SEC Knew Of Cam Phone Convo For 11 MONTHS?

ESPN is reporting today:

Two sources who recruit for Mississippi State told school compliance officials in January that quarterback Cam Newton and his father each admitted in separate phone conversations that his college choice would be about money.

Did SEC/NCAA coverup Cam Newton Phone Calls?

The sources said that prior to Newton’s commitment to Auburn, Cecil Newton said it would take “more than a scholarship” to get his son to that school and that a third party could provide specifics. Newton was told the school would not meet such a request, according to the sources, who say the information was relayed to SEC officials.

An emotional Cam Newton is said to have later called another Mississippi State recruiter to express regret over changing his commitment to the school but that his father chose Auburn because “the money was too much.”

So according to ESPN, SEC knew about phone conversations which nailed Cam Newton on a pay-for-play scheme?

Let’s revisit what ESPN reported about the SEC’s response to its first report last week about possible impropriety involving Newton’s recruitment: Read more…

AD Admits A&M “Not Ready” For SEC Competition

Four months ago, Texas A&M and the Southeastern Conference confirmed that the Aggies nearly moved their sports programs from the Big 12 to SEC. Since then, there’s been much conjecture about why A&M elected to stay in the Big 12 instead of bolting for the SEC.

Texas A&M Athletic Director Bill Byrne Voicemail To A&M Fan

(Not the first time Byrne hasn’t been afraid to rile up the A&M faithful)

Texas A&M athletic director Bill Byrne cleared up much of that speculation with a brutally honest assessment of the situation during a guest appearance on WTAW-AM in College Station, Texas, this week. (Via Wiz of Odds.)

Byrne on why A&M didn’t make the move to SEC: Read more…

Jarvis Varnado Makes You Feel Good About Stuff

It’s easy to get cynical here at SbB headquarters, what with all the golfers robbing banks, soccer moms assaulting wheelchair kids and Alonzo Mourning-Janet Reno death matches. And now the candy machine is busted! I want a Clark Bar! Thankfully, I can cure my cravings for sweets in other ways: Like with this sugary, sappy story.

Jarvis Vardano

Meet Mississippi State hoops center Jarvis Varnado, who has led the nation in blocks for two years straight, and propelled the Bulldogs to an SEC title and NCAA Tournament appearance last season. Despite this, he’s suddenly playing as a walk-on. What happened to his scholarship? Here comes the feel-good part I was telling you about.

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SEC Planning To Rule College Football Nationwide

For much of the past two centuries, “The South will rise again” has been a favorite phrase/threat/promise of the sort of people who still call the Civil War the “War of Northern Aggression.” Haughty northerners treated such pronouncements with a mix of pity and disdain for our gauche Southern cousins, but we certainly never took them seriously. What, were they going to load up their pickup trucks full of shotguns and bourbon and come raid Chicago? We thought not, old chaps.

SEC fans

(Photo credit: C’lay Travis)

But of course, as with most things in life, we were wrong. The South is rising again, and soon they will rule us all. They are taking over the country bit by bit…not by musket, alcohol, or fried foodstuffs as one might expect, but by college football. It’s ESS-EEE-SEE speed, and it’s coming to a cold-weather city near you.

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The Chizik Conspiracy Is Deeper Than You Know

Folks in Auburn were less than thrilled when the school signed the losingest coach in the Big 12. Folks at Iowa State were less than thrilled with him leaving, since all the co-eds wanted to sex him up good. So it’s no surprise that Gene Chizik might have some enemies.

Gene Chizik Iowa State football coach

But there’s a bit of a mystery surrounding Why was it registered before he coached a single game for the Tigers? Was it done by Auburn fans or ISU fans? And why, for the love of God, does it redirect to the University of Central Florida’s player profile page for Kevin Smith, now in the NFL?

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Blogs: If You Find A Chili-Stained $100, It’s A-Rod’s

A-Rod using $100 to wipe himself

  • Chase Daniel and Warren Buffett: gangstas.
  • The Phoenix Suns are doing their best to stay off of YouTube, says the EAST VALLEY TRIBUNE’s Jerry Brown.
  • Royals GM Dayton Moore tells the KANSAS CITY STAR’s Joe Posnanski that he’s had just about enough of sucking: “We’re not a young team anymore. We’re not an improving team anymore. There are no more excuses.”

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Gator Playboy Playmate Calls Big Ten Girls Ugly

The SEC & Big Ten have developed quite a little rivalry between themselves. Obviously, much of it has to do with Ohio State being bested twice in the BCS title game by Florida & LSU. But now things are really heating up. And when we mean hot, we’re talking Playboy hot.

Kelly Carrington Playboy cover

The October issue of Hef’s mag comes out this Friday, with one of the pictorials featuring the Girls of the Big Ten. However, the cover girl for Friday’s edition isn’t hitting the books in Columbus or Ann Arbor, but in Gainesville. ‘Twas a public relations major from the University of Florida that was chosen to adorn the publication.

So, why a Gator gal instead of a Buckeye babe or Wolverine woman? As DEADSPIN hears from the hottie’s mouth, it’s because Big Ten girls aren’t pretty enough.

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Spurrier, Gamecocks Owned by Vandy … Again

After spending 11 months stewing over a stunning home loss to Vanderbilt last season that precipitated a late-season tailspin, South Carolina marched into Nashville on Thursday night and finally atoned for its football sins with a throttling of the lowly ‘Dores.

Vanderbilt South Carolina

Or, maybe they didn’t.

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Women’s Coaches Teleconference Gets Dirty Calls

The LEXINGTON HERALD-LEADER gets a busy signal, as a teleconference with SEC women’s basketball coaches was interrupted by prank calls.

Pat Summitt phone call

The H-L reports, “The questions were graphic in nature, and included inquiries about coaches having sexual relations with players and players’ performances based on their menstrual cycles.” Unfortunately, the media meeting was adjourned before Pat Summitt got her chance to speak.

The SEC is trying to figure out how the pranksters were able to phone in with their bogus questions. League officials say they’ve traced the calls to about 6 or 7 different numbers, which each calling in numerous times.

Bob Knight ill

The bravado of these teleconference tricksters is amusing. But do they have the guts to pull the same thing on Bobby Knight?