JoAnne Carner’s Ad Has Roger Maltbie in a Thong

Global advertising site Coloribus - via Geoff Shackelford - has this print ad of a caricatured Tiger Woods that’s currently being featured in magazines in India.

Tiger Dream Ad With Sleeping Reporter

(How flattering. Welp, at least he got pai … oh hell nah?)

The ad, for Indian mattress company Shivam, was produced last December by the Mumbai division of the Mccann Worldgroup advertising agency and illustrated by Nithin Rao Kumblekar. Read more…

Tiger Tells PC PR Team To Go Tweet Themselves

A Tweet from Tiger Woods this morning gave us a pretty good indication that he is indeed manning his own Twitter feed.

Tiger Woods Tweet

Earl Woods scholars are attending winter workshops at the learning center. Hope the sessions are helpful. No keg parties this week though.

Keeping it real will do wonders for Tiger’s image, despite the fact that his pr team was probably aghast at the last sentence. (If he still has ever had one, that is.)

We All Buy Property; Michael Jordan Buys Privacy

Former GOLFWEEK reporter Cary Lichtenstein blesses us with photos of Michael Jordan’s new Jupiter Hampton Inn home in Jack Nicklaus’ Bears Club golf course development.

New Michael Jordan Mansion Photos

The 28,000 sq. ft., 11-bedroom home is flanked by its own two-story guard house, guest house and pool house spread over three acres.

Total cost: $12.4 million. Lichtenstein:

Probably the most expensive non-waterfront home in the Palm Beaches. MJ’s total commitment when furnished will probably exceed $20m.

What is surprising, comparing Jordan’s piece of land to Tiger Woods’, (click here to see Tiger Woods’ Jupiter Island home) is that Tiger put together 3 parcels on Jupiter Island so that he has frontage on both the ocean and the Intracoastal.

It would be interesting to see what the Jordan home resells for, being that its location, while great for MJ’s privacy, is not ideal for resale to the trophy and yacht buyer.

Jordan’s reported, “usual routine is to play golf from sunrise to sunset,” on The Bears Club course. For that privilege, Jordan paid a $350,000 initiation fee and $25,000 in annual dues. Club membership was capped at 250 members.

New Michael Jordan Mansion Photos

“Starter” homes in the development begin at $4-5 million with the largest estates priced around $20m.

Jordan clearly is paying a premium for privacy and security and could care less about resale value. Last year the co-Owner of The Bears Club, Tucker Frederickson, alluded to Jordan’s motivation in selecting the property: Read more…

Surprise! Tiger Woods Sex Tape Doesn’t Exist

Own a washing machine company and want to sign Tiger Woods to an endorsement deal? You might want to hold off on that for now, as the golfer’s reputation is still mud. We know that because in the past month the main media has run with a story from the most dubious of sources, an adult film performer named Melinda Jannette.

Fake Tiger Sex Tape

Janette, stage-named Devon James, recently claimed that she had an hour-long sex tape featuring herself and Woods. Despite no evidence to suggest that Janette’s claim was anything more than a garden-variety extortion attempt, thousands of main media outlets reflexively reported her story to millions of readers, listeners and viewers.

Janette is now touting an actual release date of tape and soliciting pre-orders via a website, despite the fact that not even a porn production company would touch it. Today I looked into the ownership of that site and I’m sure you’ll be flummoxed to find out that Janette is the sole owner of the site, with her real name, home address and phone number listed as the site’s “administrator” and “technical contact.”

As for the company that is producing the sex tape supposedly featuring Tiger Woods, that would be, “Devon James productions.”

So what does it tell you about Tiger’s reputation that the media believes the golfer would actually be party to such an amateurish, sordid production?

Finally, today, brought some sanity to the Janette fiasco. Read more…

Tiger Cigar Man Photo: You Were Wrong About It

Tiger Cigar Man photo?

Cigar Man Photo: Carole King Fans Not Impressed

It’s now official, you were wrong: Read more…

Who To Cast As Mustache Guy For Monty Biopic?

Thanks to some trusty, ham-fisted photoshop, I’ve finally placed mustache guy in the Tiger Woods camera shot:

Tiger Woods camera shot with Jon Lovitz

The role of old Pauly Shore in the upcoming Playboy Mansion retrospective will have to wait!

Another Angle To Greatest Golf Photo Of All-Time

Here’s another angle of the greatest golf photograph in history:

Tiger Woods Camera Shot Another Angle

If you don’t know by now, what makes the original photo so incredibly special has absolutely nothing to do with Tiger Woods and his golf shot into the camera lens. Read more…

Shudderbug: Tiger Shot Smashes Photog’s Cam

The LONDON DAILY MAIL has this astonishing photo from staff photographer Mark Pain taken of Tiger Woods at the Ryder Cup on Sunday.

Tiger Woods shot smashes photographer's camera

(Unfortunate Camera Ang .. er .. Mangle)

The shot was snapped on the final hole of play as Woods attempted to chip onto the green, instead duffing his ball directly into the lens of Pain’s camera. The impact smashed the lens of Pain’s Nikon D3 but the image was saved by the camera and Pain was unhurt.

Tiger Woods shot smashes photographer's camera


So how did Tiger react? Read more…

A Picture Of The Disappearance Of Tiger Woods

Today is a practice day at the Ryder Cup in Wales, so where in the world is Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods with no name on back of Ryder Cup jacket

Clever. (Idea stolen from Criss Angel?) Read more…

Tiger Charity CEO Mocks Brady Accident Coverage

As noted by golf blogger Geoff Shackelford today, when Tiger Woods Charity Foundation President & CEO Greg McLaughlin isn’t collecting a $503,138 annual paycheck for running a charity and stamping out rumors that Tiger donated money to earthquake relief efforts, he’s Tweeting insightful observations that could in no way be construed as sour grapes:

Greg McLaughlin mocks media coverage of Tom Brady car accident

The line for Pats v Bengals remains -4.5 after Brady’s “serious car accident”. I’m sure the media couldn’t have missed this one.

McLaughlin is clearly suggesting that Brady’s car accident wasn’t that serious, despite the New England quarterback’s car getting t-boned in a high speed collision.

But why would the guy running Tiger Woods’ charity foundation mock Brady’s vehicular misfortune in the first place? Read more…