All Aboard The Dale Earnhardt Sr. Roller Coaster!

OK, I’ll tell you right now with no fear of being politically incorrect, don’t think you’re getting me to ride the new Dale Earnhardt Sr. roller coaster. Yes, that’s the Dale Earnhardt Senior roller coaster, which at first seems like a sick joke; something Borat would build if he owned an amusement park. “Come now, you try your luck at the Tupac Shakur shooting gallery! Five shots for a dollar!

Sorry, I’ll be busy at the Michael Vick petting zoo. Two amusement parks in Virginia and North Carolina have teamed with Dale Earnhardt Inc. to mark new roller coasters with the name and logo of the late NASCAR legend, and let us put an emphasis here on the word “late.” Considering how Earnhardt Sr. met his tragic end, is this branding of a speeding thrill conveyance really wise?

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