CBS Tweet: Kerr Added To Final Four Broadcast

Yesterday the official Twitter feed for CBS Sports included this entry:

CBS tweet announces Steve Kerr joining Final 4 broadcast team

 NCAA March Madness: Jim Nantz, Clark Kellogg, and Steve Kerr will call the Final Four for CBS.

The Tweet was then deleted, but not before it was retweeted by dozens of followers of the CBS Sports Twitter account, including prominent media members.

The Tweet was also subsequently reported on the college basketball blog at That post, like the CBS Twitter account entry, was then removed. Read more…

Shaquille O’Neal Claims He Nixed Portland Trade

Shaquille O’Neal, the Big General Manager, couldn’t resist letting everyone know that he is still master of his destiny and in control of all that he surveys after his trade to Cleveland left him without comment on his own vociferous Twitter account this week for nearly 24 hours.

Shaquille ONeal at the White House

(The Big Envoy)

Therefore, Shaq let slip that Phoenix Suns president/GM Steve Kerr received interest from Portland for the Big Center of Attention during last season’s trade deadline, but he put his huge foot down on those discussions.  Except, of course, no one else seems to think it happened like that.

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Paxson Out in Chicago and Porter Out in Phoenix?

This is shaping up to be a lousy weekend to have once been a designated three-point shooter for Michael Jordan, at least according to Peter Vescey of the NEW YORK POST. Rumors in Phoenix the last few days and now reported by Vescey suggest Phoenix Suns head coach Terry Porter will be out very soon, using the All-Star weekend as cover.  (We’ve been debating just how much cover it provides, but the scuttlebutt doesn’t always prefer logic.)

Steve Kerr and John Paxson

(The “Jordan needs a shooter” curse: Craig Hodges’ troubles, now this… Jud Buechler, you’re next)

GM Steve Kerr (the aforementioned Designated Shooter) doesn’t get away scot free; the accompanying Robin to the Batman in this rumor is that Kerr will be forced to the bench, McHale-style, to save money for the rest of the season.  Not that Suns owner Robert Sarver is known for his cost-cutting trades or anything

(UPDATE: Kerr responds via his team’s Twitter account (because we love technology): the whole story’s “crazy”.)

Now who’s allegedly on the chopping block since Vescey cleared security at Sky Harbor?  Why, Jordan’s other game-winning “point guard”, of course…
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Suns’ Kerr: D’Antoni Not Fleeing Phoenix Just Yet

Phoenix GM Steve Kerr is trying to squash rumors that Mike D’Antoni is already on his way out as Suns head coach.

Mike D'Antoni

Paul Coro of the ARIZONA REPUBLIC reports that Mike & the management plan to meet before the weekend to discuss the Suns’ situation. Steve spoke out about the D’Antoni dilemma after hearing the coach was reportedly already removed: Read more…

Reports: D’Antoni Done as Phoenix Suns Coach?

Multiple reports suggest Mike D’Antoni has unleashed his last exasperated sigh at another Shaquille O’Neal turnover or failed post play by Amare Stoudemire. He could be out as Phoenix Suns coach as early as today, though no official word can be found and the multiple reports spend a lot of time referencing each other.

Steve Kerr shows love

(Enumerating the number of years he will be a general manager)

Still, one has to be impressed with the force of will likely to be imposed by General Manager Steve Kerr and owner Robert Sarver here. The team can’t win as currently constituted (though they looked awfully capable last season but for the want of a thicker line around the court), so a tremendous gamble will be made on a past-due Shaq.

And if it fails? Hell, must be the coach. The plan looked great on paper.

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