Gigantic Ski Jump Ramp At Soldier Field. You First

At first glance you might think that the image below is a Photoshop, but you’d be wrong, my friend. That’s an actual ski ramp built in — actually over — Soldier Field, with a tiny ski jumper in mid-flight, circa 1954. My thoughts: Chicago, wind, man in mid-air about 150 feet off the ground … what could possibly go wrong?

Soldier Field ski jump ramp

Here’s the thing under construction (it’s 165 feet at the taking-off point). Sheesh. DEPUTY DOG has a pretty amazing collection of photos of insane temporary ski jump ramps where ski jump ramps shouldn’t be; including one at the Los Angeles Coliseum, and one at Dodger Stadium. The 2022 Winter Olympics in Los Angeles … let’s get it done, people.

(Empire Stadium, Vancouver, 1958)

Totally wicked. More photos following the jump. Read more…