USC Song Girls Take It Off, Get Wet For Charity

Those of you longtime L.A. *sports* observers know that traditionally the USC Song Girls are much hotter than the UCLA cheerleaders. But if the photos (from WIZARD OF ODDS) from a recent USC charity fundraiser are any indication, we’d say the lovely ladies from Westwood have caught up rather rapidly.

USC Song Girls Take It Off, Get Wet For Charity

The Song Girls stripped down to their bikinis for the annual “Swim With Mike” event, which apparently raised $1M in a single afternoon. Sounds like George Lucas might want to take a closer look next time he checks out of his locker at the USC swim stadium. Read more…

Blog-Some: Smush Parker’s Hands-On Approach

• YOU BEEN BLINDED grabs this clip of Smush Parker getting a good grip on a titilating situation.

• SNOTR.COM finds footage of a female weightlifter hoisting up her load at break-neck speed.

• 100% INJURY RATE was close to being a bomb Dodger, as L.A.’s Chan Ho Park almost started World War III.

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