Mary Carey’s Secret Sixers Sweetheart Revealed

• Turns out it was Jason Smith that was the anonymous Sixer who made merry with Mary Carey.

Jason Smtih Sixers Mary Carey

• Motorcross racer Sophia Paull is sure to rev some engines.

• Congraualtions, Larry Fitzgerald! You’re officially a proud papa!

• Here’s photographic proof that Michelle Wie & Robin Lopez are an item.

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Today’s Gratuitous Photos Of Vaguely-Athletic Girl

Britain’s SPORTS MAGAZINE has an update on the motocross career of someone named Sophia Paull. Apparently Ms. Paull, in addition to being a nudie model, was a prominent rider in England who moved to Spain to train for the Women’s Motocross World Championship.

Sophia Paull Motocross Bike Riding Nudie Model

Though not quite big enough yet, it seems, for her to make it a full-time career. Modeling jobs help to support her riding, and her dad, who introduced Sophia to the sport when she was just three years old, provides the bikes. One day, Sophia hopes to live in the US, where there are more opportunities; for now, though, landing a place with a team for the new season would be a major step in the right direction.

We wonder if the Brit publication would be devoting a full-page spread story to Ms. Paull if she didn’t get down and dirty for them in some select NSFW piccies (yeah, we know, we’re guilty of the same thing). Read more…