Smush Parker Calls Out Kobe, Not Delusional At All

You have to be suspicious of any interviewer who introduces Smush Parker as “a legend in his own right” - a legend at what, being mediocre? But shockingly that’s not the dodgiest thing said in an interview found by the ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER of the former Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat point guard playing ball in New York this past summer. Instead, it’s Parker who comes up with the outrageous statements, specifically about Kobe Bryant.

Smush Parker and Kobe Bryant in happier times

In the interview, Parker is questioned about his time playing with the Lakers, which he says was overrated. He then says that his main problems with the team weren’t with management or coach Phil Jackson, but with Bryant, saying that “the problems with that team start with him and end with him.” Don’t believe me? Check out the video for yourself after the jump:

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Pay Up Or The Miami Heat Will Break Your Thumbs

Hey, the economy’s tough. I understand. My dinner last night was a bottle of soda. You’ve got to pull in those dollars wherever you can. Still, maybe it’s not the best business practice for a pro sports team to be suing its season ticket holders.

Miami Heat

The Miami Heat have filed 16 lawsuit in the past year against fans and companies who they say owe $1.6 million in unpaid ticket fees. For comparison’s sake, that’s risking incalculably bad PR to recover the cost of Smush Parker this season. But hey, Heat owner Micky Arison is only the 94th wealthiest person in the world, so clearly he needs every last dime.

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Blog-Some: Smush Parker’s Hands-On Approach

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• 100% INJURY RATE was close to being a bomb Dodger, as L.A.’s Chan Ho Park almost started World War III.

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