Did Nick Swisher Steal Fan’s Yankee T-Shirt Idea?

As the Yankees head to California to wrap up a World Series bid, controversy brews back home. Did Nick Swisher take a fan’s original T-shirt idea and trademark it for himself, in order to make some extra cash? Because everyone knows $5.3 million in ‘09, $6.75 million in ‘10, $9 million in ‘11, and a $10.25 million club option for ‘12 with a $1 million buyout doesn’t go as far as it used to.

Nick Swisher T-shirt

Vinny Milano (Bald Vinny to you), sells amusing t-shirts on his web site, one of which celebrates Swisher’s unique “Swisher Salute” to Yankee fans during roll call. But now Milano claims that Swisher has copyrighted the design, and is selling the shirts through Modell’s, a sporting goods chain. What’s up with that? Read more…