Parents Concerned About Bikini Bar Next to School

• A bikini-themed sports bar in San Antonio is all set to open for business - right next door to a prep school.

Bikinis Sports Bar

• A blown whistle blows the chances of the Detroit Red Wings tying up Game 3 against the Anaheim Ducks.

• NBA tells Buckeye benchwarmer Mike Titus to take his name out of the upcoming Draft, “or else”.

• The NAACP will honor L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling with a lifetime achievement award. Elgin Baylor must be thrilled.

• A lot of Pens fans are teased by a text message mistake telling them they won four free tickets to an upcoming playoff game.

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Bikini Sports Bar Set to Open Next to Prep School

Move over, Hooters - you’ve got a new foe in the field of scantily-clad food service. Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill is slowly but surely making inroads into the risque restaurant business, with eateries already established in Austin & San Marcos, Texas, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Bikinis Sports Bar

And restaurant #4 is set to open in San Antonio, on the city’s northwest side. As you would expect with a bikini-themed bar, there is controversy brewing from concerned citizens. Along with the usual moral outrage of young women in very revealing clothing (I, for one, am not outraged in the least), there is concern about the new restaurant’s location - right next to a prep school.

(More pics of the wait staff after the jump.)

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Larry Coker Rides Sad Coaching Train To S. Texas

Oh my, how the mighty have fallen. Earlier this week it was former Super Bowl coach Jim Fassel taking a job with a professional team in a league that doesn’t exist yet, then former national champion collegiate coach Larry Coker admits interest in a start-up 1-AA program in … San Antonio?

larry coker miami
(Could this man take a I-AA job? Hmmmmm, I think yes!)

That’s right folks, Larry Coker wants a small-time college job at UTSA (the University of Texas at San Antonio) for a team that won’t exist until 2011, according to the SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS. If his goal was to avoid the pressure that dogged him at the end of his tenure at Miami, he might have found the perfect place for it.

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$275 Doesn’t Include Business Class Fare To Car

We sent over a cellphone image of this view of the Alamodome Final Four court during our live blog on Saturday. Here’s a much better pic - actually three images we put together that gives you the lovely panorama from section 330 for tonight’s game:

Alamodome Final Four Worst Seats In The House

(Click here for full size image)

Seats in the section next door are still available on StubHub at $275. Read more…

SbB @ Final Four: Live Blog For Tonight’s Games

Tonight Tuffy will be live-blogging on SbB during the Final Four games in San Antonio. We will be at the game (got our tickets this morning, woo-hoo!). We will also provide in-game observos on the thread - from inside the Alamodome.

We’re also pleased to announce that we will be filing a piece from San Antonio for later this weekend. Of course, we’ll link it from here when it goes up.

San Antonio Coyote Ugly No Bob Huggins

We made the mistake of going out in San Antonio last night, first to Coyote Ugly. Great call, if you’re looking for the entire male contingent of Memphis fans. After blowing $10 on a cover, we quickly exited and found a better place called Medusa. No cover and it had a much better ratio, if you get our drift. A couple inadvisable shots of Jack is why you didn’t get a post last night.

We are (somewhat) happy to report that before we hit the bars, we managed to sneak into the NCAA coaches hotel . Read more…

SbB @ Final Four: S.A. Can Barely Contain Itself

We’ve been tooling around San Antonio this morning, drinking up the town’s legendary sites, like The Alamo - cool!

Final Four The Alama And Officially Licensed Memphis Mouse Pads

(Why we’re here: The Alamo and officially licensed Memphis mouse pads)

When we turned on the radio this morning, here’s the first thing we heard a morning host on a local station say: “I think maybe it’s a sign our city is growing up. We’re no longer all that impressed with hosting big events, like the Final Four. I can’t justify spending $1,000 for a ticket to one of the games. … I have to go cut my grass tomorrow.

Blasphemy! We immediately hit “scan” on our crappy car radio, and settled into some ranchero music on 1730AM. We had no idea there was still music on the AM dial. Thank you San Antonio!

Final Four Alamodome

(Actually, our road to nowhere)

So we’ve gone through the Alamo, and checked out some of the exciting activities that San Antonio has to offer, which we’ll get into later. The one thing we will fill you in on is our shocking run-in with Alamodome security this morning. Read more…

SbB Descends On San Antonio For The Final Four

Late Thursday night we arrived in San Antonio for what we’re absolutely positive will be the greatest weekend of our lives - so long as we spot Bob Huggins at the bar at Tony Roma’s today ’round 2pm.

San Antonio Final Four Airport

(San Antonio: A sight for bloodshot sore eyes!)

We’ll be blogging our hearts out for you over the next four days, covering all the frightfully exquisite events surrounding the Final Four. And we’re happy to report that so far, it’s already been an eventful first day. Read more…