Willie Gault Is Still Faster And Cooler Than You

While his quarterback is out slinging erection pills these days, ex-Bears wide receiver Willie Gault is still doing what he always did best — running. And he’s running really fast. Faster than most of us could ever dream, and he’s 48 years old.

Willie Gault

Gault recently clocked a 10.80 in the 100-meter dash, and he holds the world record for runners over the age of 45 (a 10.72 in 2006). This is only about .7 seconds slower than he ran the 100 back when he qualified for the U.S. Olympic team in 1980 (the year the Americans didn’t show up in Moscow). Most ex-NFLers this age can barely get out of bed. Also, as you can see, Gault doesn’t mind rolling with no shirt on at the Playboy mansion.

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Ex-NFLer’s Pregnant GF Killed In Jealous Rage

Former Chicago Bears cornerback Shaun Gayle and his girlfriend, Rhoni Reuter, were just two months from welcoming their first child when an unknown assailant broke in and killed Reuter in October 2007 in the Deerfield, Illinois condo that she and Gayle shared.

Shaun Gayle and Marni Yang

Well, the alleged murderer, who was originally thought to be a male teenager,  has been arrested — and it’s a 41-year-old woman. Marni Yang was a business associate and friend of Gayle’s who apparently was jealous of his relationship with Reuter, so she donned a disguise and shot her seven times. Look, I know Gayle was the guy throwing down all the sweet bass lines in the “Super Bowl Shuffle” video, but there were probably more effective ways of dealing with the jealousy here.

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Rascal-ly Jim McMahon Really Knows How To Roll

It’s been a big day for the ‘85 Chicago Bears. First, you have Mike Ditka opening up his new restaurant in Pittsburgh. And now we have the following priceless image of Drunky QB Jim McMahon partying it up on an old man scooter with ladies half his age, courtesy THE SPORTING BLOG:

Jim McMahon, partying hard

The photo of McMahon rolling on a Rascal was taken at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut, and, well, there’s really not much else to say.

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Bears’ Fencik Looks Back On ‘Super Bowl Shuffle’

The GARY (IN) POST TRIBUNE ain’t looking for trouble, they’re just talking with Gary Fencik about the “Super Bowl Shuffle”.

Gary Fencik Chicago Bears

The all-time interception leader for the Chicago Bears, who nowadays serves as a corporate speaker, reminisces about the 1985 song during a talk at the Gary Old-Timers banquet.

But what he remembers most is the reluctance of many Bears to take part in such a musical adventure, especially recording the song & accompanying video before the playoffs even started: “We thought, ‘Wow! This is stupid. We’re going to jinx ourselves.’”

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