Female Tennis Player Weds, Gets Huge Tattoos

The biggest celebrity gossip story the past month in India and Pakistan - besides Bollywood - is the marriage of Indian pro women’s tennis player Sania Mirza and Pakistani cricket star Shoaib Malik.

Tennis Player Sania Mirza Henna Tattoos For Marriage To Shoaib Malik

(Thank god Sandy Bullock didn’t go through with this!)

Mirza’s decision to marry a Pakistani incurred some typical, hyperbolic protesting among India’s political radicals, some of whom burned her in effigy the past couple weeks. (A regular occurrence in India, she was the effigy du jour.)

Sania Mirza Marriage To Shoaib Malik Photo

Much more fun was Malik’s apparent, albeit temporary, legal entanglement because of a previous arranged marriage gone wrong. Malik reportedly married a woman over the phone who he thought he’d seen in photographs. Read more…

Sania Mirza Stalked (x2) Before Engagement Party

Just because you are taking part in an arranged marriage, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. Ask Indian tennis hottie Sania Mirza, who had a lavish engagement party to celebrate her arranged to a family friend. Along with 300 of their closest friends at a five-star hotel, Mirza donned a traditional Hyderabadi bridal dress and showed off a diamond ring worth more than $200,000.

Sania Mirza tennis

But the party was hardly carefree - in fact it was surrounded by policemen who were enlisted to keep “stalkers and lovelorn youths” from trying to disrupt the event. And with good reason - the BBC says that two engineering students were arrested in the last three days for stalking the Bollywood Bomber after being heartbroken that she was soon to be off the spice market.

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Indian Tennis Star to Enter Into Arranged Marriage

To those who thought they had a chance with Sania Mirza, sorry fellas - you’re too late. The Indian tennis sensation is no longer on the market, as she has announced that she’s getting married.

Sania Mirza's big boobs

(Maybe not quite up to Simona Halep standards, but still a nice set)

Well, it’s actually her family that announced Sania’s upcoming nuptials. And they might as well, since they’re the ones that arranged the whole thing.

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Qatar Is Not Into Showing Off Hot Tennis Players

Love seeing billboards and posters advertising tennis ladies like Ana Ivanovic and Serena Williams? Well, be glad you don’t live in Qatar. The WTA decided to hold its season-ending tournament in the Middle Eastern country, which has been exposed to its share of Western culture but is still a Muslim nation.

tennis hotties covered up

The women are still allowed to play in their normal outfits, but all advertising in the capital city of Doha has shown them just as purple silhouettes. Apparently, Qatar’s state-run advertising agency rejected photos of the players in their tennis clothing because their arms and legs were exposed and that might be considered sexual in nature. Nah! Women’s tennis  marketing the sexuality of its players? Get outta here!

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Brog: Bouncing Bracket Busters Take Aim On Ana

The U.S. Open is underway and Ana Ivanovic is, of course, everyone’s favorite.

Ana Ivanovic on Vacation

Some even like her tennis game. If she bags a few more Majors, she has the chance to become an iconic figure in tennis and pop culture here stateside, thanks to her striking looks and disarming personality. But for Ana to win, she’ll have to avoid being bounced by some formidable bracket busters. And I do mean bounced.

So as a public service, I’m here to document the dangerous curves that may await Ms. Ivanovic. First off in that field, we bring you an old SbB favorite, Tamira Paszek:

Tamira Paszek

Then there’s the ever-dangerous Sania Mirza of India:

Sania Mirza's big boobs

And finally, if you’re betting the field:

US Open Big Boobs

Clockwise, from top left: Loudmila Skavronskaya, Simona Halep, Marta Domachowska and Andrea Petkovic.

Yeah, it’s all fun and games at the U.S. Open, until someone loses an eye. Or two.

TRUE HOOP’s Henry Abbott and Ian Whittell at ESPN.com once and for all debunk the preposterous prospect of Lebron and/or Kobe and/or ‘Melo eloping to Euroleague.

Whittell notes the paltry attendance figures, obsolete arenas and low ticket prices for Euroleague powerhouses and Abbott aptly offers that even if partial ownership was offered to a player, who would want to partake in what would likely be a money-losing enterprise?

Lotsa talk here in Los Angeles about the status of Andrew Bynum, who eschewed care of his ailing knee by Laker team doctors in favor of his own Atlanta-based medical team. For a guy who talked of coming back last playoffs and now claims he’s now 100%, there are still off-the-record concerns among Laker front office staffers that he will not be ready for training camp.

The explosion of online conversation about Jay Mariotti’s ouster today really underlines the raw, unmitigated power of ESPN. For years Mariotti launched his predictably contrarian missives in anonymity for Chicago’s junior varsity daily, the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES.

Then he landed a regular role on ESPN’s “Around The Horn,” and suddenly more than just the janitors checking the tops of condom machines in Cabrini Green cared what he thought.

The irony about the oft-violent reaction to Mariotti by sports fans and the media is that most of them only know Mariotti because of ESPN’s “Around The Horn.”And on that show, Mariotti displays a sensibility that is far removed from his bomb-throwing print persona. His opinions on ATH are usually measured and factual (and actually entertaining). He’s the best panelist on the show, hands down.

Meanwhile, at the S-T, he was the central casting madman shouting from the rooftop.

Marriotti said the main reason for leaving the S-T was that the print media biz was dead, and the internet was clearly the future of sports reportage. Very true. But if it wasn’t for his TV experience on ESPN, how many non-Chicago-centric sites would have any interest in Mariotti’s services? The WWL is clearly driving his career, and if he’s smart, Bristol’s where he should look for his next security detail.

SbB makes the front page of ABCNews.com today:


FYI: I’ll be at the UCLA-Tennessee game at the Rose Bowl on Barry’s dime this Monday night, with a live blog on SbB.  Don’t be a stranger.

If you haven’t gotten your college football tix for this Saturday, it’s not too late. Do what I do, and hit up My Boy Barry.

As you would expect, Ohio State is hawking Jim Tressel sweater vests all over the place. Besides overly conservative Columbites, the duds are no doubt huge every Ann Arbor Halloween. Also offered for purchase - a delightful twist (literally) on Tressel’s weekly, regrettable apparel selection:

Jim Tressel Sweater Vest Koozie

(Just what OSU fans need, another reason to drink)

I thought initially that a “Jim Tressel Sweater Vest Koozie” was rogue merch, but the website offering the alcoholic companion claims it is “officially licensed.” I’m sure the Ohio Highway Patrol will be happy to hear that upon discovery under the driver’s seat.

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Cheerleaders Try To Chirp Up Some Fun In Cricket

The Washington Redskins cheerleaders are taking their act overseas, as the pom-pom girls of the NFL have been over in India, introducing their sideline entertainment to fans of cricket.

Redskins Cheerleaders in India for cricket

But as Michael David Smith of AOL FANHOUSE points out, some of the locals are seeing red, while others like seeing the skin.

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Tired of Indian Ire, Sania Mirza To Skip Home Open

India’s tennis-playing bombshell Sania Mirza can’t deal with the so-called controversies anymore, so she’s skipping out on a tournament in her home country.

Sania Mirza tennis

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that the Indian tennis star won’t play in next month’s $600,000 Bangalore Open. She explains, “Every time I play in India there is a problem. Considering all that, I thought it would be better not to play in Bangalore.”

Conservative nutjobs elements have complained about her lifestyle, whether it’s her choice of on-court clothing (short skirts and sleveless shirts), or filming a commercial too close to a well-known mosque. But the worst of it was last month, as Indian nationalists flew into a fury over a certain photo of Mirza.

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Blog-A-Roni: Padres Owner’s Divorce Cost $375M

• You think Shaq has it rough: The SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE reports that a divorce could cost Padres owner John Moores almost $375 million.

San Diego Padres mascot

• Even in the off-season, CATS AND BEER can’t get enough of Tebow, Tebow, Tebow!

• FAN IQ Joe Montana’s not the only sullen Super Bowl-winning QB to shun attention, as Doug Williams gets mad at an autograph seeker.

Eli Manning tells David Letterman why Bill Belichick left the Big Game a few seconds early: “Trying to beat traffic, I guess.”

• “PTI” aren’t the only ones that need proofreaders, as BALLSIEST roots for Duke’s “Gerg Paulus“.

Gerg Paulus misspelling

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Is Sharapova’s Door Open To Posing For Playboy?

Maria Sharapova Playboy

Paul Kimmage of the LONDON TIMES (via FAN IQ) has this recent exchange with Maria Sharapova in an interview with the 20-year-old.

Kimmage: “Okay, so let’s say I’m Hugh Hefner and I come knocking on your door with a fistful of dollars for Playboy. Are you interested?”

Sharapova: “I’ve met him … at the ESPY awards – the sport awards – there was this preparty held at the Playboy Mansion and I met him with all of the bunnies running around. It was funny.

Kimmage: “He didn’t make you an offer (to pose in Playboy)?” Read more…

Weekender: Sania’s Best Foot Forward Onto Flag?

As you get ready to chow down on this weekend’s playoff football feast, here’s some appetizing starters from the week that was:

• Some Indians are irate over spotting Sania Mirza’s supposed foot fetish with her country’s flag:

Sania Mirza Photos

• A new book about Reggie Bush could tarnish the Trojans and hasten his Heisman Trophy return.

• A Miami Heat fan, sick of his team’s putrid performance, throws up on a TV announcer:

Miami Heat Head Art

• On the other hand, a Dallas Mavericks commentator spews forth some unpleasantness of his own.

• Danica Patrick, Helio Castroneves’ pick for the next contestant on Dancing With The Stars.

Danica Patrick FHM

• The luck of the Irish may be returning, as Notre Dame was named with the top recruiting class for 2008.

Jason Kidd is having another kid, since successfully sowing his seed with his latest sweetheart:

Jason Kidd bike