Boxscores Never Lie, Tweet Absurd Exaggerations

Earlier today Oklahoma-based website reported on a recent Tweet by Skip Bayless in which the ESPN personality cited his own high school basketball career while making a point about star NBA guard Russell Westbrook.

Skip Bayless is a liar: Lied about high school basketball career

In a Tweet dated March 31, 2012, Bayless reported to his hundreds of thousands of followers on, “I started for high school team that lost in the state finals. Coach didn’t like me b/c I shot too much and he wanted me to be more of a PG (point guard).

In response to the ESPN on-air talent’s claim about his high school basketball career, unearthed images the website reported came from the yearbook of the high school Bayless attended in 1969 and 1970 - the ESPN personality’s junior and senior years at Oklahoma City’s Northwest High School.

Those images established that Bayless had attended the school those years and that he indeed was a member of the Northwest High School basketball team that lost in the Oklahoma high school state basketball finals on March 14, 1970, to Norman High School 47-42.

After the’s post about Bayless today, SbB obtained an image scan of the original account of the Northwest-Norman game printed in the DAILY OKLAHOMAN on March 15, 1970.

Skip Bayless is a liar: Lied about high school basketball career

Included in that account, written by Daily Oklahoman reporter Lynn Garnand, was a box score. ESPN on-air talent Bayless, who 10 days ago claimed to hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers that he “started” for Northwest that season was not mentioned in Garnand’s game story while the stat line of Bayless in the Daily Oklahoman’s box score can be seen as zeroes across the board.

That isn’t to say Bayless didn’t register a single statistic for Northwest that season.

He did, with the operative word being “single.”

Skip Bayless is a liar: Lied about high school basketball career

In its post earlier today also noted statistics printed in the 1970 Northwest yearbook that showed that as a senior Bayless averaged 1.4 points-per-game for the school’s varsity basketball team that season.

As for the junior basketball season of Bayless at Northwest, the same Oklahoma-based website reported that the 1969 Northwest high yearbook indicated the ESPN personality was an on-court contributor to the school’s junior varsity squad but did not appear in the final statistical summary of the Northwest varsity team that season.

Skip Bayless is a liar: Lied about high school basketball career

Sure enough, in a March 14, 1969, Daily Oklahoman box score obtained by SbB today, Bayless contributed the same to Northwest’s 64-60 first round loss to (Tulsa) Hale high school in that year’s Oklahoma state basketball tournament as he did for Northwest in the postseason his senior season.


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Why Do People Watch Skip Bayless? Secret’s Out

Never could figure out what drove viewers to watch Skip Bayless.

Skip Bayless Biceps Photo

But obviously Skip knows his audience better than I do.

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Bottom Feed: SbB Powerless Rankings Are Here

Here’s my first SbB Powerless Rankings, which note the least influential prominent sports figures of the moment. The criteria is simple: The folks on the list would have no relevance if it weren’t for blind luck or undue support from their employers.

SbB Powerless Rankings: It's Nothing Personal

1 ) BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock: Most-despised man in sports, yet he has no power to do anything. Figurehead designed to distract fans from the actual, tiny cabal responsible for college football’s dark ages. Pie-in-the-face guy. Light a candle for him.

Baghdad Bill Hancock Executive Director Of The BCS

(‘Baghdad Bill’ Hancock)

2 ) Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio: Without relentless over-promotion by ESPN’s monopoly-enabled monolith, show wouldn’t exist. Perhaps the finest example of just how powerful ESPN has become as a sports marketing machine. Greenberg at least has a semblance of talent in a controlled setting - witness his SportsCenter performances.

Mike & Mike Mike Greenberg Mike Golic

3 ) The McCourts: The underfunded couple was handed the Dodgers by Bud Selig and MLB Owners to artificially limit payrolls in MLB’s larger markets and the NL West. Stole $120M from franchise to fund their personal lifestyles. Anonymous in L.A. outside the ownership suite - even despite the recent coverage.

Frank and Jamie McCourt Divorce

4 ) Mark Cuban: Great at selling tickets and advertising but too enamored with his own, overrated basketball IQ. Needs to hire good basketball people and get out of the way. By alienating other owners and David Stern, doesn’t have nearly the influence in league matters that he should.

Mark Cuban mad

5 ) Jim Nantz: Rakes in millions in salary and perks from CBS gig, but would one less person watch a CBS sports telecast if he wasn’t calling the game? From local radio appearances, appears to have an interesting personality and provocative opinions, but once he’s national he goes dullard on us.

Jim Nantz

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Oh No, Ochocinco Found Skip Bayless On Twitter

How do you know when a situation’s getting out of control? There are plenty of different metrics for figuring something like that out, but “when Drew Rosenhaus is acting as the voice of reason” should be pretty high on the list.

skip bayless
(Bayless, probably saying something ridiculous that he doesn’t even mean.)

And wouldn’t you know, that’s what’s going on in the weird world of sports-related Twitter today. Apparently, Chad Ochocinco - who might be clinically insane - found out that ESPN’s favorite contrarian butthole Skip Bayless was A) on Twitter and B) not genuflecting at the Ochocinco altar. The Skip quickly hit the fan.

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99% Of ESPN’s Tweet Ban Completely Unenforced

Remember when main media and sports blogs went absolutely wild in criticizing ESPN’s new crackdown on Tweeting ESPN employees? If you’ve been paying attention since ESPN management took that enormous public relations hit, it’s clear that 99% of the memo that went out about the new policy is not being enforced by the suits @ Bristol.

Skip Bayless continues to Tweet about sports despite ESPN's apparent ban on such activity

(From earlier today. Guess Skip and every other ESPNer missed the memo!)

Virtually all ESPNers who were giving their thoughts and opinions about sports before the memo have continued to do so, unabated.

Chris Mortensen links his breaking news scoops on from on Twitter now

(Mort now breaks news on ESPN first, then links via Twitter)

In fact, there’s only one part of the policy that has been duly observed by ESPN on-air personalities. And it applies to a minority of ESPNers. Read more…

Bayless Bashes Philly, Gets Bashed by Radio Host

Skip Bayless has made his name by throwing out brash declaratory statements that tend to be pretty inflammatory. His lived up to that reputation earlier this week on ESPN’s “First Take” (formerly “Cold Pizza”, before that conceptual nameplate was killed off ritualistically), when he said that Dallas Mavericks fans were engaging in “Philly-style behavior“.

skip bayless

Evidently it has something to do with Mark Cuban insulting Kenyon Martin to K-Mart’s motherand Cuban’s apologizing a day later — and the ejection of Carmelo Anthony’s fiancee, LaLa Vasquez, with Vasquez refusing to back down from her claim that Dallas fans are racists.

Not surprisingly, that left proud Philadelphians pretty upset, considering that the insinuation was that they were completely rash and uncivilized. So the city struck back today on Philly ESPN radio host Mike Missanelli’s show Tuesday afternoon.

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Week In Review: Models Hit The Altar w/Athletes

• Sorry, fellas - Victoria’s Secret supermodel Adriana Lima is officially off the market after eloping with Memphis Grizzlies guard Marko Jaric.

Adriana Lima Gisele Bundchen

• Meanwhile, fellow lovely lingerie poser Gisele Bundchen has finally made an honest man out of Tom Brady.

• Could Gina Carano soon be following in Adriana’s & Gisele’s high heels? After all, she just did a spread for Maxim - while her bra is up for bids.

• Speaking of awesome auctions, a Mickey Mantle-autographed “F*** Yogi” baseball was on the block. But Mickey’s son may be calling foul.

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Recap: Poker Player Charged With Killing Parents

• A debt-ridden professional poker player is arrested for killing his parents in an attempt to get at his inheritance sooner than scheduled.

Ernest Scherer II poker

Jonathan Papelbon has a premonition that he isn’t long for this world.

• Isn’t there anyone who wants to stay #1 in college basketball?

• A 45-year-old Ohio man loses 200 pounds on his way to becoming a college wrestler.

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Bayless: Cowboys Claimed Aikman Is “Bisexual”

You might just know Skip Bayless as the blowhard on ESPN who says outrageous statements just to get attention. (Versus, basically, every other personality on ESPN who does exactly the same thing.) Among his greatest hits are his on-going hatred of LeBron James and his belief that Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson were boycotting a golf event because it was sponsored by Mercedes.

Skip Bayless

(ESPNer Bayless reiterated stand on Aikman’s sexual preference)

So you might be surprised - shocked, even - to learn that Bayless used to be more than a talking head seeking out controversy: he used to be a writer seeking out controversy. THE STARTING FIVE has Part One of an exhaustive interview with Bayless about his columns and books, focusing on his expose “Hell-Bent: The Crazy Truth About the’Win or Else’ Dallas Cowboys,” which created a scandal for allegedly “outing” Cowboys QB Troy Aikman. And Bayless isn’t backing down. Sort of.

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Pacman Thinks That Everything Is ESPN’s Fault

As The Duke was so kind to inform us all of this morning in the Speed Read, Adam “Pacman” Jones was cut by the Dallas Cowboys yesterday after a story on ESPN talked about his supposed involvement in a shooting outside an suburban Atlanta strip club back in June 2007.

According to the story, while no charges were ever filed against Pacman or anybody else for the shooting, an informant told police that it had been ordered by Jones. Apparently he’d been in some kind of altercation with one of the men that was shot at. Well, as you can easily figure out, Pacman isn’t exactly thrilled with ESPN right now for running the story that cost him his job. So now he needs to find a new way to make money to pay for all these lawyers to keep him out of prison, and the only way to do that would be to sue ESPN.

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