Old Boxing Guy Says MMA Is For Gays & Racists

If the name “Bob Arum” sounds only vaguely familiar, that’s okay. That’s because boxing is only vaguely familiar to many younger sports fans, a demographic that has trended largely toward MMA over the last few years. But Arum’s a fight promoter, one who’s been in the business for decades, and is in charge of the Pacquiao-Cotto fight coming up this November.

Melvin Costa's Awful Tattoos
(Granted, Melvin Costa’s tattoos really aren’t doing MMA any favors on this one.)

As you can imagine, Arum doesn’t hold MMA in very high regard. He’s also a very senior citizen who “grew up in a different era,” as polite people often say, and when pressed to elucidate his disdain for MMA, unleashed some ridiculously offensive comments, the likes of which you’d never hear from high-ranking people in any sport but boxing. Or, um, MMA. Video is below.

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