Audio: Fergie Weighs In On Aguilera’s Anthem Flub

While singing the Star Spangled Banner before Super Bowl 45 in Dallas Sunday, Christina Aguilera lost her place‘ a couple times.

Christina Aguilera and Fergie at the Super Bowl

(Credit: FOX Television, Getty Images)

Aguilera errored in singing “What so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last gleaming” instead of the correct lyric, which begins “What so proudly we hailed.”

Her “O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming,” also repeated an earlier, errant lyric.

Super Bowl 45 halftime performer Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson of the Black Eyed Peas, who suffered no such memory loss during her performance, was sympathetic to Aguilera’s plight during an appearance Monday morning on the Dan Patrick Show. Read more…

Black Eyed Peas To Play ‘11 Super Bowl Halftime

Today I learned from a source that the Black Eyed Peas will be the musical act that will play at halftime of the 2011 Super Bowl at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas.

Black Eyed Peas to play 2011 Super Bowl Halftime

When asked about my report regarding the Black Eyed Peas playing the 2011 Super Bowl halftime show, an NFL spokesman said the league had no comment.
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49ers Offer Ancient History Class For 8-Year-Olds

The blog Dodgy at Best has a photo of two eight-year-olds outside The Stick last Sunday:

We've Got Five Super Bowl Rings Bitch 49ers T-Shirts

This is by far the greatest thing we saw all day, and possibly ever at a football game… Read more…

Photos: Warren Sapp’s False Accuser Exposed

Tuesday a misdemeanor battery allegation filed by a woman against Warren Sapp the day before the Super Bowl was dropped. David Ovalle of the MIAMI HERALD reports the galling details:

Chante Wylie False Accuser Of Warren Sapp

The woman had claimed Sapp pushed her during an argument in a room at the Shore Club, and she fell awkwardly on her leg. She said she was in “excruciating pain” and had to limp through the hotel lobby with the help of an unknown man who had been walking through the hallway.

But witnesses and hotel video surveillance indicated the woman was “walking in high heeled stilettos, and acting in a jovial manner” as she left the Shore Club.

Because of glaring inconsistencies in her testimony — one witness also said the woman kept partying at her house after the incident — prosecutors felt they could not prove the misdemeanor battery count, according to a close-out memo filed by Miami-Dade Assistant State Attorney Heather Ravich.

That allegation caused the NFL Network to yank Sapp off its Super Bowl coverage and subsequent broadcasts. Not to mention heaping scorn from the public on the former All-Pro NFL player. (The abuse on alone was astonishing.)

Who knows how much the allegation will ultimately damage Sapp’s reputation and future earning power. Not to mention lost income the past two months.

Meanwhile the identity of the New York City woman who made the false accusation against Sapp continues to be kept secret by the media. Until now.

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Source: Chesney ‘Lobbying’ For 2011 Super Bowl

UPDATE (6:50p ET): Turns out Chesney said last Friday that he wanted the gig.

Speculation is already heating up in the music industry about who will be the 2011 Super Bowl halftime musical act at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas.

Kenny Chesney and Peyton Manning Chesney Frontrunner For 2011 Super Bowl Halftime?

(Chesney is friends with Peyton Manning)

Before I get to the candidates, let me clarify exactly who will make the call on the halftime show: Charles Coplin, Vice President of Programming for the NFL and Lawrence Randall, the NFL’s director of programming. (Believe it or not, 2011 Super Bowl host Jerry Jones will have very little influence on who gets the gig.)

Coplin talked about the Super Bowl halftime show to Reuters last week, including his criteria for selecting the act:

“We stay away from overexposed acts. When was the last time you saw the Who on TV? We like acts whose songs are very familiar to people of all ages, all demographics.

“There are other acts who do wonderful things and their music is tremendous, but it’s not always as anthemic and explosive, and when you’re doing something like the Super Bowl, those two words are really vital parts of making a show come to life.”

So who will be privileged the gig at Cowboys Stadium? My source said it’s a virtual lock that the NFL will go country for the big game in Dallas next February. To the end, I was also provided the five most likely candidates.

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To Drew, Baylen And The Saints: Merci Beaucoup

Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints made it impossible to be a cynical media-type tonight.

Drew and Baylen Brees

First (and last) victory parade I cared about was ‘85. Royals. Senior in high school.

Drew and Baylen Brees

24 years later, I’m looking forward to #2.

Video: Secret Google Super Bowl Spot Revealed

Longtime internet advertising executive and blogger John Battelle reports this weekend:

Google to run ad during Super Bowl

Google plans to hit the branded advertising big leagues this Sunday - the source says Google’s “Parisian Love” ad will air during the third quarter of the Super Bowl.

After Battelle’s post, Google CEO Eric Schmidt sent out this Tweet: “Can’t wait to watch the Superbowl tomorrow. Be sure to watch the ads in the 3rd quarter (someone said “Hell has indeed frozen over.”)

Google Super Bowl Ad

The reason for the “hell frozen over” comment is Google’s biz-model is in direct conflict with the “brand advertising” that Super Bowl TV ads represent. In 2006, Schmidt called those types of ads, “The last bastion of unaccountable spending in corporate America.

The ad isn’t exactly as groundbreaking as Apple’s seminal 1984 Super Bowl spot, but I have the video for your perusal. And another Google-produced ad that (playfully) slams Tiger Woods.

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Townshend Confronted On Kiddie Porn ‘Concerns’

For the first and hopefully last time, consumption of child pornography was one of the topics at an official NFL Super Bowl press conference. Yesterday The Who, along with Carrie Underwood and Queen Latifah, met the media to take questions about their Super Bowl halftime performance on Sunday.

Pete Townshend Protested By Child Abuse Groups For Super Bowl Appearance

As documented previously, Who guitarist Pete Townshend is a previously registered sex offender in England who has admitted to visiting a kiddie porn website in 2003. Townshend’s defense for the visit to police at the time was that he was doing “research.” In a plea bargain with authorities, Townshend later agreed to have his name added to the country’s official list of sex offenders.

Child advocacy groups have protested Townshend’s appearance at the Super Bowl since it was announced that he’d be playing the event. Yesterday Townshend was asked at his official NFL Super Bowl press conference about his “issue in England” and the“concerns” over him playing Super Bowl halftime.

As you might expect, Townshend wasn’t exactly thrilled with the question.

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Spring Fake: Booze Law Canceled For Super Bowl

Jose Lambiet of the PALM BEACH POST has good news for those of you boozing for The Bowl in Lauderdale this week:

Girl with Big Boobs and beer can in bikini


In a stunning policy reversal, the city of Fort Lauderdale will no longer enforce its cast-in-stone 13-year-old ban on open liquor containers along the beach.

Until after the Super Bowl!

Ft. Lauderdale is where the NFL’s base of operations is for the Super Bowl, along with the media.

I lived in South Beach for over a year and can attest that because of logistics, that’s probably not such a bad idea.

But when it comes to partying, Lauderdale pales. Thus the lift on the booze ban.

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Darren Woodson: ‘Partying’ Cost Bills Super Bowls

ESPN NFL analyst Darren Woodson, who won three Super Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys beginning in 1993, guested this morning on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike in the Morning.

Darren Woodson

Woodson was asked by Mike Greenberg about the experience advantage the Buffalo Bills had over the Dallas Cowboys in the 1993 Super Bowl.

“As much as everyone talked about how much experience the Bills had back then, they partied harder than any other team. That’s all we heard about the entire week in L.A., the (Cowboys) first Super Bowl.

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