on ESPN-TV in 2007.

Michael Vick Emmitt Smith

“Like Parcells said I’m not sure he will play at the quarterback position and if I’m a general manager and I’m looking at Michael Vick right now, spending a year and a half, to two years or three years away from the game, I cannot have this guy as my quarterback.

“First of all he had a lot of issues trying to grasp the offense, go through the reads and find the right receivers in the first place. Let alone now spending three, three years or whatever many, however many time, how much time he’s away from the game trying to get that back when he come back it’s going to be very, very difficult.

“BUT, this is a guy who is very athletic. You can bring him in, have him play some kind of position on the football field whether it be punt return, kickoff return, third down wide receiver. Possibly even running back. Like to run the ball anyway so give him a chance at that.”

So despite last night’s stunning performance against the Redskins, Vick still hasn’t earned the Rite of Patches. Or Rice of Passage, for that matter. Read more…

Deion Disputes Wilbon Claim Of Shanahan Racism

After his decision to bench Donovan McNabb in favor of Rex Grossman on Oct. 31 against the Detroit Lions, Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan gave his reasoning for making the move with these postgame comments:

Kyle Shanahan and Donovan McNabb

“I felt with the time, with no timeouts, Rex gave us the best chance to win in that scenario. Everything is sped up when you don’t have timeouts. It’s got to be automatic. People forget how quick things are in that two minutes. It’s like learning a new language.

“Are you asking me if we played poorly? Yes, we did.”

After the game, Jamie Mottram posted the above photo of a seemingly perplexed Redskins Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan as he was apparently looking at McNabb during the Redskins-Lions game.

Dan Steinberg of the WASHINGTON POST following up Mottram’s screen shot with a link to this video:

In the brief clip, while watching McNabb run the Washington offense against Detroit, Shanahan said, “What the hell?

The next day McNabb’s replacement, Rex Grossman, told the media that he called his own plays for the two drives he was in the game.’s Ryan O’Halloran subsequently reported,”it doesn’t appear McNabb has such freedom.

Though there does seem to be some circumstantial evidence to suggest that perhaps McNabb is not completely up to speed on the Redskins offense, regarding Shanahan’s postgame defense for McNabb’s benching …

Most Likely: Mike Shanahan was covering his own a– for his horrific coaching manuever

Less Likely: Mike Shanahan was covering for son Kyle advocating a horrific coaching manuever

Least Likely: Mike Shanahan has trust in Rex Grossman’s abilities

Unlikely: Mike Shanahan was completely honest in his explanation for McNabb’s benching

From there, Mike Shanahan only made things worse for himself.

From Jason Reid of the WASHINGTON POST on Nov. 1:

Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan said Monday that Donovan McNabb’s lingering injuries played a role in the coach’s decision to bench his starting quarterback Sunday.

… But McNabb wasn’t able to fully practice and Shanahan said that from a “cardiovascular standpoint,” McNabb couldn’t handle the fast-paced two-minute offense.

The next day, Michael Wilbon wrote this in the WASHINGTON POST:

“Look, I’ve long ago declared my bias toward McNabb and I’m not going to spin away from it now. McNabb, though, hasn’t played all that well and has said so. He wasn’t particularly effective Sunday in Detroit, either.

“And indications are now that the Shanahans, father and son, don’t much like the way McNabb prepares for games. Mike’s assertion makes it sound like McNabb is some dummy, an ominous characterization he’d better be careful about, lest he run into some cultural trouble in greater Washington, D.C.”

Wilbon’s Tuesday column, as noted by Steinberg in the Washington Post, was followed the same day by stronger comments from David Aldridge and John Thompson II on DC’s ESPN 980 that echoed Wilbon’s implication that race may have been a factor in McNabb’s benching.

Ugly? We’re just getting started. Read more…

Clinton Portis: Female Reporters ‘Want Somebody’

In the aftermath of charges that female reporter Ines Sainz was harassed by members of the New York Jets organization last Saturday, Dan Steinberg of the WASHINGTON POST has this reaction from Redskins running back Clinton Portis on DC radio today:

Ines Sainz Posts Photo Defending Her Manner Of Dress While Cover Jets

“You know man, I think you put women reporters in the locker room in positions to see guys walking around naked, and you sit in the locker room with 53 guys, and all of the sudden you see a nice woman in the locker room, I think men are gonna tend to turn and look and want to say something to that woman. For the woman, I think they make it so much that you can’t interact and you can’t be involved with athletes, you can’t talk to these guys, you can’t interact with these guys. Read more…

Jersey Sore: Reid Makes Fan Remove McNabb Uni

Les Bowen of the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS reports from Eagles training camp this morning that head coach Andy Reid reportedly ordered a fan at the team’s practice to remove a Donovan McNabb Redskins jersey that he was wearing while standing on the sidelines.

Andy Reid asks fan to take of McNabb Redskins jersey

(Fierro is reporter from ALLENTOWN (PA) MORNING CALL)

The fan, Jim Devlin, was a friend of a guest of the team that had been granted sideline access.

Eagles fan Jim Devlin, of King of Prussia, was directed to remove the Donovan McNabb Redskins jersey that he was wearing on the Eagles sideline at training camp this morning by security.

Devlin said that security told him that coach Andy Reid wanted the jersey removed. A team spokesman said he was unaware whether the directive came from Reid.

Devlin was on the sideline, not in the stands, on a guest pass, provided by friend Frank Deutchki, of Schwenksville, who is with him. A team spokesman said guests with sideline passes are supposed to be screened at the gate.

Devlin was surprised but also really angry. He was curious what other fans’ reaction would be so he also wore the jersey to Sunday’s Phillies-Mets game.

Deutchki now has the jersey in a bag, with Devlin wearing a red T-shirt.

Two things on this. Read more…

NFLer Moss Evasive About Reportedly Taking HGH

Rick Maese of the WASHINGTON POST reports Thursday morning that Redskins wide receiver Santana Mossreceived human growth hormone from Canadian doctor Anthony Galea, according to two sources familiar with the investigation.

Santana Moss

Dan Herbeck of the BUFFALO NEWS previously reported that Canadian Doctor Anthony Galea was accused this week by U.S. Federal prosecutors of, “drug smuggling, conspiracy, lying to federal agents, unlawful distribution of human growth hormone and introducing an unapproved drug into interstate commerce.

Herbeck added, “federal prosecutors do not intend to file criminal charges against Moss or any other athlete who had dealings with the doctor.

Barry Svrluga of the WASHINGTON POST confronted Moss about his alleged connection to Galea Thursday morning. Read more…

Why Shouldn’t Cherokee Player Refuse Redskins?

At the NFL combine today, Sam Bradford, who is 1/16 Cherokee, was asked if he would prefer the quarterback-bereft Redskins not draft him.

Sam Bradford

(If Bradford was full-blooded Cherokee and embraced the culture, would it be?)

Bradford replied, “no.” Earlier the same day he had said, “I’m not going to address that issue,” when the subject was broached.

Doug Farrar of tweeted that the query was the, “Official dumbest question of the Combine.”

Mark Maske of the WASHINGTON POST also noted the questions, reporting that, “some Native Americans have been critical of the team’s nickname, calling it derogatory, and have challenged it in legal proceedings.”

I actually don’t think the question was inappropriate.

Read more…

Welcome To Your Hot Dog Vomit Blog Of Record!

Dan Steinberg of the WASHINGTON POST’s DC Sports Bog has the decency to reset the gastronomical legend that is Russ Grimm’s “hot dog story.”

Russ Grimm Hot Dog Vomit

(Grimm hot dog vomit now stocked by 3 Southeast Asian grocery chains)

When (former Redskins Offensive Line Coach) Joe Bugel retired in January, he told the greatest story ever, in which Russ Grimm threw up a whole hot dog during an evening practice at Carlisle, then put it back in his mouth and ate it, saying “Can’t waste a good dog, now.” Doc Walker said it was only a quarter of a dog, but added that Grimm was a “total neanderthal.”

Then in early February, when Grimm was elected to the Hall of Fame, his former teammate Joe Jacoby brought the story closer to the earth.

“Russ’s lunch didn’t stay down on him when we got to practice. You know what I mean? He just chucked up a hot dog,” Jacoby told Wise. “One of our ballboys, we called him ‘Booger,’ just looked at it and said, ‘Ooooh, that’s gross.’ Russ looked at him and said, ‘You think that’s gross, watch this.’ He blew the dirt off the piece of dog on the ground, picked it up and ate it. True story.”

Coincidentally, that’s also an excerpt of speech Jacoby gave when inducting Grimm into the auto-immune system hall of fame in 1993.

As you would expect of XTRA 910 in Phoenix as the hot dog vomit radio station of record, the Bickley and MJ show called Grimm to set the record straight.

Read more…

Shanahan Agrees To Become New Redskins Coach

Mike Klis of the DENVER POST reports that Mike Shanahan has agreed to become the next head coach of the Washington Redskins.

Mike Shanahan

Shanahan is expected to sign a five-year deal worth about $7 million a year, with the Redskins making the official announcement on Wednesday.

The move is also good news for Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, who expects to save $7 million for himself.

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Faces Of Jest: For Zorn Over His Untimely Ouster

Images of Jim Zorn, who was culled today by the Redskins:

The Many Faces Of Jim Zorn

(Audio accompaniment)

Thanks to Dan Steinberg of the WASHINGTON POST.

Lavar Arrington Sports Bar Closes, Stiff Employees

A DC-area sports bar named after former Redskin and current DC sports radio host LaVar Arrington recently went out of business just two days before Christmas. ABC 7 in DC reports that employees of the establishment were stiffed on their last paycheck.

Lavar Arrington Sports Bar Closes, Stiffs Employees

The sports bar, called ‘The Sideline’, opened just last year but filed for bankruptcy early in 2009, with debts of reportedly up to $10M.

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