Guerrero’s Big Jugs (Of Booze) Inspire Us, In Song

Mix Lisa Guerrero, Kentucky moonshine and John Daly and what do you get? An argument over who wears a larger cup size. That, and the hardest-hitting column this side of Charles Krauthammer.

Lisa Guerrero

(Eh, still better than Kornheiser.)

Guerrero was down south for Daly’s charity golf tournament, but she couldn’t resist sampling the local delicacies: home brewed liquor and country music. “Caught up in the spirit” of the moonshine(read: drunk), she confesses she wrote her own country tune about an aging pitcher who wants to play again. Husband Scott Erickson must be thrilled that his wife finds his feelings of physical inadequacy so inspiring that she wants to share it with the world. (Presumptive lyrics after the jump.)

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We Liked Her Better As “Woman At The Airport”

Michael Rand of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE tracks down the latest career development of our favorite failed MNF sideline reporter (no, not Eric Dickerson, Michelle Tafoya or Suzy Kolber), Lisa Guerrero.

Lisa Guerrero Nude

The PLAYBOY nudie model landed a plum role in a new feature film starring Jeff Daniels, William Baldwin, and Henry Winkler. She plays “Roxie Plumm” in “A Plumm Summer,” which is due to be released this month.

It’s a real coup for someone who, according to IMDB, has a previous acting resume highlighted by roles as “woman at the airport” and “reporter #1.”

So with that in mind, you just knew their had to be a catch in her landing her latest opportunity. Read more…