Sara Carbonero Super in Spanish Sports Coverage

SbB: Scanning the globe to bring you the best in sexy sports reporting. We’ve marveled at Molly Sullivan of the Mountain West Sports Network. We’ve shown off Charlotte Jackson of the UK’s Setanta Sports. We’ve gazed upon the glory that is Ines Sainz of Mexico’s TV Azteca. And now we cast our eyes on the Iberian Peninsula in sight of the next sportscasting sensation: Sara Carbonero.

Sara Carbonero

Ms. Carbonero is a sports anchor for Spain’s La Sexta network. And after scanning through the photos below, you can see why Sara & Sexta are a perfect match:

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Getting Behind Sexy Mex Sportscaster Ines Sainz

With a new NFL season approaching, we’re looking forward to another year of exciting & titillating coverage. And we know just the lady to provide it: Ines Sainz.

Ines Sainz

As you may or may not recall (but will be happy to be reminded), Ms. Sainz is a sports reporter for Mexico’s TV Azteca. She made quite an impression at Super Bowl Media Day a few years back, and last season even got a camera-shy Terrell Owens to come out of his shell. (TV tip to T.O.: Get Ines on your reality show, and folks might actually tune in.)

Let’s hope that CBS or Fox or NBC or ESPN can broker some kind of talent exchange deal with TV Azteca, so we can see Ines strut her stuff on the sidelines from San Diego to Cincinnati, move her money maker from Miami to Minnesota, bounce that butt from Baltimore to the Bay Area … well, you get the idea.

(More pics of Ines after the jump.)

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Lindsay Soto’s Cleavage Gets National Exposure

We’ve had our fun with Lindsay Soto (or more accurately, made dirty jokes about having our fun with Lindsay Soto). But the woman is nothing if not a professional. The Versus between-the-boards reporter managed to successfully interview a Ducks player, while simultaneously doing everything she could to make she we couldn’t see down her dress. She failed at that second part.

Lindsay Soto

It was the perfect storm of cleavage. She had to lean over the divider, and that combined with the high angle shot and the low cut shirt meant that Rob Niedermayer showed up unwittingly in a lot of teenage boys’ dreams Tuesday night.

Since this is a full-service website, video after the jump.

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Molly Sullivan For Playboy’s Sexiest Sportscaster

Amidst all of the significant polls we’ve had in recent months — BCS Standings, early college hoops polls (does anyone want to be No. 1?), and that whole presidential election thing — we would argue that none deserves more scrutiny than PLAYBOY’s current contest to choose a “Sexiest Sportscaster”. While Erin Andrews is almost sure to win a second-straight title, we think that, just as “change” is being heralded as a force in Washington, perhaps it should be considered in sportscasting, too. We want you to think about voting for Molly Sullivan, and we’re serious.

Molly Sullivan
(Sexiest sportscaster? Yes, please!)

We know what you’re saying: Who? That’s what we were thinking, too, until we tripped across her photos on her Myspace page and this compelling piece by SI’s Arash Markazi. It turns out that Sullivan is a sideline reporter for the MOUNTAIN WEST SPORTS NETWORK (It’s ok, we didn’t realize that existed, either), and she’s not half bad at it. Perhaps more importantly, she’s not demure about flaunting her assets. Sullivan is solid at what she does, but she understands that her body is a significant advantage.

That’s exactly why all the photos you see after the jump are such a compelling reason to consider voting for Sullivan: There’s a really good chance that we have a lot more of them coming in the future.

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Week In Review: The End Is Near, And We Like It

• We get to the bottom of who this bootylicious tennis temptress is:

Viktoriya Kutuzova

• Vikings safety Darren Sharper should be ticketed for parking his SUV in a handicapped spot.

• A 12-year-old Chinese girl hopes to become a Paralympic swimming champ, even though half her body is a basketball.

• And what’s wrong with a little eye candy with your sports coverage?

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British Version Of Erin Andrews: Charlotte Jackson

We have Erin Andrews, England has Charlotte Jackson:

Charlotte Jackson photos

Jackson is the hottest, freshest TV sports “presenter” in the U.K. these days, appearing on a midday sports show on something called the Setanta Sports News channel.

Leading up to that prestigious position, she’s had quite an accomplished background, having appearing in the UK series “Catfight” as a participant, covering the Olympics for Al-Jazeera (what the?) and, according to Wikipedia, serving “also as a singer and a backing vocalist for Tony Christie for a TV appearance for his hit, “‘Is this the Way to Amarillo.‘”

Talk about a trailblazer. Linda Cohn would be so proud!

(pics, video after the jump)

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T.O. Won’t Talk To Media - Unless They’re Sexy

Before Terrell Owens spilled his heart out on Sunday, he spent the previous week shying away from the media - until one ravishing reporter caught his eye.

Terrell Owens Sexy Reporter

T.O. spent last Wednesday’s press conference hiding behind a curtain. But when he peaked out, he spotted a curvaceous blonde with a press pass. Terrell proceeded to wave the reporter over and chatted it up with her, no doubt discussing backfields in motion and defensive penetration.

But who is the lovely lass with the nice…media room demeanor?

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