Alex Ovechkin Likes Tobacco, Girls, Driving Fast

Alexander Ovechkin is the best pure goal scorer the NHL has seen in quite a while (if he played 20 years ago, he might’ve scored 100 in a season), but the Capitals are a bit perturbed over a story in MAXIM that portrays Ovechkin as a Skoal chewin’, blond lovin’, fast drivin’ rebel.

Alexander Ovechkin Girlfriend Katja

An excerpt from the MAXIM story has made its way online, and it’s one of the more ridiculous things you’ll read this year. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think the writer was talking about a Russian version of Corey Feldman, circa 1987. He’s breaking all the rules. Yellow lights? Alex doesn’t slow down for those.

Excerpt after the jump:

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Jets, Browns, Lions All Cut Their Losses, Coaches

Eric Mangini, Romeo Crennel & Rod Marinelli get to join all the other out-of-work folks on the unemployment line.

Eric Mangini Romeo Crennel Rod Marinelli

• Meanwhile, it took until the very last weekend of the season, but the NFL playoff picture is finally set.

• Guilt by association: A fan says he was removed from an NFL stadium just because he was rooting for the Raiders.

• A one-armed basketball prospect is hoping for a chance to jump onto an Ivy League roster.

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Leonsis Asks For Apology Over Nasty Fan Emails

Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis is back at it. A couple of months ago, we commented on how Leonsis was complaining that fans were abusing their email privileges with the owner, and he threatened to take his ball and go home. Leonsis makes himself personally available via email, and, to his credit, takes the time to respond to many of the messages he receives.

Ted Leonsis

Now, after admonishing SbB for suggesting that he was a bit dense for thinking that his inbox was somehow not going to be filled with drivel (this is the entire internet you’re giving access to, Ted) — and claiming that he never planned on cutting off access — Ted is whining again about the emails he’s been getting. And get this — he’s asking for people to apologize to him. For emails about a hockey team! He’s a billionaire!

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NHL Owner Blocks Public Email After Nasty Notes

When Washington Capitals Owner Ted Leonsis trumpeted to the media that he was giving out his personal email address to fans, I thought that was pretty damn smart. It was a great public relations ploy to get fans thinking they had a responsive owner.

Ted Leonsis Teri Hatcher

(Leonsis doesn’t appreciate your emails, implants)

And OF COURSE Leonsis would never check it anyway, since any dumbass knows the kind of responses Leonsis was sure to troll up.

Well Ted, I’d like to apologize for calling you a dumbass.

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Blog-A-Roni: Becks Likes His View At Lakers Game

• THE LONDON SUN catches David Beckham checking out the great view from his courtside Lakers seats.

David Beckham checking out cheerleader at Lakers game

• THE BLOWTORCH burns through the NBA rosters to find the worst player on each playoff team. Today’s lucky winner - Joey Graham of the Toronto Raptors.

• THE SPORTING BLOG jiggles their joystick, as Madden 09 will let gamers control their own touchdown celebrations.

• AZ SPORTS HUB comes across a couple of Suns fans expressing their support of Steve Nash by way of Eminem.

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