Romanian Press Milks Simona For All She’s Worth

Last week, in trying figure out why 17-year-old Romanian tennis pro Simona Halep was in such a hurry to get a breast reduction, I examined the European press coverage of her dilemma.

Simona Halep Hooters Reduced To Sesame Street Sound FX By Romanian TV

(Stay Classy, Transylvania)

After discovering my post and the pix I posted of Halep in late April, overseas media predictably went hog-wild over her oft-heaving hooters. From that, I concluded that Halep’s haste was somewhat-based on the uncomfortable coverage by the regional press.

Simona Halep Ripped Apart By European Press For Breast Reduction

(With That Hed, Next Rupert Murdoch Acquisition?)

That was before I recently saw a video piece from Romanian television about her enormo torpedoes. I’m now utterly convinced that it was embarrassing media attention in Halep’s home country that sped the demise of her once-titanic top shelf.

Simona Halep Serena Williams Monster Tennis Boobs

(Got Shutter Speed?)

Aforementioned video after the jump. (Richter scale-proof browsers suggested.)

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Week In Review: So Long, Simona Halep’s Hooters

• Romanian teen tennis player Simona Halep goes through on her threat to get a breast reduction. We’ll never look at her the same way again.

Simona Halep's First Photo After Breast Reduction Surgery

• Chiefs RB Larry Johnson spends his offseason in Las Vegas, where he’s buying large champagne bottles for some thirsty ladies.

• The Ultimate Warrior shares his thoughts on the late Michael Jackson.

• Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers grabs himself a girlfriend in gorgeous grapefruit heiress Julie Henderson.

• Italian swimmer Flavia Zoccari feels more cheeky than usual, as her swimsuit splits at the seat during a meet.

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‘Sexkiller’ Simona Driven To Redux By EuroPress?

For many of us, Simona Halep’s abrupt breast reduction was a sad, slightly strange tale. Why would a semi-accomplished yet obscure pro tennis player have her breasts reduced shortly after her career highlight? (Winning the Junior French Open.)

Simona Halep Ripped Apart By European Press For Breast Reduction

(Translation: The blacked out word starts with “T” and ends with “S”)

It now goes without saying that my post about Halep in April sped up the 17-year-old’s decision to have the surgery. But, from what I can tell, European entertainment and sports websites struck the decisive blow.

Simona Halep Ripped Sexkilling storm up in tennis - By <b>Thor Carl Forest</b></p> <p>A 17-year-old Romanian tennis player is about to get a massive fanskare, although she is not yet in world elite</p> <p>Apart By European Press For Breast Reduction

(One guess what “NEEEJ!” means)

I tried to be subtle in my initial admiration for Halep’s assets. But I can’t say the same for the headline writers at EKSTRA BLADET. Upon picking up my first post, the Danish entertainment site blared of Halep, “Sexkilling stormer frem i tennis” - which translates to, “Sexkilling storm up in tennis“.

The Danish site then tagged its story about her reduction with, “Neeej! Slut med kæmpe tennisbryster” - which translates to, “Noooo! Connect with huge t— tennis.” (I know, it could’ve been worse.)

Romania’s most visited sports site, also reported extensively on her breast dilemma, even publishing this desperate plea:

Romanian Sports Site Begs Simona Not To Get A Reduction

And you probably saw the LONDON SUN’s treatment of the story, which including a skanky, fake-boobed *volleyball player* giving “advice” on playing sports with huge boobs.

Bolt On Broad Tries To Give Simona Advice

(Shocking that the bolted-on hag’s advice didn’t move Simona)

I might add that the Sun never credited SbB in its coverage, despite the fact that Sun editors initially discovered Halep here. The Sun has also neglected to report on her reduction, because SbB has been the only source of her post-reduction photos so far - and they’re watermarked with our URL. (The same way mainstream media site TMZ does it, kiddos.) Read more…

More New Pix Of Simona Halep You Haven’t Seen

Yesterday I broke the first post-breast reduction photo of Simona Halep. Today I was forwarded more photos of her after her surgery.

Simona Halep's First Photos After Breast Reduction Surgery


I must say, she isn’t shy about showing off her new look. So in case anyone is wondering, she doesn’t seem to be having second thoughts about her decision. Good for her. I guess.

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1st Photo Of Simona Halep After Breast Reduction

*UPDATE*: More new photos of Simona Halep after breast reduction surgery have been posted.

In late April I first posted year-old photos of Romanian teen Simona Halep competing at the 2008 French Open. Since then, the exact same photos have swept around the world - and subsequently led to the European media hounding Halep about the incredible size (and buoyancy!) of her breasts.

Simona Halep's First Photo After Breast Reduction Surgery

Halep, sadly, did not take kindly to the SbB-wrought media crush and soon proclaimed that she was going to have breast-reduction surgery.

And as it turns out, she was serious. The first post-op photo of her after the jump. Read more…

Still Abreast Of Tennis’ Most Notable Floatables?

By now you know that on April 24, SbB made anonymous Romanian tennis player Simona Halep an internet sensation by posting photos of her from the 2008 Junior French Open. Since then, my original post has been viewed around 500,000 times, spawning scores of copycat website posts across the internet that feature the same year-old photos I originally posted. (And it’s STILL a top story in Hungary this week)

Simona Halep Monster Tennis Boobs

(Crappy Windows Vista default butterfly wallpaper be gone! *right clicks*)

When I quietly posted the pics onto SbB from my bed (not what you’re thinking) that day, I never dreamt that Halep would soon be hounded by media about her breast size. And that she would thereafter reveal she was getting a *gasp* breast reduction.

It makes me wonder … if I hadn’t posted the photos, and Halep hadn’t received the subsequent insane, unwanted scrutiny, would she have decided to take such drastic action?

Such imponderables are what keep me awake as I, like all Angelenos, anxiously await my nightly overdose of sports media backwash. (Los Angeles!!!!! SportsCenter)

It was complete coincidence that I posted the photos of Halep right before the French Open, where she had enjoyed her career highlight a year earlier. (She won the Junior French Open.) So you would think that all the folks who poached my post previously reported on Halep’s notable floatables would be following her on-court progress.

And of course, you would be wrong.

So I’m here to correct that bizarre oversight, along with offering up another phenomenal photo of her you probably haven’t seen.  Read more…

Danica Patrick Sells Cells By Signing Man Boobs

Throughout her career as an Indy car driver Danica Patrick has picked up quite a few endorsements for somebody who has only won one race in a sport that not too many people care about. In fact, I’m guessing she’s better known for her commercials than she is as a driver due to the nature of a lot of the ads she’s done for Go Daddy. In her recent ad just in time for the Indianapolis 500, she’s pulled over for speeding by a cop who then goes on to strip off her clothes and dance on the hood of her car. Now there’s her latest ad, which features a lot of exposed breasts, though they’re not the kind you’re hoping to see.

Danica Patrick Go Daddy

Patrick’s latest deal is with Boost Mobile, and in their new commercial she explains all the advantages of using Boost Mobile while signing some man boobs. If you haven’t eaten your lunch yet or are currently, you may not want to click that “Read more” link below this. Though if you hate yourself or are just one of those people who have to stare at car accidents hoping to see a severed limb lying in the road somewhere, well then do we have the video for you.

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Simona Halep To Have Breast Reduction Surgery

Tragedy my friends has struck the world of women’s professional tennis.

Simona Halep Monster Tennis Boobs

No, Billie Jean King’s gender re-assignment plan is still full steam ahead. But I regret to inform you of some very, very tragic news emanating out of Romania. Read more…

17-Year-Old Simona Halep Is A Shot, Jaw-Dropper

How many times have you heard someone claiming they’ve discovered women’s tennis’ “the next Anna Kournikova!” Only to be underwhelmed by yet another teen prodigy who doesn’t have the goods. Well I think may have hit on something with Romanian 17-year-old tennis hottie Simona Halep:

Simona Halep Monster Tennis Boobs

(Now THAT’S what you call an overhead smash*rubs eyes*)

Current Junior French Open Champion Halep, like Kournikova once was, should soon be competitive enough to make the late rounds of TV tournaments. If she does continue to raise her game, she might be able to parlay her body (of work) into endorsement gold.

Simona Halep Monster Tennis Boobs

Or at the very least really raise the interest of fans. More pics and video after the jump. Read more…

Brog: Bouncing Bracket Busters Take Aim On Ana

The U.S. Open is underway and Ana Ivanovic is, of course, everyone’s favorite.

Ana Ivanovic on Vacation

Some even like her tennis game. If she bags a few more Majors, she has the chance to become an iconic figure in tennis and pop culture here stateside, thanks to her striking looks and disarming personality. But for Ana to win, she’ll have to avoid being bounced by some formidable bracket busters. And I do mean bounced.

So as a public service, I’m here to document the dangerous curves that may await Ms. Ivanovic. First off in that field, we bring you an old SbB favorite, Tamira Paszek:

Tamira Paszek

Then there’s the ever-dangerous Sania Mirza of India:

Sania Mirza's big boobs

And finally, if you’re betting the field:

US Open Big Boobs

Clockwise, from top left: Loudmila Skavronskaya, Simona Halep, Marta Domachowska and Andrea Petkovic.

Yeah, it’s all fun and games at the U.S. Open, until someone loses an eye. Or two.

TRUE HOOP’s Henry Abbott and Ian Whittell at once and for all debunk the preposterous prospect of Lebron and/or Kobe and/or ‘Melo eloping to Euroleague.

Whittell notes the paltry attendance figures, obsolete arenas and low ticket prices for Euroleague powerhouses and Abbott aptly offers that even if partial ownership was offered to a player, who would want to partake in what would likely be a money-losing enterprise?

Lotsa talk here in Los Angeles about the status of Andrew Bynum, who eschewed care of his ailing knee by Laker team doctors in favor of his own Atlanta-based medical team. For a guy who talked of coming back last playoffs and now claims he’s now 100%, there are still off-the-record concerns among Laker front office staffers that he will not be ready for training camp.

The explosion of online conversation about Jay Mariotti’s ouster today really underlines the raw, unmitigated power of ESPN. For years Mariotti launched his predictably contrarian missives in anonymity for Chicago’s junior varsity daily, the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES.

Then he landed a regular role on ESPN’s “Around The Horn,” and suddenly more than just the janitors checking the tops of condom machines in Cabrini Green cared what he thought.

The irony about the oft-violent reaction to Mariotti by sports fans and the media is that most of them only know Mariotti because of ESPN’s “Around The Horn.”And on that show, Mariotti displays a sensibility that is far removed from his bomb-throwing print persona. His opinions on ATH are usually measured and factual (and actually entertaining). He’s the best panelist on the show, hands down.

Meanwhile, at the S-T, he was the central casting madman shouting from the rooftop.

Marriotti said the main reason for leaving the S-T was that the print media biz was dead, and the internet was clearly the future of sports reportage. Very true. But if it wasn’t for his TV experience on ESPN, how many non-Chicago-centric sites would have any interest in Mariotti’s services? The WWL is clearly driving his career, and if he’s smart, Bristol’s where he should look for his next security detail.

SbB makes the front page of today:


FYI: I’ll be at the UCLA-Tennessee game at the Rose Bowl on Barry’s dime this Monday night, with a live blog on SbB.  Don’t be a stranger.

If you haven’t gotten your college football tix for this Saturday, it’s not too late. Do what I do, and hit up My Boy Barry.

As you would expect, Ohio State is hawking Jim Tressel sweater vests all over the place. Besides overly conservative Columbites, the duds are no doubt huge every Ann Arbor Halloween. Also offered for purchase - a delightful twist (literally) on Tressel’s weekly, regrettable apparel selection:

Jim Tressel Sweater Vest Koozie

(Just what OSU fans need, another reason to drink)

I thought initially that a “Jim Tressel Sweater Vest Koozie” was rogue merch, but the website offering the alcoholic companion claims it is “officially licensed.” I’m sure the Ohio Highway Patrol will be happy to hear that upon discovery under the driver’s seat.

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