Sapp: Gruden Call To The U. Got Shannon Fired?

Prominent University of Miami football alumnus Warren Sapp made an extremely interesting guest appearance Thursday on 790 The Ticket’s “The Sports Brothers” show with Ed Freeman and Jeff Fox in Miami.

Warren Sapp: Jon Gruden interest in Miami got Shannon fired

(Audio below - Credit 790 The Ticket in Miami)

Sapp, who has a relationship with Jon Gruden dating back to the NFL, revealed some new information during Thursday’s radio show about the possible circumstances surrounding the departure of Univ. of Miami football coach Randy Shannon.

Information that, to say the least, paints Gruden in an extremely negative light.

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Photos: Warren Sapp’s False Accuser Exposed

Tuesday a misdemeanor battery allegation filed by a woman against Warren Sapp the day before the Super Bowl was dropped. David Ovalle of the MIAMI HERALD reports the galling details:

Chante Wylie False Accuser Of Warren Sapp

The woman had claimed Sapp pushed her during an argument in a room at the Shore Club, and she fell awkwardly on her leg. She said she was in “excruciating pain” and had to limp through the hotel lobby with the help of an unknown man who had been walking through the hallway.

But witnesses and hotel video surveillance indicated the woman was “walking in high heeled stilettos, and acting in a jovial manner” as she left the Shore Club.

Because of glaring inconsistencies in her testimony — one witness also said the woman kept partying at her house after the incident — prosecutors felt they could not prove the misdemeanor battery count, according to a close-out memo filed by Miami-Dade Assistant State Attorney Heather Ravich.

That allegation caused the NFL Network to yank Sapp off its Super Bowl coverage and subsequent broadcasts. Not to mention heaping scorn from the public on the former All-Pro NFL player. (The abuse on alone was astonishing.)

Who knows how much the allegation will ultimately damage Sapp’s reputation and future earning power. Not to mention lost income the past two months.

Meanwhile the identity of the New York City woman who made the false accusation against Sapp continues to be kept secret by the media. Until now.

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Sapp Battery Charge: Judge Delays Arraignment

Warren Sapp failed to show up this morning for what was to be his arraignment hearing at the Dade County courthouse in Miami on a domestic battery charge.

Warren Sapp March 3 Court Appearance To Be Arraigned March 17

Instead, Sapp’s lawyer Christopher Lyons requested and was granted a two week continuance. The move by Sapp’s attorney may be the first step in a plea deal, depending on who the Dade County District Attorney assigned to the case.

The March 17 appearance will likely bring a plea bargain or Sapp’s actual plea. Based on the favoritism already apparently shown Sapp in this situation by authorities, I’d bet the former.

Sapp is accused of domestic battery of his girlfriend on the morning of Feb. 6 in a Miami hotel room. In the police report, Sapp’s accuser said he choked her and threw her down.

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Warren Sapp Probably Should Stay In Bed Today

Photo of Warren Sapp’s “close friend” Persiana and her “ex celebratin’ his win” in Miami early this morning.

Persiana and Warren Sapp

Persiana came to Sapp’s defense yesterday, claiming he was “falsely accused” of domestic battery. Read more…

Sapp Model ‘Close Friend’: He’s ‘Falsely Accused’

A hip-hop video and magazine model who has been photographed with Warren Sapp the past several months, including the day before he was charged with misdemeanor battery, has come to Sapp’s defense on Twitter.

Warren Sapp Model Persiana Vegas Aysha Claims Sapp Is Falsely Accused

(Persiana: “Close friend” of Warren Sapp comes to his defense)

Early Sunday morning model Persiana, who also goes by the name “Vegas Aysha” and describes herself on Twitter as a “Video Vixen and Magazine Blesser,” Tweeted about the Sapp situation: “A really close friend of mine was falsely accused of some serious BS and I’m sooooo upset right now! Omg! I will whoop a bitch for him.

Warren Sapp with model Persiana Vegas Aysha

(Sapp and Persiana - photo taken Friday in Miami)

Earlier, I had contacted Persiana directly Saturday evening to ask her about the situation and she did not respond. But two hours after my email to her, she posted the Tweet defending Sapp.

Warren Sapp with model Persiana Vegas Aysha

(Yes, that’s Bruce Jenner with Sapp and Persiana in Vegas)

Persiana was photographed with Sapp, both giving an obscene gesture, on Friday in Miami. She’s also been pictured with him in the past several months in Las Vegas and New York. In Vegas, she attended the grand opening of Emeril Lagasse’s new sports bar at The Venetian with Sapp.

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UPDATE: Sapp To Spend Night In Jail For Charge

UPDATE (9:43p ET): WSVN-TV’s Blake Burman reports from Miami tonight that Warren Sapp will be spending the night in jail because of a misdemeanor batter charge: “because this case involves alleged domestic violence he has to go before a judge. That means he is spending the night in jail.

Warren Sapp Mugshot

You can read the arrest report of the incident here.

From reading it myself, two new things popped up. The alleged victim claims there was a witness in the hallway when Sapp allegedly threw her out of the hotel room and the woman claims that Sapp texted her with the message, “You Whore” after the alleged abuse.

Omar Kelly and Brian Haas of the SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL has details from Miami Police regarding Warren Sapp’s charge of misdemeanor battery.

Warren Sapp

Sapp is accused of attacking his girlfriend around 5 a.m. Saturday at the Shore Club Hotel on Collins Avenue. The woman, who was not identified by police, was treated by emergency workers for a swollen knee and bruises on the back of her neck and taken to Mount Sinai Medical Center.

Detective Juan Sanchez, spokesman for the Miami Beach Police Department, said that the woman called police around noon Saturday to report that she had been attacked. She said she and Sapp had dated for two years.

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Warren Sapp Off NFL Network After Abuse Claim

CBS 4 reports from Miami Saturday afternoon:

Former University of Miami and Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Warren Sapp was arrested by Miami Beach Police on Saturday on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge, according to Juan Sanchez of the Miami Beach Police Department. The arrest prompted swift action by the NFL, who removed Sapp from NFL Network broadcasts while the league investigates the matter. Read more…

Team Crazy Refuses To Die In ABC’s ‘Superstars’

Much like the U.S. soccer team in the Confederations Cup, Terrell Owens and Joanna Krupa faced certain elimination in ABC’s time-wasting action-packed series “The Superstars,” only to come back in semi-triumph. Yes, America’s favorite couple are still alive, as you surely know from watching last night. What do you mean you read a book instead? This isn’t Russia! (It isn’t Russia, is it?).

The Dysfunctional Duo made us all chortle last week during the show’s debut, when Owens had a little trouble with the obstacle course and caused his team to be the first one eliminated. Krupa, not amused by T.O.’s clumsiness, went all Kate Gosselin on him, to everyone’s horror/amusement (pick one). Krupa talked about her meltdown recently on ESPN’s “First Take” with Dana Jacobson, video below. Read more…

Despite Visit from Priest, Cubs Don’t Have a Prayer

• Time for the Chicago Cubs to bring that dugout-blessing priest back to the Friendly Confines - so he can administer the Last Rites.

Sad Cubs fans

• Speaking of holy matters, a Stanford lineman more or less tells Notre Dame & its fans to go to hell.

• It’s about time we heard from Warren Sapp about his thoughts on this whole Lane Kiffin business.

Nate Miles’ b-ball career ends before it even starts after the UConn player gets charged for sexual abuse.

• Do you crave more than one Lingerie Bowl game per year? You’re in luck - here comes the Lingerie Football League!

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Sapp Verbally Slaps Davis Over Kiffin Commotion

In all the commotion surrounding the end of days of Lane Kiffin in Oakland, it seems we’ve heard opinions from everyone and anyone who’s ever played or coached professional pigskin. However, we foolishly forgot to get the slant from one ex-Raider who loves to talk ‘n’ talk ‘n’ talk - the ever-egregious Warren Sapp.

Al Davis Warren Sapp

Well, Warren took some time out from Dancing With The Stars, and weighed in on the brouhaha at the Black Hole. During this week’s installment of “Inside The NFL”, Sapp said Kiffin was treated unfairly, just because the ex-USC coordinator he tried to do something different:

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