Mets ‘69 WS Star Sued Over Bi-Sexual Escapades

If the name Art Shamsky rings a bell, you’re probably a huge Mets fan. The man hit .300 in the team’s magical 1969 World Series season, and he was briefly a public persona of note when he hosted a talk show on WFAN 660-AM after serving as the Mets’ play-by-play and color commentator for the station in the past.

art shamsky harpers cover

(Maybe Lauren Hutton gave Shamsky the HPV?)

Well, now Shamsky’s known for something else: A bawdy sex suit being brought by his former wife, who alleges he “engaged in acts of adultery with both men and women,” without her knowledge, including “acts of ‘unprotected’ sexual and deviate sexual intercourse.” Oh, and it doesn’t matter if you were a man or woman, Shamsky was sleeping with both. Guess he became more of a switch hitter after he finished with the Mets.

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Ronaldo’s Lady Friend A Drug-Dealing Prostitute?

As the old saying goes, there’s a silver lining on every cloud. So, for soccer superstar Christiano Ronaldo, while hearing that his current lady interest actually moonlights as a high-priced, drug-dealing “lady of the evening” isn’t the greatest news, at least he can take solace in the fact that she’s making upwards of £2,000 a night, or a whooping $3,600 in American money!

Fernanda, Ronaldo's girlfriend

(Worth $3,600 a night?)

The NEWS OF THE WORLD - (Warning: The following link will take you to a website with exposed breasts!) - is reporting that the above woman, 26-year-old Brazilian beauty Fernanda, who has been secretly dating Ronaldo for a few years now, is actually a high-priced hooker. And Ronaldo has no idea!

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