Sterger Show On Versus ‘Axed’: ‘Anemic Ratings’

John Ourand of SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY and SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL breaks the news today that the Versus TV show Jenn Sterger appears on, The Daily Line, has been canceled.

Jenn Sterger Show On Versus Axed

Ourand via Twitter:

“Versus has axed @jennifersterger’s show “The Daily Line” because of anemic ratings.”

Ah, the irony. Thanks to her reportedly reciprocal texting relationship with Brett Favre, Sterger has had her public profile explode in recent weeks. But that obviously didn’t translate to ratings.

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SbB@3: It’s Raiders At Giants … The Horror …

What You Won't Watch logo

If you can avoid only one game this week, it should probably be the Raiders at the Giants on Sunday at 1 p.m. ET on CBS. Some are calling the Giants the best team in the NFL, and the Raiders, who may not even have a coach, um, are not. May cause loss of vision and abdominal cramps; view at your own risk. Elsewhere on your dial: Read more…

Pistons Rookie Places Twitter Bet With Porn Star

• Detroit Pistons rookie DaJuan Summers places a Twitter bet with porn star Valerie Luxe: Whoever gets 4,000 followers first wins either dinner & a massage, or a trip to the water park.

Valerie Luxe DaJuan Summers

• Meanwhile, ESPN’s Mark Schlereth gets into a Twitter war with Chad Ochocinco.

• But neither guy would want to mess with J.R. Smith, especially if the Nuggets player is Tweeting like he’s a member of the Bloods.

Roger Mayweather - Floyd Jr.’s uncle & trainer - is accused of attacking & trying to strangle a female boxer.

• Browns WR Braylon Edwards poses with a bunch of alcohol. So all those drops were due to the D.T.’s?

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That Other Football League Got Another TV Deal?

Hey, you know how there’s that UFL deal, and it’s just a bunch of NFL castoffs playing football for peanuts instead of, oh doing anything else? You know, the league whose most famous participants are J.P. Losman, a cocaine dealer, and Jim Fassel (coaching, though we’d pay to watch him take some snaps at weakside linebacker)?

UFL logo
(Sexually suggestive, or just a football barfing a star?)

Well, as bad an idea as it sounds like, they have a couple good things going for them. One, back in March, they inked a TV deal with Versus to air one game a week. So, y’know, if you’re that starved for football, you can always watch on Versus. But pardon us if we feel a little unsatisfied; can’t we involve someone a little… crazier?

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Lindsay Soto’s NHL Coverage Comes w/Cleavage

Lindsay Soto sure knows how to keep abreast of NHL playoff action.

Lindsay Soto

• Perhaps looking for a little more face time, the Atlanta Hawks’ bird-brained mascot makes a temporary home on top of TNT’s backboard camera.

• Ex-Jag Jimmy Smith gives new meaning to “possession receiver“.

• MMA women menstruating does not make for a bloody good fight.

• That’s bra-wful: Brandi Chastain’s famous World Cup cups holder is caught up in bankruptcy court.

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Lindsay Soto’s Cleavage Gets National Exposure

We’ve had our fun with Lindsay Soto (or more accurately, made dirty jokes about having our fun with Lindsay Soto). But the woman is nothing if not a professional. The Versus between-the-boards reporter managed to successfully interview a Ducks player, while simultaneously doing everything she could to make she we couldn’t see down her dress. She failed at that second part.

Lindsay Soto

It was the perfect storm of cleavage. She had to lean over the divider, and that combined with the high angle shot and the low cut shirt meant that Rob Niedermayer showed up unwittingly in a lot of teenage boys’ dreams Tuesday night.

Since this is a full-service website, video after the jump.

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Week In Review: Granny Going After David Stern

Joel Przybilla got a $7,500 fine for his part in an NBA brawl. But Joel’s grandma doesn’t like that one bit - and she’s letting David Stern know it.

Joel Przybilla grandmother

Ana Ivanovic frolicking in the surf with Maria Sharapova’s dream date?

Jenn Sterger is still riding a Jet stream of attention from the media.

• We’ve discovered the best seats in tennis - and they are the property of Vitkoriya Kutuzova & Nicole Vaidisova.

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HBO Dipping Toes Back In Sports Comedy Pool?

There’s a reason popular art is cyclical. Everyone from the mightiest pharaoh to the lowliest peasant runs out of ideas; even the beginning of this sentence is stolen. When in dire straights, executives take old ideas, put a shiny new twist on it, and trot them out as fresh products. So it’s no surprise that HBO, in desperate need of a hit, is once again considering dipping into the well that is “sports comedy”, whatever weird niche that is.


(Their last shot.)

BC BEAT is reporting that Ross Greenburg, the president of HBO SPORTS, has made it clear he plans on pursuing a new original “sports comedy show” for the network. But that’s not all, kids. He’s also looking to somehow get the Internets to give him feedback!

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Sports, Comedy, Versus - What Could Go Wrong?

The channel that brings you hockey, rodeo, and Ted Nugent is about to bring you a brand new show that you can’t find in your cable guide. E! figures that The Soup is so popular with people who watch E! that surely a sports version of the show will be a smash hit - except they don’t want to put something so “manly” on E! This is a network anchored by Ryan Seacrest, after all.


Versus will debut a show called Sports Soup in mid-October. It will run twice a week and be hosted by some guy named Matt Iseman. And, given his canned press release quote about the show, it appears as if Iseman might be facing an uphill battle with sports fans (most of whom don’t watch E!, just in case you hadn’t noticed that, E!).

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NHL About To Be Dealt With Another Death Blow

Looks like the National Hockey League just wants to finish itself off once and for all. It’s bad enough that the league had given up broadcasting on the Worldwide Leader for the virtual anonymity of Versus. But now their new network wants to bring back a bad idea that will certainly have hockey hotheads blowing up all over again:

Fox glow puck cross section

The glow puck!

AWFUL ANNOUNCING slapshoots news from USA TODAY that Versus & the NHL are thinking of re-introducing “puck-tracking technology” for next season. Apparently they’re not aware of how well the idea was received last time: Read more…