Boxer Smooches Foe Before Face Gets Smushed

• Boxer Trenton Titsworth kisses his opponent in the middle of a match. What’s funnier - the mid-match kissing, or the name Trenton Titsworth?

Kissing boxer dog

(No, not *that* kind of kissing boxer)

Jerry Jones asks, “Brother, can you spare $350 million?”

Tatum Bell is back with the Broncos. Watch your bags, everyone!

• A Clippers victory saves Al Thornton from taking a season-long vow of silence (and sadly, sporting a really cool afro).

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Tatum Bell Packs His (Or Your) Bags For Denver

Tatum Bell can stop pestering the Four Seasons Hotel for a front desk job, as the out-of-work NFL RB and baggage mishandler has been brought back to the Broncos.

Adalius Thomas Tatum Bell

(Adalius Thomas [#96] wants to know where Tatum is going with his football-shaped shaving kit)

The ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS reports that Denver re-signed their one-time rusher on Tuesday, in an effort to bring a little stability to a Broncos backfield bothered by injuries. Tatum returns to the Mile High City once again over a year after he was traded to Detroit.

But if the Broncos give Bell the boot once again, Mike Shanahan better make sure his Samsomites are safe.

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Bell Still Has Baggage; Williams Carries It For Him

Let no one say that Roy Williams doesn’t have a sense of humor, and is likely a lot funnier than you. The Cowboys WR showed up in Detroit at a Halloween party wearing a costume that has the internet rolling on the floor with laughter, and one free agent running back likely fuming (while not looking for a job.)

Roy Williams

Williams attended old teammate Mike Furrey’s charity Halloween event wearing a bellhop’s uniform with a nametag reading T. Bell. You’ll recall Tatum Bell, after being replaced on the Lions roster by Rudi Johnson, decided to help himself to parting gift - a lovely set of luggage. Unfortunately the luggage was Johnson’s, complete with all his stuff inside. (More pictures, and video, after the jump.)

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Tatum The Bell-Boy Responds: “I Ain’t No Thief”

When Tatum Bell was released by the Lions on Monday, he grabbed some luggage on his way out. The only problem - the bags Tatum took belonged to Bell’s incoming RB replacement, Rudi Johnson.

Tatum Bell Lions

And when Rudi’s bags were finally recovered on Tuesday, Johnson claims that he’d been cleaned out - he was missing “his identification, credit cards, about $200 in cash and some undergarments.”

However, Bell says Rudi’s ranting is wrong. It’s all just an honest mistake by an outgoing player trying to do a favor for a friend.

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Tatum Bell, Former NFLer, Has New Gig As Porter

Tatum Bell, porter

  • Rockies manager Clint Hurdle hates the Dodgers because … well, I have no idea. Seems like a lot of energy to waste on a team that won the NL West one time this decade.
  • Toronto Argonauts wide receiver Arland Bruce III breaks out quite possibly the most arbitrary touchdown celebration in the history of tackle football: he donned a Spider-Man mask. Chad Javon Ocho Cinco is unimpressed.
  • This makes sense: Ben Gordon, Chicago Bulls guard and British citizen might consider playing in Russia for the right price. It’s all very urbane. Or maybe he’s just trying to make a few extra bucks on his NBA deal.

RB Tatum Bell Steals* Bags, Doesn’t Fumble Once

Assuming Tatum Bell pays his taxes, he no doubt lists his occupation as “professional football player,” although there are plenty of people in Denver and Detroit who would take issue with that characterization.

Tatum Bell

Perhaps “porter” would be a better job description based on reports from PRO FOOTBALL TALK that the newly released Lions running back walked off with Rudi Johnson’s bags. Johnson, by the way, replaced Bell on the roster earlier this week.

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