Site Created To Question MLB Link To Olbermann

A new site called was recently launched to protest an blog that is kept up by MSNBC commentator Keith Olbermann.

Website Protests Olbermann's MLB Blog

The premise of the site is centered on a petition which visitors are asked to sign:

We the undersigned question why the official web site of America’s pastime is working with Hate Speech merchant Keith Olbermann.

As a highly visible “news” anchor on MSNBC he regularly delivers outlandish accusations about elected officials and common citizens to advance his baseless theories that focus on hatred, violence and racial fear.

In the past year he has delivered racist, sexist and violent commentary without apology. As an exercise of our First Amendment privileges we simply ask Major League Baseball to think about its business relationships and the image that it wishes to portray to fans of the great American game of baseball.

The site creator isn’t the only person concerned with Olbermann’s official association with MLB.

S.E. Cupp of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS recently objected to Olbermann’s role on the MLB website while noting that another high profile political commentator, Rush Limbaugh, was recently banned by the NFL from joining a group attempting to buy the St. Louis Rams.

The irony of Cupp’s point is that Olbermann was one of the very few in the media to actually stand up for Limbaugh’s right to obtain ownership of an NFL franchise. Read more…

Tom Watson Mocks Obama At Masters Function

Yesterday was yet another amazing performance by 60-year-old Tom Watson at a major championship. After nearing winning the British Open at Turnberry last year, Watson fired a career-low 67 at Augusta National yesterday and was just one shot off the lead after the first round of The Masters.

Hilary Watson Photo Wife Of Tom Watson

(Watson wife #2:  Golfer blew out anti-Limbaugh wife #1)

The night before that unexpected performance, Watson may have also surprised some folks with his comments at the annual Golf Writers Association of America awards dinner in Augusta.

Bob Carney of GOLF DIGEST reports:
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NBA Writer Slights Coach By Noting ‘blowhard’ Limbaugh

This morning venerable NBA writer Ailene Voisin of the SACRAMENTO BEE speculated that Kings Coach Paul Westphal’s recent punishment of Spencer Hawes was related to illness of Westphal’s wife. That is, that the stress of that situation was affecting Westphal’s judgement.

Rush Limbaugh Ailene Voisin Paul Westphal

Voisin called Westphal’s punishment of Hawes “excessive” while noting:

And this from an unconventional thinker who considers right-wing blowhard Rush Limbaugh one of his friends?

The piece was published just after midnight this morning, but as you might expect, the comments are rolling in about Voisin’s characterization of Limbaugh in her basketball article.

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Limbaugh: ‘I’d Like To Have A Beer With McNabb’

Roger Goodell probably didn’t expect The Spanish Inquisition when he went to The Hill on Wednesday for a hearing entitled “Legal Issues Relating to Football Head Injuries.” But that’s what he got, courtesy of Steve King of Iowa (R-Nuts), who used it as an opportunity to grill Goodell on his opposition to Rush Limbaugh as a part-owner of the Rams.

Rush Limbaugh, Donovan McNabb

But when the dust had settled from King’s attack, it was time for Rush himself to comment on the proceedings via his radio show. And that’s when the conservative talk host did a most remarkable thing: He took a page from the Barack Obama playbook. What? Has Rush Limbaugh become a liberal softy? See the quote and judge for yourself. Read more…

Limbaugh, Soros Strange Bedfellows In Rams Bid

So it turns out that one of the other investors in Dave Checketts‘ potential St. Louis Rams ownership group is George Soros, the left-leaning billionaire who once vowed to use all his wealth to help defeat George W. Bush in the 2004 Presidental election. Soros and Rush Limbaugh, on the same team? What extraordinary bedfellows NFL capitalism begets. Montagues and Capulets, living together … utter chaos!

George Soros, Rush Limbaugh

If nothing else, it just goes to show what formidable financial interests are at stake here, and why it’s no surprise that Limbaugh was left behind at the nearest bus stop once the heat was on. Whether the criticism of Limbaugh was fair or not, billionaires tend not to want a spare albatross as a necklace when trying to buy big, expensive things. Kind of ironic that the unchecked capitalism that Rush so openly worships is what ultimately did him in.

Meanwhile, Limbaugh took to the airwaves today to say that, when Checketts first approached him about being an investor, Checketts assured him that he (Limbaugh) had been “cleared by the highest levels of the NFL.” Wow, somebody’s lying. Read more…

Why NBA Owner Jay-Z Escaped Rush Judgement

Thanks to a rebuke of Rush Limbaugh by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Colts Owner Jim Irsay this week, the talk radio host was dropped from a group bidding to buy the Rams today. Cited as basis for the rebuke was Limbaugh’s past “divisive” comments. Though the subject of those “divisive” comments went unclarified by Goodell. Though Limbaugh as a racist was the operative translation.

Rush Limbaugh Jay-Z More In Common Than You Think

(Rush vanquished by NFL Owners as Jay-Z welcomed by NBA Owners)

Now that Limbaugh’s personal bid has been reduced to tatters, onto other matters of import. From Jason Whitlock of this week:

I’d say we’re less than 24 hours from Limbaugh playing the Jay-Z card. Brother Jay owns a piece of the New Jersey Nets and has a library of rap tunes spewing the same kind of black-degrading lyrics, phrases and stereotypes that have made Limbaugh rich enough to buy a chunk of the St. Louis Rams.

Then there’s rapper Nelly, who holds a minority interest in the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats while happening upon a similar propensity for the debasement of women and black culture.

Would the NFL approve Jay-Z as a member of a team ownership group?

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So how is it that two men responsible for such prolific dissemination of detestables have been unanimously affirmed as owners of major league pro sports teams, but Limbaugh was cast out from his mere attempt to join an NFL ownership group?

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ESPN: Rush Dumped By Own Group In Rams’ Bid

Only hours after defiantly refusing to back off on his controversial bid to seek co-ownership of the St. Louis Rams, conservative talk host Rush Limbaugh has reportedly been dumped by his own ownership group.

Rush Limbaugh

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that Dave Checketts, chairman of the St. Louis Blues and head of one of the groups attempting to buy the Rams, will drop Limbaugh from the ticket, so to speak, and it will be soon. The talk host has been under fire from players, owners, pundits such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and even NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, for past comments that many view as racially insensitive. Checketts obviously feels that he is holding a losing hand, and must dump Rush if he is to save the bid. Read more…

NFL Got It Wrong But Rush Got What He Deserved

Citing past “divisive“comments by Rush Limbaugh, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell effectively squashed the conservative talkshow host’s bid to buy the St. Louis Rams today.

Rush Limbaugh Keith Olbermann

(NFL: majority of you think Limbaugh is racist, Olbermann isn’t) 

Anyone outside of Limbaugh’s most devoted followers will allow that Goodell’s “divisive” was really a euphemism for “racist,” with the former employed in an attempt to avoid alienating Limbaugh’s millions of NFL-product-consuming worshippers.

Is NFL right, majority of pro football fans think Limbaugh is a racist?

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At the very least, it’s not unreasonable to observe Limbaugh as a polarizing figure in the world of politics. But if Goodell is going to eliminate Limbaugh from formally associating with the NFL, what about a current, NFL-affiliated person well-known in the world of bipolar political exploration - Keith Olbermann (Co-host, NBC’s Sunday Night Football In America studio show.)

Rush Limbaugh

(NFL rebuke: most genuinely embarrassing moment of Limbaugh’s public life)

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Stephen A. Smith Rushes To Limbaugh’s Defense?

Whether he gets the team or not, Rush Limbaugh’s bid to become part-owner of the St. Louis Rams is already the gift that keeps on giving. Several NFL players, the NFL Players Association, and even MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann have had their say on the potential buy-in by the taciturn-challenged talk radio blabber guy, but now at this hour other voices are elbowing each other to be heard.

Stephen A. Smith, Rush Limbaugh

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on Monday not surprisingly came out against the notion of Rush owning an NFL team. But Limbaugh also got a surprising ally in Stephen A. Smith. Key quote from the cheesy-doodled one: Black players who say they wouldn’t play for a Limbaugh-owned team “are lying through their stinking teeth.”

Meanwhile, even Rush himself chimed in on the controversy. Read more…

Players Speaking Out Against Limbaugh Rams Bid

Concerning Rush Limbaugh’s potential co-ownership of the Rams; I’m reminded of the scene in “The Longest Yard” (the good one, not the Adam Sandler version), in which Paul Crew approaches a group of black inmates in the prison yard. He wants to know if they’ll join his team, and one of them responds, “We no longer perform for the honkies’ amusement.”

Rush Limbaugh, Bart Scott

Count Giants’ defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka and Jets’ linebacker Bart Scott among those with similar sentiments, at least when it comes to Limbaugh. Key NEW YORK DAILY NEWS quote from Scott on Friday:

“I know I wouldn’t want to play for (Limbaugh). He’s a jerk. He’s an —. What he said (about Donovan McNabb) was inappropriate and insensitive, totally off-base. He could offer me whatever he wanted, I wouldn’t play for him. … I wouldn’t play for Rush Limbaugh. My principles are greater and I can’t be bought.” Read more…