Guerrilla Marketing 101 With SI Swimsuit Issue

One of the great mysteries of the universe is how MJ Day, Senior Associate Editor at SPORTS ILLUSTRATED for the Swimsuit Issue, has less followers than I do on Twitter*. Considering she’s Twitpicking mind-blowing SI Swimsuit preview photos like this all the time:

Irina Shayk Photos

*rubs eyes, shakes head, pounds fist, repeats*

That’s SI Swimsuit Model Irina Shayk this morning as she shoots for the next SI Swimsuit Issue.

SPORTSbyBROOKS Girl Cecilia Stars And Stripes Bikini

Yep, reminds me of Ceci too.

* When I posted, she had 2,495 followers. That won’t last long now.

Sports Illustrated Does Not Like Danica’s Tattoo

We all know that magazines airbrush the ever living hell out of photos before publishing them in print. That centerfold you’re looking at in PLAYBOY? Yeah, she’s not perfect. They just made her look that way. Still, you can understand why a magazine would want to remove an unsightly mole or maybe even too many freckles, but what exactly is wrong with a tattoo?

Danica Patrick

(Is Danica’s back tat really that terrible?)

It seems that in the most recent issue of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s swimsuit issue, the folks at SI decided to give part-time race care driver and full-time media darling Danica Patrick the Allen Iverson treatment. The folks over at GUNAXIN were kind enough to point out that the tattoo you can see on the small of her back in the photo above, from Danica’s first SI shoot, has magically disappeared.

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Southwest To Wrap Airplane In Swimsuit Models

Imagine flying from New York to Las Vegas surrounded by beautiful models from the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Swimsuit Issue. Now imagine doing it…on Southwest Airlines. “Welcome aboard the swimsuit model plane, sir. Now, please line up along the wall with the other group C people. Enjoy sitting in 29B.”

SI Swimsuit Issue Southwest Airlines

SI realizes that their magazine is probably going down in flames, so they have to come up with some new ideas. So they’re engaging in something called “experiential marketing.” The idea here is that they work with sponsors to give fans the opportunity to interact with the models in a variety of activities, like test driving cars and hanging out at the Luxor in Vegas.

It’s what Southwest is doing that might raise the most eyebrows, though.

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SI Finally Makes Right Call On Swimsuit-less Cover

The SPORTS ILLUSTRATED swimsuit issue no longer compels us to sprint to the newsstand or rearrange our web surfing habits. But we were pleasantly surprised when we discovered that SI finally caught on and made the right call with its swimsuit-less cover girl.

Marisa Miller

For us, Marisa Miller will go down in history as the greatest non-celeb SI swimsuit-less model in history (that includes Elle). With seemingly all non-porn men’s magazines going with non-stop celebrity covers (enough Eva already!), SI’s call was a refreshing change. Read more…

Danica Patrick Goes Topless In SI Photo Spread

Danica Patrick posed for some hot photos for FHM way back when. But nothing like what she did for SI’s latest swimsuit issue:

Dania Patrick Topless Sports Illustrated

Danica Patrick topless

Danica Patrick topless

And some not really topless, but still full of hotness:

Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick

Nice work fellas! More photos can be found here.

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