No Rules, Human Cockfighting Has A New Name

The first rule of fight club is … oh, forget about the rules of fight club. We’re going to talk about fight club because, quite frankly, its real-life incarnation is absolutely appalling.

felony fights pic 1
(Yes, this is an actual scene from a Felony Fights video.)

Welcome to the world of felony fights, found conveniently at FELONYFIGHTS.COM, at least until any federal authorities discover that people are videotaping human cockfighting and selling the results for what has to be a massive profit. You may have tripped across one of their bare-knuckled YouTube clips on a random site (and if you haven’t, we’ve got two after the jump), but you probably didn’t know that, with the help of a legion of dumb fighters, Felony Fights has built a miniature Girls Gone Wild-style empire.

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Manny Manhandles Secretary Over Ticket Request

This might be a bit more than simply the “Manny being Manny” sort of thing that Red Sox outfielder Manny Ramirez is well-known for at this stage. According to the PROVIDENCE JOURNAL’S SOXBLOG, the slugger got into a bit of a disagreement with a team traveling secretary over ticket allotment.

Manny Ramirez

(Ramirez, making better use of his hands.)

Ramirez made a request for 16 tickets to last Saturday’s game in Houston to traveling secretary Jack McCormick, and that’s when the apparent incident began.

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Timing Is Everything In The Coaching Business

Portland’s KGW-TV reports this week that Jeffrey Scott Larsen, a volunteer basketball coach for youth girls’ basketball in Mollala, Oregon, was arrested and is accused of trespassing after getting ejected from a game in Estacada and nearly starting a fight with the ref.

Jeffrey Scott Larsen

Larsen nearly came to blows with the referee over the ejection and the calls. Video of Larsen losing it prior to the ejection after the jump.

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When Your League Folds, Just Go on a Rampage

I bet you thought when it came to Vikings and illegal activity, Minnesota and its sex cruise would stand alone. You thought wrong. Members of the Jamestown (NY) Vikings, a Mid-Atlantic Hockey League team, went on a rampage after finding out the league was going belly-up.


After the league announced the season was canceled, some Vikings decided their next course of action shouldn’t be looking over the job ads, but to cause “at least $25,000″ worth of damage to the historic Vikings Lodge. I’m not sure if the building’s name is coincidence or if the players were looking for an ironic target for their rage. Read more…