Adding A Question Mark Makes Everything OK (?)

Total bullcrap journalistic practice that needs to die in an incinerator, #26345: The misleading headline/question mark combo. For whatever reason, writers are able to get away with some of the most absurd, heinous implications with the addition of uncertainty, via question mark. For example, if a headline said “[insert your favorite President] Routinely Murdered Grandmothers With His Bare Hands,” you’d know the article wasn’t worth reading because that is absolutely nowhere in the record of facts. But if it was “[insert your favorite President] Routinely Murdered Grandmothers With His Bare Hands?”, all of a sudden you’re thinking, “You know what? Maybe there’s something there.” And then the article’s about economic policy and you’re just irate.

Matthew Lesko Question Mark Suit
(This uncertainty is so zany!)

So while it’s no surprise, it’s still disappointing that the practice has bled over to PRO FOOTBALL TALK, where a recent headline read, and we quote, “Brandon Jacobs wants to beat up Tony Siragusa?” The article itself had absolutely nothing that suggested that Jacobs was upset; in fact, the only time Jacobs even mentioned Siragusa was to say he didn’t care about him. Booooooo. Poor form.

Or is it poor form? We’re going to print the notes for our fantasy football team, but give it all some fun headlines. Let’s see if we can’t gin up a few cheap pageviews on this one. Read more…

Another Hot TV Reporter Livens Up SB Media Day

FAN IQ’s CRITICAL FANATIC sends along this shot of Ines Gomez Mont, a sports reporter for Spanish-language station TV Azteca.

Ines Gomez Mont TV Azteca reporter

Wondering what’s with the wedding gown? The intrepid Ms. Gomez Mont used her time at Super Bowl Media Day to ask the important questions - namely, would Tom Brady marry her?

She pleaded with the Pats QB, “Marry me now, Tom! Say yes! I’m the real Mrs. Brady!” Tom could only flash that million-dollar smile of his and respond, “I’ve got a few Mrs. Bradys in my life.”

The nuptial-minded reporter wasn’t the first Mexican TV babe - or even the first Ines - to grab Super attention on Media Day.

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Tony Siragusa Honey Board Promotional Spot

HONEY, IF ONLY I COULD SHRINK THE FAT SIDELINE GUY: YOU BEEN BLINDED unearths this extremely informative promotional spot for the Honey Board by Tony Siragusa:

Tony Siragusa Honey

In the promo, our favorite cheesecake-on-stilts extols the profound virtues of “REAL HONEY“! In case you don’t think he’s serious, watch him throw out that phony syrup crap like a quarterback’s shoulder:

Tony Siragusa Throws Out Rich Gannon's Shoulder