Brady Plugged Hair Loss Talk With Flowing Locks

In just over 24 months Tom Brady’s topical solution for damage controlling his follicular fallout has transplanted public discourse from his premature baldness saga to comparing his coiffure to a moptop teen idol.

Tom Brady Hair Loss Talk Plugged

Now that, boys and girls, is public relations.

With the precipitous loss of the NFL quarterback’s locks indisputably obvious as early as 2002, Brady - at the very least - reportedly may have sought treatment for his rapidly receding hairline at AMD Labs in Manhattan in 2008. From the NEW YORK POST’s Page Six: Read more…

Video: Bieber Calls Out Tom Brady About His Hair

In case you’re unaware, teen media phenomenon Justin Bieber is now, officially, a rapper.

Justin Bieber mocks Tom Brady in rap video

The 16-year-old recently released a rap video titled, “Speaking in Tongues,” which features Bieber critiquing the similarly shaggy hairstyle of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

In the video, Bieber is seen mocking a football-throwing motion while he spits this mad lyric: Read more…

Report: Moss Told Brady “You Look Like a Girl”

Former longtime NFL General Manager Charlie Casserly reported Sunday on CBS that before New England traded Randy Moss to Minnesota, Moss and Tom Brady had a heated dispute in the Patriot locker room over the length of Brady’s hair and Moss’s beard.

Charlie Casserly reports on dispute between Tom Brady and Randy Moss

Casserly reported on The NFL Today:

“The week before Moss was traded, Tom Brady and Randy Moss went toe-to-toe and had to be separated when this happened. One of Brady’s problems with Moss was his behavior as a Patriot. One of the things that was overheard was, Brady telling Moss, ‘you need to cut your beard,’ Moss countered (to Brady), ‘you need to get your haircut, you look like a girl.’ … Obviously Brady had some problems with Moss’ behavior.”

When Casserly alleged the hirsute dispute between the two NFL stars, howls of laughter erupted off-camera on the CBS television set.
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Photos: Brady’s Gisele Is Lacking Pass Protection

Here’s some photos of Tom Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen at a party in Paris Thursday night:

Gisele Bundchen Mystery Man Revealed

The pics have somewhat understandably sent some folks into a tizzy, but a few seconds of sleuthing revealed at least one of the two men photo’d for encroachment. Read more…

Denard And Tom Brady More Alike Than We Knew

This stellar wallpaper of Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson was made by a regular at

Denard Robinson Action Figure


How on earth did they do that? Read more…

Tiger Charity CEO Mocks Brady Accident Coverage

As noted by golf blogger Geoff Shackelford today, when Tiger Woods Charity Foundation President & CEO Greg McLaughlin isn’t collecting a $503,138 annual paycheck for running a charity and stamping out rumors that Tiger donated money to earthquake relief efforts, he’s Tweeting insightful observations that could in no way be construed as sour grapes:

Greg McLaughlin mocks media coverage of Tom Brady car accident

The line for Pats v Bengals remains -4.5 after Brady’s “serious car accident”. I’m sure the media couldn’t have missed this one.

McLaughlin is clearly suggesting that Brady’s car accident wasn’t that serious, despite the New England quarterback’s car getting t-boned in a high speed collision.

But why would the guy running Tiger Woods’ charity foundation mock Brady’s vehicular misfortune in the first place? Read more…

Photo: First Shot Of Brady’s New Baby Benjamin

First photo of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s son Benjamin:

First Photo Tom Brady Baby Benjamin

From the regrettably named QUEM Magazine.

Surprise! Belichick Going For It Was Smart Move

In the wake of last night’s COACHFAIL in the Pats-Colts game, the universe and its mom have been leveling unvarnished invective at Bill Belichick. Rightly so, at first blush; with a few seconds before the 2 minute warning and protecting a dwindling 34-28 lead, Belichick opted to go for it on 4th and 2… from New England’s own 28 yard line. The try failed by a slim margin, the Colts took over, and Peyton Manning calmly guided his team to the winning touchdown with 13 seconds to play. Ballgame.

Bill Belichick needs a hug. Or a married woman.
(Wanna get away?)

So, yeah. Going for it and failing from the hinterlands of Obvious Punt Territory - soon to become the USA’s 51st state -  and watching the game slip away immediately afterwards is an unforgivably bad decision, yes? Well, not so much. Contrary to immediate intuition, it was, in fact, the Patriots’ best chance at winning the game.

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It’s Official, Apparently: Tom Brady Going To Hell

Ever wonder which of your favorite athletes will be unavailable to sign autographs in Heaven? In case you were planning on hobnobbing with Tom Brady up there, think again. According to one North Carolina church, he’ll be hanging out in the other pace. And they don’t mean Newark.

The Devil and Tom Brady

According to the Amazing Grace Baptist Church (Canton, N.C.) Brady, along with several other athletes, are headed to straight to hell. In Brady’s case, it’s chiefly because he “has an unwed child,” and “commits fornication.” But that’s nothing compared to Joakim Noah, who, says the church, is going to hell because he “Has long hair, which is disobedient to the Word of God.”

I’ve been meaning to get it trimmed. Who knew that a long wait at Supercuts would result in eternal damnation? Read more…

Harrison Tells Tom Brady To “Take The Skirt Off”

For those who can’t bear to subject themselves to the NBC studio shows, what with Football Night in America being so overproduced it makes T-Pain seem “gritty” by comparison, you probably missed Rodney Harrison continuing his crusade to turn himself into the court jester of today’s crop of NFL television analysts*.

Tom Brady in a skirt
(”Plus, dude, purple totally clashes with the uniform.”)

In this instance, Tom Brady had just thrown a pass in the pocket when he was hit in the knee by Terrell Suggs (and rather lightly at that), prompting a 15-yard roughing the passer flag at Brady’s demonstrative request. Afterward, Harrison took what should have been an interesting debate about the new NFL rules protecting the quarterback in the pocket and instead turned into an OMG controversy about just Harrison, Brady, and “manhood.” Oh, great. Awesome. Video of the play in question and Harrison’s “controversial” remark after the break.

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