Skinny On a SI Model: Taking Your Temperature

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED swimsuit issue cover model Brooklyn Decker:

Brooklyn Decker Bikini Photo

SI Swimsuit Model Brooklyn Decker

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Woz Next? Sublime Caroline Belongs In SI Swimsuit

If you read SbB regularly you know of my affection for Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki:

Caroline Wozniacki photos pictures

She broke through in her tennis career last summer, making the finals of the U.S. Open.

Caroline Wozniacki

(Oh. My. GOD.)

She’s also rapidly becoming the most popular hottie in pro sports. (Danica? She’s yours.) In other words, I’m a little flummoxed SPORTS ILLUSTRATED didn’t include Woz in this year’s swimsuit issue.

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SI Has Lindsey Vonn Bikini And Topless Olympian

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s swimsuit issue is out this week and it features Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn:

Lindsey Vonn Bikini

(Credit: Warwick Saint, Sports Illustrated)

An Olympic snowboarder is also shown topless in the sports magazine.

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Guerrilla Marketing 101 With SI Swimsuit Issue

One of the great mysteries of the universe is how MJ Day, Senior Associate Editor at SPORTS ILLUSTRATED for the Swimsuit Issue, has less followers than I do on Twitter*. Considering she’s Twitpicking mind-blowing SI Swimsuit preview photos like this all the time:

Irina Shayk Photos

*rubs eyes, shakes head, pounds fist, repeats*

That’s SI Swimsuit Model Irina Shayk this morning as she shoots for the next SI Swimsuit Issue.

SPORTSbyBROOKS Girl Cecilia Stars And Stripes Bikini

Yep, reminds me of Ceci too.

* When I posted, she had 2,495 followers. That won’t last long now.

No Denials Danica Won’t Pose Nude For ESPN Mag

Darren Rovell of CNBC follows up my report late last night that Danica Patrick will appear nude in an upcoming issue of ESPN THE MAGAZINE.

Danica Patrick Signs Fans Bare Boobs

(If only Danica had denied this nude pose)

The issue, which breaks in October, is officially known as “The Body Issue” and will feature athletes in non-explicit nude poses. Rovell got this response from ESPN The Magazine’s editor-in-chief Gary Belsky when he asked if Patrick would be part of the issue:

“We are not announcing which athletes are participating in The Body Issue at this time,” Belsky, wrote in an e-mail. “When we do reveal the participant list, we will not reveal who disrobed and who did not. The photos will answer most such questions, of course; and we will otherwise let the individual athletes reveal, should they so choose, whether they removed all clothing for our shoots.”

Posing nude is a pretty touchy subject for someone as high profile as Danica Patrick, so if she unequivocally wasn’t going to be included in the issue, don’t you think Belsky would go out of his way to say that?
Rovell also contacted a public relations firm under Patrick’s employ:

Lewis Kay of BNC public relations, which helps represent Patrick, came back with this note. “Danica is NOT confirmed to appear in the issue, nor has she even been approached,” Kay wrote.

Again, posing nude is a pretty big deal if you’re a high-profile female athlete like Patrick. If you had absolutely no interest in doing so for ESPN The Magazine, wouldn’t you tell your p.r. people to let that clearly be known?

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Danica To Bare It All For ESPN Mag’s “Nude” Issue

Last February I wrote that I thought SPORTS ILLUSTRATED would eventually push its swimsuit models into posing nude in order to keep publishing’s largest selling annual mag copy, the vaunted SI Swimsuit Issue, on top of the circulation heap.

Danica Patrick SI

Perhaps someone at ESPN THE MAGAZINE was listening.

ESPN Mag Sales vs. SI: Wonder what they'd look like without swimsuit stats?

Yesterday I posted a graphic comparing ad revenue between SI and ESPN The Magazine. While SI more than doubled ESPN’s ad take, I wondered if the swimsuit issue was subtracted, would SI still be ahead of ESPN’s print offering?

Leryn Franco Bikini Photo Shoot

(One of SbB’s suggestions for ESPN The Mag “Nude” Issue - Leryn Franco)

Apparently ESPN also took notice of that recently as I’ve since learned from two Bristol-based sources that in October ESPN The Magazine will roll out a “nude issue”, with the edition featuring SI Swimsuit Issue favorite Danica Patrick.

Danica Patrick Now Has Bigger Tattoo

(Will Danica’s tramp stamp survive the ESPN shoot, unlike at SI?)

Besides Danica, who do you want to see nude in ESPN The Magazine?

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What Happens When SI Takes Off The Swimsuit?

SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY, my first stop on the web every morning, has this handy chart of SI vs. ESPN THE MAG sales the past two years:

ESPN Mag Sales vs. SI: Wonder what they'd look like without swimsuit stats?

Wonder what those numbers would look like if you removed revenue from SI’s swimsuit issue - a copy that happens to be the highest-selling mag on the planet every year. I’m guessing the ad revenue for SPORTS content would be a lot closer to dead, flat even.

Which mag do you prefer:

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I know the swimsuit issue probably does more in actual sales than ad rev, but still you have to believe that those numbers skew the comparison to the ESPN offering. Read more…

New Bar Refaeli SI Swimsuit Pics Put Up on Twitter

Twitter really is a wonderful thing. If it’s not Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin uploading lovely photos of herself, it’s other ladies uploading photos of Larry Johnson buying big bottles of booze for buxom babes.

Bar Refaeli

And score another one for the social networking application, as we get to enjoy some new pics of Bar Refaeli & other beauties showing their stuff for next year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. You’ll recall that Refaeli was the cover girl for this year’s edition. And from what we can tell from this little preview, 2010 is going to be just as titillating.

(More pics after the jump? You better believe it.)

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Married MLBer Asked Media Intern Out On A Date?

• During a recent visit to Houston’s Minute Maid Park, a married MLB player supposedly tried to ask out a media intern for some post-game fun.

Astros girls mascot Junction Jack

Say it ain’t so, Junction Jack!

• The NFL is trying to spread its pigskin platitudes throughout China with - what else? - a reality TV show.

Dana White lectures big UFC bruiser Brock Lesnar on how to behave properly with the press. Huh, how about that.

• But the UFC prez shouldn’t have such worries if Shaq joins his ranks. Unless Kobe is also on the card.

• The Chicago Cubs are considering filing for bankruptcy. Wouldn’t it be great to see Mark Cuban snag the Cubs from bankruptcy court?

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SI Moving Swimsuit Issue Release Party To Vegas

Sorry, David Letterman - you’ve been trumped by Vegas. For the last two years, the “Late Show” host has been lucky enough to make the official announcement of which lovely lady would be gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue. (For those who need a refresher, it was Marisa Miller in 2008 and Bar Refaeli in 2009.)

Marisa Miller Bar Refaeli SI swimsuit covers

Well, the suits over at SI decided that their big bikini-based announcement needed more pizazz than just Paul Shaffer on keyboards, so they’re taking their swimsuit show out west - to Vegas!

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