Anna Rawson Wouldn’t Mind A SI Swimsuit Shoot

Anna Rawson is one of the up & coming stars of the LPGA Tour. But if you haven’t had a chance to see her on the course, you may get a chance to see her in a swimsuit for SI.

Anna Rawson bikini

OOBGOLF recently sat down & chatted with the lovely LPGA rookie. During the conversation, Rawson was approached about the possibility of baring some skin for a swimsuit shoot with SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.

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Stone Nudes Arouse Interest In Rock Climbing

I’m absolutely convinced that one can make absolutely anything into an “extreme sports craze” and someone will buy into it. This time, we take an ordinary outdoor activity that’s already somewhat dangerous to begin with, like rock climbing, remove the safety equipment — hell, remove all the clothing while we’re at it — and we have “Stone Nudes”, the brainchild of a California rock climber.

naked rock climber

According to the UK’s DAILY MAIL (NSFW due to photos), climber and photographer Dean Fidelman has been taking photos of the climbers, and is now selling them in a 2009 calendar on his website (again, NSFW).

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Miss Great Britain Picked as Face of UK Grand Prix

We find no fault in Formula One trying to sex up it’s image. The racing group is already on track to get Danica Patrick to join their ranks & add some cheesecake (maybe a small slice, but still). And now organizers of the British Grand Prix are raising the fox factor with the addition of Gemma Garrett.

Gemma Garrett British Grand Prix

CELEBRITY CRUNCH reports that the reigning Miss Great Britain has been named as the “face” of the British race. (It’s better than being named the face of a horse-breeding organization.) And Grand Prix officials are confident they made a grand pick by getting Gemma.

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Roddick Bolts from Beijing for Brooklyn (Decker)?

Andy Roddick has a thing for pulling out. He was a last minute scratch at the French Open with a shoulder injury. And he’s already announced that he won’t be representing the United States in the Olympics this summer. Why can’t the other A-Rod seem to stay in a big tennis tournament?

Brooklyn Decker

Because he’s too busy enjoying the sights of Brooklyn?

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Brazilian Soccer Babe Bares All For Photo Shoot

We’re glad to see the continuing trend of female athletes quite proud to show off their sexy side - from Aussie basketballer Erin Phillips to Belgian sprinter Kim Gevaert; from Norwegian runner Kristine Engleset to British cyclist Victoria Pendleton; from Bolivian b-baller Claudia Porras to British footballer Natasha Hughes. Why, even tennis pro Ashley Harkleroad is getting in on the act!

And now, a new name can be added to this pretty and prestigious list of international athletic hotties: Laisa Andrioli.

Laisa Andrioli

Andrioli is a member of Brazil’s national women’s soccer team. And the 20-year-old striker struck some provocative poses for a recent photo shoot - many without wearing any cumbersome uniform.

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Bush Upset Over Leaked Kardashian Calendar Pics

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s Jimmy Traina spent his evening last night watching the reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” He was also nice enough to take the time to report on what happened at’s HOT CLICKS (gee, thanks):

Kim Kardashian Leaked Calendar Photos

Kim decided to make a calendar for Reggie Bush. Kim’s mom then decided to sell the calendar. Reggie got pissed that these risque calendars were on the market. Kim had to buy back all the calendars.

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Claudia Porras: Newest Bikini Pics Of B-Ball Babe

We’re happy with all the success Claudia Porras achieved with the UTEP women’s basketball team this season - a Conference USA regular season championship, an undefeated conference slate, and advancing to the second round of the NCAA tournament.

Claudia Porras basketball gown

But what makes us more proud is bouncing up some new photos of Claudia, further presenting Porras as the model player she still is. More magical pics of the Bolivian b-ball bikini beauty after the jump.

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IRL Trying To Weigh Down Danica With New Rule?

Danica Patrick is peeved that a new Indy Racing League rule appears to be punishing her for her petiteness.

Danica Patrick

USA TODAY reports that starting this season, the driver’s weight will be added to their vehicle’s overall poundage, which may affect minimum weight requirements. And Danica isn’t delighted with the news:

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Hottest Thong-Wearing Footballer Since Beckham

Female athletes are realizing that there’s no shame in being sporty & sexy simultaneously. We’ve shown that with basketball beauty Claudia Porras, and now we have further evidence - English soccer player Natasha Hughes.

Natasha Hughes Thong Modeling Doncaster Soccer Player

UK’s SPORT MAGAZINE profiles Hughes, a 20-year-old defender for the Doncaster Rover Belles club. Natasha admits that sex sells, and she’s not afraid to prove that female footballers can look fantastic. Read more…

UTEP Women’s Hoopster Quite The Model Player

Claudia Porras is a model basketball player - in more ways than one.

Claudia Porres Bolivia model UTEP basketball

The EL PASO TIMES has the story on Porras, UTEP senior and member of the Bolivian women’s national team. Although she’s been a solid bench player for the 19th-ranked Miners, it’s Claudia’s previous off-court endeavors that’s gotten attention.

(Pics after the jump.)

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