Texas CEO: ‘Violent’ Yanks Fans ‘Embarrassment’

Last week I reported Kristen Lee, the wife of Texas Rangers pitcher Cliff Lee, had endured insults, beer throwing and spitting in her direction from Yankee Stadium fans during the ALCS between the Rangers and New York Yankees.

Chuck Greenberg Texas Rangers

On Dallas radio station KESN-FM today, Texas Rangers Owner CEO Chuck Greenberg added to the concern and criticism over the behavior of the Yankee Stadium faithful during the playoffs. Read more…

Video: Belligerent Giants Fans Harass Reporters

We all enjoy a local TV news blooper or three on occasion, but there was nothing funny about a live shot featuring two FOX 35 reporters outside AT&T Park last night.

Fans Harass Shannon Hogan

(McCovey Cove: Security? Police? Hello?)

Belligerent (see drunk, high) San Francisco Giants fans harassed reporters Dave Alley and Shannon Hogan as they tried to do their on-air jobs from McCovey Cove - with no San Francisco security in sight.

From the raw video I was sent, the film was clearly shot by someone attempting to manufacture an ugly incident for their own publicity. With that in mind, I edited out much of the nastiness from the person behind the video.  Read more…

Frisco Sidewalk Sign: ‘Josh Hamilton Drinks Free’

Kevin Kaduk of Yahoo Sports spots this sign outside a San Francisco bar before Game 1 of the World Series between San Francisco and the Texas Rangers.

Josh Hamilton Drinks Free Sign

(Next up: ‘Josh Hamilton is a quitter’?)

If you somehow don’t know by now, Josh Hamilton of the Rangers is a long-documented alcohol and substance abuser.

Having lived in Los Angeles now 11 years, I’m no Dodger fan - but being here has opened my eyes to the level of malevolence Giants fans are capable. When it comes to San Fran fans, especially in the context of the Dodgers, this is more typical than most people know.

Photo: Yankee Fans Spit On Ranger Wives Section

As part of a piece today attempting to detect Cliff Lee’s intentions as a 2011 free agent, Bob Nightengale of USA TODAY conducted a recent interview with Kristen Lee, the wife of the Rangers pitcher.

Yankees fan spit down on Texas Rangers wives

(Photo Credit: Misty May-Treanor, wife of Texas Ranger Matt Treanor)

As part of the interview, Mrs. Lee accused New York fans of unspeakably vile behavior at Yankee Stadium during the American League Championship Series.

Perhaps the Rangers’ greatest sales pitch simply was having Kristen sit in the visiting family section at Yankee Stadium during the playoffs. She says there were ugly taunts. Obscenities. Cups of beer thrown. Even fans spitting from the section above.

“The fans did not do good things in my heart,” Kristen says.

“When people are staring at you, and saying horrible things, it’s hard not to take it personal.”

Adding to the veracity of Kristen Lee’s claims was a photograph taken by the wife of Texas Ranger Matt Treanor, volleyball star Misty May-Treanor. In the picture, posted to May-Treanor’s Facebook account, she wrote the following caption:

Yep 3 Yankee fans that show respect…..spit anyone nothing like a shower of it. Thanks fellas very classy!

In the context of Lee’s impending free agency, it’s hard not to think that the soft spoken Arkansas native won’t weigh his wife’s discomfort in New York as he makes his decision on what team to sign with in 2011.

Add in the ugly imagery of Yankee fan behavior broadcast nationally during the 2010 playoffs and it isn’t unreasonable to think New York fans may have cost their own American League team a chance to land MLB’s top offseason free agent.

Those who dismiss the influence of player wives when it comes to free agency decisions as it pertains to New York must have a short memory. Read more…

Try Left Instead? Governor Botches First Pitch

Florida Governor Charlie Crist was charged with tossing out the ceremonial first pitch before Game 2 of ALDS between the Tampa Rays and Texas Rangers.

Charlie Crist botches first pitch

Crist, a former Wake Forest quarterback, had thrown out four 1st pitches at past Rays games, so he figured to be in the zone on Wednesday. Read more…

MLB Threatens To ‘terminate’ Rangers ‘franchise’

The most undercovered story of the summer, and maybe the year, is the outrageous circumstances of the sale of the Texas Rangers.

Bud Selig

(Protip: Do not lend this man money)

Before your eyes glaze over, understand that this story is very important as it pertains to the financial future of individual major league clubs. It also could dictate if the Texas Rangers exist this time next year - if MLB’s rhetoric is to be believed.

If you’ve read this site over the years, you know by now that MLB has done all it could to turn over franchises to owners who either lack the financial resources, as in the McCourts, or the willingness, as in the late Carl Pohlad, to invest Yankee-esque sums into player payroll.

Most recently, MLB handed over one of the crown jewels of its league, the Chicago Cubs, to a highly-leveraged buyer in Tom Ricketts. Ricketts was chosen to take over the team despite his lack of liquidity and inability to field the highest bid for the franchise.

Why? Because MLB doesn’t want the Cubs to end up with a $200 million payroll, which would drive up costs for other owners, contribute to further competitive imbalance and possibly lead to additional labor strife.

Of course, if MLB had a revenue sharing agreement like the NFL, Cubs fans wouldn’t have to worry about having an underfunded owner running their beloved team. (In the third-largest market!) Because of the petty greed of the league’s individual owners, no such revenue sharing plan exists - forcing league commissioner Bud Selig to jury-rig MLB ownership ranks to prevent another Steinbrenner-type owner. (See shooting down Mark Cuban in his bid for the Cubs.)

That brings us to Selig’s latest payroll-chopping opportunity: The Texas Rangers. Read more…

From Tragic To Whack: Rangers Fan Bullies Kid

An hour after a fan narrowly escaped death by plummeting 30 feet out of the second deck of the Ballpark at Arlington while chasing a foul ball, an adult fan was seen at the same game pushing a young boy through a wire fence while pursuing a home run ball.

Rangers adult fan pushed kid through fence chasing after home run ball

In a weird coincidence, that home run was struck by Nelson Cruz.

Rangers adult fan pushed kid through fence chasing after home run ball

It was Cruz’s foul ball that also led to the unidentified male earlier tumbling out of the upper deck. (More on his condition here.) Read more…

Video: Fan Falls From Upper Deck At MLB Game

Tragedy was apparently averted in Texas tonight despite a fan falling from the second deck of the Ballpark at Arlington going after a foul ball.

Rangers fan falls from second deck video

Fortunately, Fox Sports Southwest did not air the incident on the live broadcast.
Read more…

Carumba, Omar Vizquel Wants To Be A Bullfighter

When last we left Omar Vizquel during the off season, he was wrestling anacondas. This year following the Texas Rangers’ World Series appearance (laugh track), Vizquel wants to climb into the ring with a larger opponent.

Omar Vizquel

In a conflict as old as mammals themselves, it will be American League infielder vs. bull in a struggle for survival. Vizquel wants to learn to be a matador when he returns to his native Venezuela later this month. Your move, PETA. Read more…

Speed Read: Romo, Jones Have Different “Picks”

Usually, Tony Romo saves his worst for last, shining as the season begins but falling apart in December and January. But hey, last night was kind of a big game - it was the first “official” game at the new Cowboys Stadium, and it was a national TV audience against the arch-rival New York Giants. So I guess you can’t blame Romo for reverting to his late-season form and throwing up all over himself in the Cowboys’ 33-31 loss.

Tony Romo vs Giants

Romo threw three picks - including one that was returned for a touchdown - and generally looked more spooked than a race horse that’s just been hit with a firecracker. But despite this, the Cowboys actually led late, and it looked like Dallas might pull out an improbable victory. Read more…