Official: Claudia Lampe Hottest Female Baller Ever

Here’s some new full-size(!) photos of former UTEP basketball player Claudia Lampe Porras you haven’t seen. We’ve debated if she’s the hottest female hoops player of all time, and these new, full-size shots of her, in my opinion, confirm that.

Claudia Lampe Porras Bolivian UTEP basketball player

Having covered women’s college hoops in the SEC for a few years, I recognize that there are probably some obscure players out there who could match her. But if those persons don’t have a high enough profile on the court for me to be aware of them, then they don’t merit consideration. (That said, send me shots of those players if you know of any in Claudia’s league.)

Claudia Lampe Porras Bolivian UTEP basketball player

After taking a hiatus from modeling for her hoops career at UTEP and as a pro briefly Denmark, I’m happy to report that Claudia is back where she belongs: on the runway in Bolivia. Read more…

You’re With Me, Bikini: ESPN Loves Girls’ Surfing

OK, where’s the ESPN ombudsman? Further blurring the line between “mainstream” sports sites, blogs and, well, skin mags, the WWL rolled out a piece on Wednesday entitled “They’ve Got The Look,” which chronicles the up-and-coming sport of female surfing. And what would an in-depth ESPN take on surfing be without zillions of photos of attractive girls in bikinis?

You’re not fooling anyone, ESPN, with your bikini surfer chicks and your pro volleyball coverage and your Erin Andrews. You’re just as prurient as the rest of us. Also, it has come to my attention that many of the girls pictured in your feature are not yet 18. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just that you’re ESPN; you’re supposed to look down your nose at that type of thing. But let’s get right to the ESPN article, with quotes which remind us more of the Penthouse Letters Forum than anything. And more photos from a VANITY FAIR shoot of the girls below. Read more…

Week In Review: The End Is Near, And We Like It

• We get to the bottom of who this bootylicious tennis temptress is:

Viktoriya Kutuzova

• Vikings safety Darren Sharper should be ticketed for parking his SUV in a handicapped spot.

• A 12-year-old Chinese girl hopes to become a Paralympic swimming champ, even though half her body is a basketball.

• And what’s wrong with a little eye candy with your sports coverage?

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Nude Curling Calendar Still Selling Like Hot Rocks

Several years ago, a group of women curlers decided on a surefire way to gain attention for their sport: lots of flesh. They posed for a Women of Curling calendar which featured some of the more attractive broomers (or stone throwers or whatever they do) sans clothing. The calendar has become a yearly fundraiser for various charities, with the 2009 edition featuring some of the spiciest photos yet.

Women of Curling nude calendar cover

And the EDMONTON SUN says that- shockingly - calendars with hot women in various states of undress happen to be very popular. They report that this year’s calendar has sold about 2,000 copies since it was released in September, a very good number for a non-Olympic year.

(Photos of the curling cuties after the jump)

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Danica Patrick Most-Searched Athlete On Internet

If you thought America was getting used to looking at Danica Patrick, well, you’re wrong. It turns out that not only does the good ol’ U.S.A. find searching for Danica a completely insatiable appetite, it’s also just as captivated with the most popular league in the sport she calls her own.

danica suit

(Hey, what’s with the suit? Does she drive cars or something?)

At least those are the findings from AOL’s annual report of year-end hot searches for 2008. In fact, the report claims that Danica-mania made Ms. Patrick the most searched athlete in the world. In the meantime, NASCAR beat out another surprising contender, WWE, and the Olympics to be the most searched sports of all. That’s right, rubbin’ n’ racin’ was officially more popular online than a truly historic Olympics.

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Russian: ‘If We Are Ugly Nobody Will Be Interested’

The LONDON TIMES has an epic piece on Yelena Isinbayeva, the current world record holder in the pole vault and recently named World Athlete of the Year.

Alenka Bikar Yelena Isinbayeva

(Isinbayeva (l) is hot, but doesn’t stack up to Alenka Bikar)

Apparently Ms. Isinbayeva hasn’t endeared herself to her competitors over the years with her standoff attitude and candor about their looks. Excerpt:

She is the self-styled beauty of athletics, a Volgograd vixen who says that she is happy if her rivals call her a harpy or a bitch while she bestrides centre stage as the sport’s ultimate drama queen.

Yelena Isinbayeva

It’s a shame we haven’t heard (and seen) more from her until now. But with track now off the map in the American sports psyche (even in an Olympic year), we’ll have to settle for some of her delicious comments in the Times piece - and millions of tribute videos on Youtube. Read more…

Sexy Jockey Makes My Jockeys Feel A Little Tight

This is Maylan Studart. Even in the garish colors of a jockey’s silks, she’s still giving the crowd at Aqueduct Race Track something to look at. She only made her New York debut a month ago, but if Danica Patrick can make people care about IRL, then Studart is a superstar in the making. And here’s why she’s better than Danica: she’s actually good.

Maylan Studart

Studart, a 19-year-old from Brazil (of course), has won five of her first 15 races at Aqueduct, including a 51-1 longshot on opening day. And, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but she’s not too bad to look at. Perhaps those horses ahead of her parted so the jockeys could get a better look at her pulling away.  (Oh, you better believe there’s more pics after the jump.)

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Leryn Franco’s Right Breast Would Like To Say Hi

You probably remember Leryn Franco. She is the former Miss Paraguay who also happens to be a member of the Paraguayan Olympic team as a javelin thrower in both the 2004 and 2008 Games. In other words, she’s incredibly hot and can kill you from over 50 yards away, and there’s just something incredibly sexy about that. You know what else is incredibly sexy? Franco’s breast being exposed while she walked a runway at a fashion show over the weekend.

Leryn Franco exposed breast

The photos are courtesy of LESS CLOTHES, and I’d like to let the fellas over there know that they are indeed doing the Lord’s work. More photos after the jump.

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Gymnastics Hotties Sacramone & Liukin In Bikinis

Nastia Luikin might be the golden girl of the US Olympics gymnastics team, but the breakout star might be Alicia Sacramone. In ways that the mainstream media is unable to comprehend, Sacramone has become one of the most talked about & searched-for athletes (or even celebrities of any kind) in the past few weeks. BANNED IN HOLLYWOOD offers some visual proof of why Sacramone might be a bigger hit than Luikin with the online crowd despite her lack of Olympic success:

Alicia Sacramone & Nastia Liukin in bikinis

That’s Sacramone in the middle, with Liukin directly to her right. I have no idea who the other girls are. They might be other members of the Olympic gymnastics team for all I know: I defy anyone to remember any member of the team besides those two and Shawn Johnson. All I know is that in the All-Around Hotness race, Sacramone has crushed Liukin in the Bikini portion, a fact not even Bela Karolyi can argue.

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Olympians Like Leryn Fund Careers w/Sex Appeal

REUTERS today examines the growing trend of Olympians shedding their clothes and posing for the camera. The wire service not only provides you a lengthy list of sexy sports stars for you to throw into a Google image search (thank you, Reuters!), but they also examine how sex appeal is helping boost the popularity of niche sports and the hot athletes who play them.

Leryn Franco Modelling

(Pretty Paraguayan Olympian Leryn Franco poses provocatively for profit)

The story also introduces us to two-time Olympic javelin thrower Leryn Franco (pictured) of Paraguay who is able to fund her athletic endeavors through her second career as a model. Franco, who won herself many new fans after appearing in last night’s broadcast of the opening ceremonies, tells REUTERS “Modeling is a way for me to continue with my sport, the hours are flexible, and you can earn good money through photographic modeling and the catwalk.

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