Coach’s Wife Molested Pre-Teen Football Players?

Aren’t you just sick of all these stories about coaches sexually abusing their players? Me, too. Here’s a nice change of pace. It’s a story about … a coach’s wife allegedly molesting her husband’s players. Hmmm. Still pretty depressing, that.

Sheila Granger

A 33-year-old Indiana woman is accused of carrying on year-long relationships with two 12-year-old players on her husband’s youth football team. She allegedly had oral sex and intercourse with them, and even told one of their mothers that she feared she might be pregnant.

More reasons to never let your children leave the house, after the jump.

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Hot HS Trainer Accused Of Sex With Teen Athlete

If my school’s athletic trainer would have looked like Hope Jacoby, who worked at Tustin High in Orange County, CA, I probably would have been injured more often. Especially if her - ahem - massage techniques were the same as hers allegedly were. THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER reports that Jacoby is due in court today on charges that she had a sexual relationship with a Tustin High athlete for more than a year.

Hope Jacoby mug shot

This probably explains the sudden rise in groin pulls among the Tillers (and yes, a Tiller is someone who does plowing - make your own joke about it). Because - and this is a rarity in these sort of cases - Jacoby is smoking hot. She still has her MySpace page up, including a page full of photos with her in flirty poses (including some with guys who look suspiciously teen aged). More photos of Jacoby are after the jump:

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