If Only Lawrence Taylor Was Afforded This Luxury

Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa wore a shirt last night to the Lakers-Suns game that said, “DO I LOOK ILLEGAL?

Vanessa Bryant Wearing Do I Look Illegal Tshirt At Lakers Suns Playoff Game

(Shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with 3% of Los Angeles)

Funny she brings it up as the future Mrs. Bryant, Vanessa Laine, was 17 when she met Kobe for the first time. Of course, that illegality had nothing to do with immigration. (Though you could make a case for sneaking over the border.) Read more…

Vanessa Bryant’s Pawn Star Money Shot: $51,000

Here’s a shot of Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa at the White House yesterday. She’s wearing a men’s watch called the “Rolex Oyster Special Edition Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona Leopard Mens Watch 116598-SE.

(On this week’s edition of Pawn Stars, Chumlee meets Vanessa … )

It retails for $51,000, but a quick jaunt to the Univ. of Oregon campus might just yield a more palatable price it appears to be available slightly cheaper on some other websites. (Yeah, good to know.)

User Reviews of Vanessa Bryant's watch

The watch has 48 diamonds, 36 sapphires along with a leopard-printed face and band. (Design reportedly inspired by Otter’s private abode in National Lampoon’s Animal House.)

Here’s one thoughtful critique of the watch from esteemed Amazon.com reviewer J.Gonzalez.

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Report: ‘Real Houswives’ Pursuing Vanessa Bryant

We’ve been waiting all these years for Vanessa Bryant to breakout into the public eye, perhaps now she has her chance?

Vanessa Bryant

Egypt Sherrod reports this week that “sources are buzzing that Bravo TV producers are trying to add NBA superstar Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa Bryant to the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Kobe Bryant Daughter Natalie Photos Vanessa Bryant Photos Pictures

(Kobe and Vanessa Bryant’s daughter Natalie - future reality star?)

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Week In Review: Anna Goes ‘Daddy’; Lance Hurts

Anna Rawson takes a swing at becoming the newest Go Daddy Girl.

Anna Rawson

Lance Armstrong breaks his collarbone after taking a spill in Spain. Wonder how the race coverage would have sounded in Punjabi?

• Even NBA cheerleaders aren’t safe in these harsh economic times.

• Some Golden Domers get their Irish up over President Obama’s plans to speak at Notre Dame’s commencement.

Herb DeShaies, you old dog! Sneaking an on-camera kiss with a sideline reporter & embarrassing your son Jim in the meantime.

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McHale’s A Monster; Same Said About Kobe’s Wife

Kevin McHale auditions for the lead role in “Not-So-Young Frankenstein“.

Kevin McHale Vanessa Bryant Kobe

• Speaking of monsters, Kobe’s former maid says she’s taken too much crap from the Laker star’s little missus, Vanessa Bryant.

• The NCAA women’s tournament is a sham, a mockery … a shamockery!

• More news in the Donte Stallworth situation: The receiver said he flashed his headlights at the pedestrian he soon it, who wasn’t in a crosswalk.

• An entire Argentinian soccer team gets ejected after fighting with fans.

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Lawsuit: Kobe’s Maid Forced to Dig Through Poop

It must be rough to be Vanessa Bryant: Your husband Kobe cheats on you, and gets arrested for rape, and the best he can do is offer crocodile tears and a massive ring. OK, so the ring is nice, but is it worth the public embarrassment and shame of having the whole world know about your husband’s sexual peccadilloes? What’s a girl to do?

Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant

Apparently Vanessa did the only thing any respectable Housewife of Orange County can do: Turn her anger on her help. According to TMZ, former maid Maria Jimenez is suing the Bryant family for wrongful discharge, invasion of privacy and emotional distress and unpaid wages. Long story short, she’s claiming that Vanessa was the worst boss ever, and if her allegations are even half-truths, it would be hard to argue.

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The $83 Million Question: Is Kobe Going Greek?

Kobe Bryant May Create International Bidding War

For the second offseason in a row, Kobe Bryant is looking to give the Lakers fans and front office headaches. This time, however, he’s adding some international flair. The guard told YAHOO! SPORTS “that he won’t sign a contract extension with the Los Angeles Lakers until he has tested the global market,” on Saturday.

Kobe Bryant smiling

Bryant, who lived in Italy as a child and owns a stake in Olimpia Milano of the Italian League, says he plans to “solicit overseas offers before signing an extension.”

According to the report, Bryant could possibly leave the NBA for Europe in a dual role of owner and player as early as next summer. The Lakers have Bryant locked up until the 2010-11 season but the reigning MVP can opt out after next season.

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Sports Bras Save Lives; Ex-Pacman Prays for Imus

Looks like Kobe & Vanessa and Tony & Jess share the same travel agent.

• Stranded on a ledge in the middle of the Alps? Sports bras to the rescue!

sports bra

Adam “Don’t Call Me Pacman” Jones is praying for Don Imus.

• An Alabama teacher gets to first base, second base, third base & home with some high school baseball players.

• D-U-I! D-U-I! Carmelo Anthony gets a 2-game suspension.

• The U.S. Olympic women’s soccer team has regained Hope while sending Brianna Scurry-ing away.

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Kobe Bryant Would Rather Have A Taste Of This

Photos from PART MULE (via FADED YOUTH) of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant on vacation in Cabo:

Vanessa Bryant

Kobe I would imagine wants Mr. O’Neal to know that he’d much prefer to taste this, thank you very much.

Vanessa Bryant Kobe Bryant Cabo

And from looking at the shots, it appears that the Bryants have something in common with Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson. Read more…