Spurrier: Cocks Can’t Keep Up With James Bond

After South Carolina’s 21-3 win over Vanderbilt last Saturday, Gamecock coach Steve Spurrier said, “I apologize to Gamecock fans for such a putrid offensive performance.

Still at a loss on Tuesday, the Ol’ Bawl Coach® seemed to attribute his choppy Gamecock offense as much to opponent espionage as lacking in block & tackle.

When commenting at his weekly press conference in Columbia on South Carolina Tight End Rory “Buster” Anderson, Spurrier volunteered, “we’re working at hiding [offensive play] signals from the other team, there’s all kinds of things we’re trying to get better at.

Spurrier was then asked, “Have you seen some indication that [opponents] are stealing your signs?


“Oh sure, yeah sure. We haven’t done a very good job hiding our signals. So we had two guys signaling them last week. And of course we had Buster [Anderson] looking at the wrong signal man a couple times. [laughter] .. Stuff can happen so you just have to keep working on it.”

Spurrier was then asked, “Do [opponents] actively try to steal signals every game? Is that something you all do? Is that common practice?


“Well if the other guy just stands right out there and shows you his signals, sure its helpful. you have to always worry about that. And maybe we’ve not worried about it as much as we should have.”

Even I know that when “the other guy just stands right out there and shows you his signals” it can mean only one thing.

Pulling. Guard.

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UF Statue Honor: Spurrier In South Carolina Gear

It was an historic moment today in Gainesville as the University of Florida unveiled statues of its three Heisman Trophy winners, Tim Tebow, Danny Wuerffel and Steve Spurrier, at halftime of the Gators’ spring game.


Thanks to his South Carolina coaching duties, 1966 Heisman winner Spurrier was not able to attend the celebration, but the Ball Coach did thank the Gator Nation with a video message played on the Florida Field scoreboard.

While wearing South Carolina Gamecock gear.

As a respectful alumnus of the University of Georgia, I also took it upon myself to tape a message saluting the Gators’ grand occasion.

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Photo: Shirtless Spurrier Killin’ a Coors at Daytona

Ball coach drankin’ original Coors at Daytona Sunday:

Shirtless Steve Spurrier at Daytona drinking a Coors

(What 10 mos. of crushing brewcats will do)

Banquet beer’s always been the tits.

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Recruit: “I just let Saban, Spurrier go to voicemail”

Bruce Feldman of ESPN THE MAGAZINE has my highlight of this year’s interminable recruiting season, from the nation’s #1 prospect, South Carolina high school defensive end Jadeveon Clowney:

Nick Saban sent to voicemail by high school prospect

“At first, it’s a big thrill when coaches like Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier call. But by the middle of the year, that feeling wore off. Now I just let the calls go to voice mail.”

If you ever wondered why college coaches try the NFL, stop.

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Emmitt Apologizes For Florida Snub In HOF Speech

Earlier today I reported that Florida fans and media were perplexed, and in some cases upset, that Emmitt Smith failed to mention the University of Florida during his Hall of Fame speech in Canton on Saturday.

Emmit Smith apologizes for snubbing Florida in HOF speech

Sources subsequently indicated to me that Smith’s falling out with former Florida football coach Steve Spurrier contributed to the apparent snub. I was also told that that lingering feud resulted in Smith not attending the ceremony for his induction into the Univ. of Florida football’s Ring of Honor in 2006 at Florida Field.

In the aftermath of the public reaction to his Hall of Fame speech, Smith apologized today on his official Twitter.com account. Smith sent out three Tweets to that effect: Read more…

Gators Fans Irate Over Emmitt HOF Speech Snub

University of Florida fans and media are mystified over Emmitt Smith failing to make a single reference to his three years in Gainesville during his Hall of Fame speech yesterday in Canton - despite current Gators coach Urban Meyer being in attendance.

Emmitt Smith snubbed Florida in Hall of Fame speech

(Ask Steve Spurrier, he knows)

GAINESVILLE (FL) SUN reporter Pat Dooley, who covered Smith at Florida, wasn’t subtle in his reaction to Smith’s snub:

Apparently Emmitt went from Escambia directly to the Cowboys. Wow, I wasted my time covering some other guy wearing 22 from 87-89.”

That comment prompted UF alumna Erin Andrews to wonder to Dooley:

“@pat_dooley do u think it was intentional?? I can’t figure it out..”

Dooley’s reply to Andrews and others:

@ErinAndrews Hard to fathom. He’s run hot and cold with UF since he left. But when he retired he mentioned everyone down to SID secretary … Emmitt and UF have had a rocky relationship but I thought it was patched up by Urban. Maybe he just forgot. Or maybe not. … it’s been a shaky deal ever since he left and spurrier didn’t beg him to play senior year.

Florida fan reaction was far less subtle, bordering on outrage.

Ethan Skolnick of the SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL presented another theory:

The snub made news on Twitter, with UF students and alumni expressing their disappointment and confusion. Smith, after all, is in the Gators’ Ring of Honor, though he didn’t show up for that ceremony. And current Gators coach Urban Meyer was in attendance Saturday night.

I don’t have many inside connections at Florida, but a few media friends of mine do. And their strong suspicion, based on some recent circumstances, is that the snub was due to Smith’s strained relationship with Florida AD Jeremy Foley.

Smith missed that Ring of Honor ceremony because of what he claimed at the time was a practice commitment to Dancing with the Stars.

But in talking to multiple sources today, including Florida athletic dept. officials, I have no doubt that Smith purposefully snubbed Florida and that Ring of Honor ceremony for one reason. Read more…

Fitness Pro: Spurrier Workout “Not Really Smart”

Yesterday I noted a news feature from Travis Haney of the CHARLESTON (SC) POST & COURIER and Joe Person of THE STATE (SC) in which Steve Spurrier’s daily exercise routine was presented in meticulous detail.

Steve Spurrier Workout Critiqued By Fitness Professional Pauline Nordin

(Fitness Pro Pauline Nordin Critiques Coach’s Touted Personal Workout)

To his credit, the head football coach of South Carolina, who just turned 65 and is a former elite athlete, still looks to be in reasonably good condition for his age. (Witness his posing for the newspapers shirtless.)

As Haney and Person actually worked out with Spurrier and recorded quotes from him throughout the process, we got a lot of very specific information on an exercise routine  Spurrier has been doing for decades - and swears keeps him in optimum condition:

“When I was in my 40s, I never thought I’d coach into my 60s. But now, shoot, I feel better than I did when I was 45.”

With that kind of conviction from the coach, I thought I’d call on an expert in the exercise field, professional fitness model and certified personal trainer Pauline Nordin, to examine Spurrier’s claims.

Steve Spurrier Workout Critiqued By Fitness Professional Pauline Nordin

Nordin, a native of Sweden who runs the popular fitness blog FighterDiet.com, is a former competitive bodybuilder who has been profiled extensively in countless fitness magazines, including Muscle & Fitness and Flex. Based in Los Angeles, she’s also served as an on-camera trainer in the production of television’s The Biggest Loser reality show.

I emailed Nordin the Spurrier article and asked for her reaction to his published exercise routine. Nordin, who is also an accomplished fitness blogger, wasn’t shy in her critique of the coach’s workout:

Read more…

Cuban On NFL: ‘Everyday It’s Somebody Different’

Mark Cuban was asked on Dan Patrick’s Direct TV show today by the host, “Better (off-field/court) image right now, the NFL or the NBA?

Josh Howard Mark Cuban

Cuban said, “The NBA, no question. It’s non-stop with the NFL. I feel sorry for Roger Goodell. Every day it’s somebody different…” (audio)

Thankfully, Patrick interrupted Cuban’s remark at that point to provide the necessary context:
Read more…

Steve Spurrier’s Birthday Suit At The Gym (NSFW)

Not at my workplace.

Steve Spurrier In His Birthday Suit (NSFW)

(Everybody wants to be a Southwest Baggage Handler these days)

Photo is from a piece by Travis Haney of the CHARLESTON (SC) POST & COURIER this week about how Spurrier, who turned 65 today, is still getting a lift in at the University of South Carolina weight room.

“When I was in my 40s, I never thought I’d coach into my 60s. But now, shoot, I feel better than I did when I was 45.”

In the story, we get waaay too much detail on the coach’s actual workout. Want to be like Steve on the treadmill?

The speed is set to 4 1/2 miles an hour, with a slight incline. It’s essentially as fast as you can walk without jogging.

Thankfully, Spurrier punches up the piece by doing the inevitable: Throwing his quarterback Stephen Garcia under the bus for no good reason.

Read more…

SEC, Lies And Athletic Tape: Spurrier Crying Foul

Perhaps only Steve Spurrier could make an issue of this, but I’m glad he did. Because frankly he hasn’t been turning in his share of crazy lately. The South Carolina head coach — who takes a great sideline picture, by the way — is accusing Alabama of shenanigans during the Crimson Tide’s win over the Gamecocks on Saturday.

Leigh Tiffin, Steve Spurrier

Spurrier said on Tuesday that, while reviewing game film, he noticed that the Alabama holder may have used a small piece of athletic tape to mark the spot for kicker Leigh Tiffin to attempt extra points and field goals. And as we all pull out our SEC rulebooks, we see that that’s cheating! Read more…