Caroline Wozniacki’s Bikini Led Paparazzi Where?!

What happens when you’re an attractive Danish woman who reaches the U.S. Open as a relative unknown?

Caroline Wozniacki topless photos pictures

If you’re Caroline Wozniacki, you suddenly have paparazzi staking you out in far-flung locations like the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius.

Caroline Wozniacki photos pictures

The occasion was a girls-only holiday with her teenage friend Angelique Keber and sisters Urszula and Agnieszka, reported by Copenhagen’s EKSTRA BLADET as her first vacation taken without parental supervision. Read more…

Tennis Babe Tatiana Golovin is a Bikini Treat, Too

Earlier today, we shared a superb selection of tennis babe Maria Kirilekno showing her sexier side for Sports Illustrated. However, in the original article we wrote all those many days ago, we mentioned that Maria would be joined in bikini-clad company by another lovely lady of the lob - fellow Russian racket-eer Tatiana Golovin.

Tatiana Golovin

Well, it wouldn’t be fair to ogle Ms. Kirilenko’s curves without also taking time to go ga-ga over Ms. Golovin. So in the interest of fair & balanced journalism (nobody’s using that phrase, are they?), let us take a tantalizing look at Tatiana’s adventures in swimwear modeling:

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Tennis Babe Maria Kirilenko Captured In SI Bikinis

It could be argued that Maria is one of the most beautiful names in sports. Maria Sharapova and Maria Verchenova are just a few prime examples of this theory. But if you need further proof of such an hypothesis, may I present Exhibit A-dash-3: Maria Kirilenko.

Maria Kirilenko

Scott reminded us in yesterday’s Speed Read that Ms. Kirilenko was going to get most of her kit off for the cameras of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED - you know, the special issue that featured Bar Refaeli on this year’s cover. So, how did Maria’s shoot go? Allow us to offer up a photo essay that you’re certain to fall in 30-love with:

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Simona Halep To Have Breast Reduction Surgery

Tragedy my friends has struck the world of women’s professional tennis.

Simona Halep Monster Tennis Boobs

No, Billie Jean King’s gender re-assignment plan is still full steam ahead. But I regret to inform you of some very, very tragic news emanating out of Romania. Read more…

17-Year-Old Simona Halep Is A Shot, Jaw-Dropper

How many times have you heard someone claiming they’ve discovered women’s tennis’ “the next Anna Kournikova!” Only to be underwhelmed by yet another teen prodigy who doesn’t have the goods. Well I think may have hit on something with Romanian 17-year-old tennis hottie Simona Halep:

Simona Halep Monster Tennis Boobs

(Now THAT’S what you call an overhead smash*rubs eyes*)

Current Junior French Open Champion Halep, like Kournikova once was, should soon be competitive enough to make the late rounds of TV tournaments. If she does continue to raise her game, she might be able to parlay her body (of work) into endorsement gold.

Simona Halep Monster Tennis Boobs

Or at the very least really raise the interest of fans. More pics and video after the jump. Read more…

New SI Swimsuit Issue Photos Appear On CBS-TV

UPDATE (2/9/09): Turns out the photos weren’t leaked - they were screen shots from a profile on SI photog Walter Iooss on CBS News Sunday Morning yesterday. That not-so-minor detail wasn’t mentioned by the tennis website that posted the screen shots.

From the show’s website recap:

For almost half a century, Walter Iooss has been photographing the world’s greatest athletes, and his photos have graced the cover of Sports Illustrated more than 300 times. He’s shot pictures of everyone from Joe Namath to Muhammad Ali to Michael Jordan to Usain Bolt.

But he finds that what really brings him attention is his work for Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue. (The 2009 issue comes out this week.) Correspondent Russ Mitchell, will talk with Iooss about his most memorable photos, his attempts to capture what he considers the moments in sports when time stands still, and the photos that his subjects weren’t so happy with.

Now for my original post on the matter:

You may remember SbB breaking the news on New Year’s Eve that two tennis players will appear in the upcoming SPORTS ILLUSTRATED swimsuit issue: Tatiana Golovin and Maria Kirilenko. The issue drops Tuesday, and a tennis website has obtained a couple advance photos from their shoot.

Daniela Hantuchova My Gawd What a Hottie

(Leak: SI Swimsuit Issue will now include this jaw-dropping beauty)

From those crappy scans we also learn that a third tennis player will be featured in the issue. And she’s very, very, VERY attractive.

Pics after the jump. Read more…

Ivanovic Shacking With Sharapova’s Sex Fantasy?

Ana Ivanovic’s life sure has been changing of late. First, she gets a serious boyfriend in Fernando Verdasco. Then we find out today that she’s fired her coach and looked subsequently shaky in an opening round match in Australia. (Maybe that pre-match marriage proposal had something to do with it.)

Ana Ivanovic

(Who wouldn’t go weeks without water for that?)

And now she’s seen one-on-one with golf hunk Adam Scott on the beaches of Brisvegas this week.

Ana Ivanovic Adam Scott Bikini Photo

Wonder how Maria Sharapova feels about that, considering she’s made it eminently clear in the past that she’d love a “night match” with the PGA Tour golfer. Read more…

Year Ender: Tennis’ Lowest Bottom Denominator

Here’s clear proof that there’s way too much coverage in of women’s tennis:

Viktoriya Kutuzova butt photos

Someone with the Superior Pics forum screen name sandisk posted these fine photos of a female pro player warming up for a match at Wimbledon this year.

Viktoriya Kutuzova butt photos

Her identity and more pics and video after the jump. (Hey, if Time Warner AOL’s can do it, so can we!) Read more…

Serena Williams Poses Nude; Vomit Bag Demand Unprecedented

SERENA WILLIAMS NUDE PHOTO REGRETTABLY SURFACES: LARRY BROWN SPORTS asks the (presumably rhetorical) question: “Are you excited about Serena Williams posing nude?”:

Serena Williams Nude Photo

Larry scares up the recently published nude photo of our favorite fashion designer and observes, “So, I’ve heard this met with conflicting opinion. Some people feel Serena is the sexiest being on Earth. They say she’s pretty, athletic, curvy, and toned. Others feel she is way too bulky*, muscular to the point of having a man’s body. You know, I could see the argument from both sides. I think Serena definitely has a cultural flavor to her. Especially if you like the bootay.”(* - FAT)

We like the bootay, too (see Vida Guerra photos in an earlier post today), but it appears SW might consider repping up on the nearest Hack squat sled.