SB XLIII Porn Video Found; Comcast Offers Rebate

• For those of you Tucson TV viewers who had their Super Bowl interrupted by a schlong, Comcast would like to pay you $10 for your troubles.

Larry Fitzgerald Super Bowl porn girl

(The young lady on the right was smiling about seeing something just as long as Larry Fitzgerald’s go-ahead TD reception)

Kobe Bryant helps the Lakers knock off the Knicks with an MSG-record 61 point performance.

• Marquette basketball coach Buzz Williams feels stung by an innocent media question.

Manny Ramirez says no thanks to the Dodgers’ $25 million offer.

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Now Playing! Tucson’s Super Bowl Porno Clip

The porn clip that played during the Super Bowl over Comcast cable subscribed-televisions in Tucson last Sunday is everywhere now. The clip is very NSFW.

Super Bowl porn clip that played in Tucson

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Comcast Offers $10 Credit Over SB Porn Problem

As you know, some Super Bowl viewers in Tucson, AZ, were given a little extra incentive to stay glued to their seats when 30 seconds of porn abruptly came onto their screens. (Heh, heh - ‘came’.)

Jenna Jameson pigtails

(How could Jenna Jameson be involved in such a thing? She looks so innocent!)

Well, Comcast feels really bad about the whole thing - so much so that the cable provider is offering subscribers a $10 credit due to the pornographic interrpution. Free porn and 10 dollars? What a country!

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