Ex-UFCer Tries To Bust Out Of Moroccan Slammer

We swear, that headline is entirely factual. It’s not gratuitously elaborated or blown out of proportion. Lee Murray, a former UFC fighter and one of the most fascinating sports subjects on the planet really did try to break out of a Moroccan prison, allegedly by taking out the window of his cell with small saws he was hiding in plates of biscuits.

Morocco prison

(Not actually Lee Murray, but IS actually a Moroccan prison.)

Again, we’re not making any of this up. It turns out that Murray, who is being held on charges of cocaine possession (but is also wanted back in his native Britain for one of the most notorious and successful high stakes robberies since the days of the old West) had cut a ton of weight to prepare for an attempt to wriggle out of his window cell once he cut out all the bars. In case you aren’t up to speed on Moroccan prisons, we feel comfortable saying this about them: They don’t have very large windows. According to FIGHTERS ONLY MAGAZINE (via YAHOO!’s CAGEFIGHTER), Murray’s whole plan was foiled when he was kicked out of his jail cell for — get this — using a laptop with full internet access in his cell, an indiscretion which got him in more trouble when a full five kilograms of drugs were found in the cell as well.

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Russian Tennis Star Tied Up And Robbed Over Weekend

RUSSIAN TENNIS STAR TIED UP DURING ROBBERY AT HOME: Here’s why you couldn’t get a hold of Anna Chakvetadze on Tuesday - The rising Russian tennis star was all tied up:

Anna Chakvetadze tennis

Australia’s LIVE NEWS reports that the 20-year-old Chakvetadze and her parents were victims of a robbery at their vacation home outside Moscow.Police say four hooded intruders broke into the home at 4 a.m. Tuesday, and tied up Anna & her folks. The thieves made off with over $200,000.

200 Grand? That’s just enough to buy some ad time during the Pats vs. Giants. And since the game’s on the NFL Network, the crooks won’t have to worry about being seen.